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In the field of orthodontics, referrals have been the primary method to get patients through your practice’s doors. This technique is effective by acting as both a method to increase your practice’s appointed visits and verify your credibility among people who may be hesitant to book an appointment. However, in the ever-growing digital landscape of marketing, increasing your leads and conversions through online marketing techniques is proving a more effective method.

This guide covers how to approach online lead generation for your orthodontic practice. For more insight into digital marketing, subscribe to Revenue Weekly and call us at 888-601-5359 to tailor your own revenue-driven marketing strategy!

Why you should employ online lead generation

The purpose of digital marketing is to establish your presence online, where the majority of your audience is. As an orthodontist, you are providing a service that a lot of people need but may have difficulty deciding where to get. You make this easier by appealing directly to them and empowering them to book an appointment and solve their problem.

People are more likely to go through with a service if the one providing it is a verified expert. Using the Internet to your advantage makes the process of getting people to trust you quicker and easier. Rather than needing to do their own research to see what you offer, your prospect has access to this crucial information straight from the source — you.

Providing informative online sources lets you fully control the authenticity of your practice’s messaging. This strategy also helps you offer unfiltered information regarding your values, unique offerings, and past patients’ recommendations.

Which lead generation strategies you should use

The first step of choosing the best lead generation strategies for your needs is to set a business goal. For example, you may want more monthly appointments to increase your reach in your orthodontic practice’s service area. Determine which methods are most effective for your particular goal by performing a deep dive for statistics and other crucial information.

Before you choose the lead generation strategies you want to implement into your overall marketing strategy, take a moment to assess which methods you already use and their effectiveness. This primary step will help you establish a framework and know how to move forward.

Use the information you gather from your audit and determine how far along you are from your goal. Review your existing lead generation methods and how much they contribute to your progress. You should pay close attention to which areas have led to conversions directly and the return on investment of each source.

Next, employ the following methods if you haven’t already done so to boost your online lead generation:

1. Optimize your website and its information

An effective website is dynamic, intuitive, and mobile-friendly. You can achieve these qualities by making your website easy to navigate, with features like a search function to make finding information seamless. 

The information on your landing pages needs to be optimized for easier searchability on search engines. You can meet the search intents of prospective patients by posting information that directly responds to their queries. This strategy, also called search engine optimization (SEO), drives organic growth to your website and boosts your authority in your field.

Your website also greatly benefits from having strong calls to action that encourage visitors to book appointments, subscribe to a newsletter, or join a program made by your practice. 

2. Keep up with advancements in your field

As your field evolves, so should you. Keeping up with where your field is moving gives you the chance to establish your practice as adaptable and meet your patients’ needs. People who have done research on what they should expect from orthodontics will be expecting the practice they visit to offer what they read about. 

In addition, you can generate leads by posting informative content about industry changes and the impact they will have.

3. Establish a warm and inviting environment

Prospective patients may be hesitant to book appointments due to anxiety about how they’ll be treated. You can mitigate this hesitation by making your practice’s personality warm and positive. The way the public perceives you affects how successful you will be in your lead generation efforts.

4. Integrate content marketing and social media

Blogging and social media posting are great methods for free promotional efforts. Posting evergreen informational content on your blog will establish your authority and credibility by giving other practitioners a source to link back to with their own content. 

External linking and other forms of content distribution directly boost you domain authority and strengthen your ranking on search engine results pages. Your SEO is also positively affected by your content marketing efforts being linked.

Social media also helps, as it allows you to spread links to your content and landing pages. When people share your posts, more people get to engage with your content, too, and search engines pick up on this activity.

5. Use video as a medium of promotion

Some additional ways to generate leads online are explainer videos, demonstration videos, and videos that give viewers a tour of your practice. Many people want information and have little time to read through long pages, so offering them the opportunity to gain this information through videos helps them consider choosing your business.

Videos are also a way to illustrate how your practice deals with concerns patients may have. You can answer the questions you receive and promote your business values.

6. Claim your Google My Business page and pay attention to reviews

Promoting your practice through Google gives you that extra layer of credibility. Claim your business, add the relevant information, and employ local SEO methods to make it easier for potential patients to find your business. 

Additionally, platforms like Google have review options that give people the chance to talk about their experiences. Positive and negative reviews are beneficial for your practice. The positive ones are encouraging to a hesitant patient and the negative ones give you the opportunity to resolve the concerns raised.

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Lead generation is a trial and error approach to making a strategy that works for your specific business and your goals for it. It’s vital to maintain a consistent effort and use what consistently generates positive results. 

Want to work closely with lead generation experts? At WebFX, we have over 28 years of experience helping businesses who want to increase their lead generation. You can contact us online or call us at 888-601-5359 to learn more about our services!

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