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Did you know almost three-quarters of all shoppers use social media before making a big buying decision? Since plastic surgery is arguably one of the most significant purchases one can make, it’s time your plastic surgery practice leverages those platforms to connect with prospective clients.

Digital marketing for plastic surgeons can include a number of strategies, ranging from search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising to website design and content creation. Social media has the advantage of being a no- to low-cost way to start highlighting your services.

The benefits of social media for plastic surgery practices

Though it might not seem like it at first glance, social media and plastic surgery can work well together with the right strategy. Seven out of 10 Americans spend at least a portion of their week on a social media platform, so what better place to spread the word about what your business has to offer?

For potential clients, finding a business with a strong online presence can be reassuring. They’ll have a “face” to put to their procedure, and a quick glance at your profile lets them read reviews and testimonials from others like them. 

It also provides an easy location to access everything they need to know about taking the next step with your business, including your website, address, phone number, and hours of operation.

Social media advertising for plastic surgeons can be equally beneficial because it:

  • Establishes and grows your reputation and credibility.
  • Reaches new clients who wouldn’t have otherwise heard of you.
  • Strengthens your relationship with past and current clients to inspire loyalty and positive reviews.
  • Provides an easy way to learn more about your audience and their demographics for more targeted marketing efforts.
  • Doesn’t cost anything to get started.
  • Adapts to various advertising methods, including free and paid options, different media types, and multiple ways to connect with followers.
  • Lets you network with others in your industry, giving you access to their followings and further establishing yourself as a leader and trusted practitioner.

While you can certainly find growth and conversions managing your own social media account, working with a professional social media marketing and management service like WebFX amplifies those results, freeing you to focus on your practice while we take care of each platform and campaign for you.

Top social media platforms for plastic surgeon marketing

Plastic surgeon advertising takes different forms depending on the platform, campaign, and target audience. Possible platforms to consider include:

  • Facebook: Facebook supports multiple types of media and engagement, like text posts, pictures, videos, live streaming, video hosting, paid advertisements, and more. It’s the place to be if your audience includes a range of demographics, as the vast majority of U.S. adults between 18 and 64 and about half of adults 65 and older use the platform.
  • YouTube: YouTube is primarily a video platform, but it’s recently added live streaming features. It’s the best place to start if you prefer an educational marketing strategy — the site’s current top creators in the health and wellness categories rake in billions of views. Analytics show approximately 45% of all “plastic surgeon” content on YouTube centers around education and the patient experience.
  • Instagram: Instagram relies heavily on photos, live videos, and Reels — the platform’s version of short-form video. It can be especially beneficial for cosmetic surgery marketing, which is increasingly popular in younger age groups. A “before and after” photo campaign would suit the app’s format well.

3 engagement-driving social media marketing ideas for plastic surgeons

The key things to prioritize across any platform is to post consistently and stay engaged with your following by interacting in the comments, posting relevant, shareable content, and answering private messages.

Specific advertising strategies could include the following:

1. Collect and share user-generated content

User generated-content (UGC) is any written post, picture, or video that someone else posts about your practice that you share to your platform for the rest of your audience to see. 

For plastic surgeons, this could look like:

  • Reviews from satisfied clients.
  • Photos of clients’ surgery results.
  • Being referenced on someone’s live stream as a favorite source for plastic surgery information.
  • Progress photos of current clients undergoing multistep procedures.
  • Videos showing the patient experience before, during, and after their procedure.

UGC is more valuable than gold when it comes to social media for plastic surgeons because it’s free, and seeing authentic content from real people makes consumers 73% more confident in their investment.

2. Create audience-specific content

Content marketing involves creating original content — like a blog post, video, or infographic — and publishing that content to your website. There’s a whole world of data to dig into about how vital content marketing is for effective digital marketing, but suffice to say, you can’t afford to skip it.

Sharing your website’s content with your social media audience actively engages, entertains, and educates potential clients, encouraging them to share the content with their own followers or visiting your website to learn more about your services.

Keep your content specific to your social media audience. Consider who they are and why they’re connecting with you to inform what content you create and its overall tone and purpose. 

For example, if your social media campaign focuses on advertising cosmetic surgery options, you’ll produce vastly different content and messaging than if showcasing post-trauma reconstructive procedures.

3. Invest in paid advertisements

Every platform offers a type of paid advertising, ranging from promoted posts and accounts to sponsored content and influencer partnerships.

Paid ads let you tap into a very specific group of people, like users who have recently searched for information about plastic surgery but haven’t heard of your practice yet. You can also tailor ads to span a certain geographic radius, age group, or gender, or even focus on those who follow specific creators or accounts.

Paid advertisements shouldn’t be the entirety of your social media presence. Consider them the push some users need to either find your business or take the next step toward scheduling a consultation if they’ve been on the fence.

Be mindful of what content you choose to promote and the parameters you use to determine a target audience. Social media and cosmetic surgery have a complex and often toxic relationship, and exposure to some types of content could push users to consider undergoing procedures for unhealthy reasons.

74% of people use social media when making a purchasing decision.

Make their decision easy with a stellar social media presence. See how your brand can level up by requesting a no-obligation proposal today.

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Get professional plastic surgery marketing services from WebFX

Digital marketing and social media advertising are crucial for finding and converting leads in today’s market, but busy practitioners and offices don’t always have the time, resources, insight, or expertise to make the most of their platforms.

The social media advertising and marketing team at WebFX will take the load off your to-do list by creating custom strategies and campaigns across each platform. 

Your dedicated social media account manager will also be there for the more challenging parts of online marketing, like ad creation, juggling changing algorithms, keyword research and implementation, monitoring campaigns, and conducting market and competitor research.

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