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Maintaining a blog for your medical practice is a great way of strengthening your brand and increasing your practice’s visibility, all while providing true value to your patients.

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to drive traffic to a new blog. And if you want to make sure you’re your time writing and posting is well-spent, you need to be sure that people are reading it.

Here are a few tips and tricks that will help you get your share of consistent, quality blog traffic.

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Start with the basics of medical blogging

Did you know that companies that have a blog are 13 times more likely to see a positive return on investment (ROI)? With healthcare marketing statistics like that, successfully launching an effective blog can drive revenue for your company.

Put yourself in the shoes of your target audience and give your blog a once-over. Is it easy to navigate? Is information readily available upon visiting your blog? Is it pleasing to the eye? These are just a few of the questions you should be asking yourself when auditing your blog.

Then, analyze the content of your blog. Do you have a primary focus? It’s easy to spread yourself thin and strive towards being a general “medical authority.”

Unfortunately, there’s no reason for users to pick your website over the many other, more established medical blogs already online. Trying to be the next WebMD will only leave you frustrated and sick of blogging.

Instead, focus on something more specific to your individual practice. If you’re a chiropractor, you could write a series of blog posts, with each one going into great detail about a specific type of correction. An optometrist could launch a miniseries about how to pick the perfect pair of glasses.

The point is to pick something you’re an authority on, and focus the blog around that. Visitors like knowing what to expect from a blog, and this is one of the best ways to achieve that quality. Then, your blog will be at the front of users’ minds when they need a specific type of information.

Another option is to keep track of the most common issues or questions voiced by your patients. Solve or address them extensively in blog posts, and you’ll be off to a great start as far as quality content goes.

A solid foundation, on all fronts, will hook your audience and keep them coming back from post to post.

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Promote your medical blog

Whoever said, “if you build it, they will come,” was not talking about blogs. You need to take the initiative when it comes to driving traffic. There are various ways to do this.

In-office promotion

This is one of the easiest ways to promote a blog, yet many marketers seem to skip it entirely. If you run a medical practice or service with a physical location, you already have a flow of non-digital traffic. Make them aware of your blog!

Put attention-grabbing signs up in your office, have business cards printed up with your blog’s URL on them, and include a call to action on any other printed materials asking patients to check out your blog.

This method of promotion can be as low- or high-effort as you want it to be, and relies on your blog’s quality to keep visitors coming back after that initial curiosity visit.

SEO for your medical blog

SEO (search engine optimization) is the practice of adjusting elements on your website so that it appears higher in search engine rankings for specific search terms. You won’t see immediate results with SEO, but it’s absolutely necessary for long-term growth and success.

If you’re unfamiliar with SEO, check out our beginner’s guide to jumpstart your efforts.

Social media for your medical blog

Many people use social media when looking for a new healthcare provider. It’s not a decision they take lightly, and people love getting opinions from their trusted friends and family members.

Although the majority of these conversations will take place on users’ individual profiles, having your own profiles can help potential patients find your practice more easily. And if you use it well, social media can help them get a better sense of what you have to offer before committing.

Every time you publish a new blog post, share it on all of your social media accounts. This will both encourage new readers to explore your blog, and remind long-time readers that there’s new content for them to read.

You’ll also be able to field blog-related questions on social media, take suggestions for future posts, and generally be able to better tailor your blog to your target audience.

If you’re struggling with building a social media audience, we have some great suggestions to help you out there as well.

Other medical blog marketing options

There are numerous ways to promote your blog, limited only by how much time you choose to devote to the effort.

Traffic will come with visibility, so feature a link to your blog whenever you can. Do you have an email newsletter? Link to your blog at the end of every new edition. Put a link to your blog in your email signature. Find other blogs within your niche and add value by commenting when appropriate.

However you decide to proceed, it boils down to getting your blog’s name out there.

Ready to boost your traffic with a medical blog?

These are all actionable suggestions that you can put to work as soon as you’re done reading. Structuring and grooming a blog can be a time-intensive task, but you’ll be patting yourself on the back when you have a steady flow of traffic to your blog each month.

If you don’t have the time to get your blog off the ground, or if you want to entrust the task to a professional, we can help. At WebFX, our expert team of Internet marketers has overseen many successful SEO, social media, and PPC campaigns for our clients. We know what it takes to send your traffic numbers soaring, and love to see our clients succeed.

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