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You aim to show care and attentiveness to your patients daily at your podiatric practice — translate your consideration to your website by incorporating helpful web design elements. You can also keep up with the ever-evolving digital age by connecting with the online community and ensuring patients can easily find your organization.

We’ve compiled this helpful guide to share some best practices when designing your website, how to optimize user experience for your patients, and why this information matters for your podiatric practice’s online presence. You can also gain access to more insider information on web design and digital marketing by subscribing to Revenue Weekly!

Why should you consider web design for podiatry practices?

Web design consists of a wide range of features and elements that all aid in improving how people experience your website. Having an enjoyable experience on a website persuades visitors to stay, find out more about your practice, and book appointments. 

A website that functions smoothly for visitors also serves as a valuable resource for obtaining educational information. In addition, your practice gains an opportunity to establish itself as an authoritative body in your field, allowing you to show potential patients that you are a trustworthy and expert source.

Which elements should you include in your web design?

When designing a website that people can use when seeking your services, you want it to reflect your values and goals. A website that acts as an extension of your internal structure is a source of comfort and trustworthiness for patients. As a result, it’s vital to create an effective user experience on your website with the following attributes:

1. Mobile-friendliness

With the growing popularity of multiple device usage, optimizing your website to be compatible with mobile phones and tablets is crucial. Patients may need to access your website outside of a traditional desktop setting, and they should be able to do this with ease. Ensure that this is possible by designing a website that is as capable on mobile as it is on desktop.

Making your website more mobile-friendly also widens your audience reach by allowing them to gain access to your practice at any time. Whether your audience’s search intent is to address an emergency or to perform general research on what you offer, make it possible for them by incorporating mobile functionality.

2. Fast loading speeds

Patients should be able to access your website as soon as they finish typing your web address in their browsers. With the fast-paced nature of the Internet, websites need to keep up to retain a visitor’s attention. Take time to consider your loading speed and run frequent tests to improve it.

3. Search engine optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization (SEO) refers to making the content on your website discoverable on search engines so that patients can find you. There are several ways you can optimize your site, so incorporate the ones that benefit your business.

An especially effective SEO strategy is to tailor the content on your pages to correspond with keywords found in search queries so that you can increase your website’s organic traffic. The more valuable your content is, the more likely people will stick around to read through it. SEO efforts will increase your ranking on search engine results pages and make your practice more discoverable as it climbs the ranks.

4. Engaging calls to action

Visitors may want to book an appointment with your practice and hesitate because they’re unsure of where to do it. Make the process easier by including calls to action (CTAs) that guide them to the correct pages.

5. Integrated patient management systems

Simplify the consultation process by linking your website to your patient management system. The integration will automate bookings by giving patients access to their medical files to correct or include information. You can then significantly reduce the time you spend on administrative tasks and give your patients more quality consultation time.

6. Consistent style throughout different pages

Determine how you want the visual aspects of your business to look and use the color scheme and branded imagery you choose throughout the website. You should also include these visual aspects in other forms of content, like blog posts and videos.

Having consistency in your practice’s presentation will help your patients associate you with your branding, so they will think of you and your services whenever they see your logo. It will also create cohesion between the pages on your website, which assists with smooth navigation. 

7. Lead forms

When a patient wants to book an appointment, let them do it through a lead form on one of your pages. These forms will give you the relevant information about who you’ll be treating and other information you may need, like their insurance details.

Lead forms will also provide a record of how many appointments you acquire monthly and track any changes throughout certain times of the year.

8. Featured services

Use your home page to highlight the services your podiatry practice offers. As soon as a visitor lands on that page, they should have a clear idea of what to expect before booking an appointment. 

You can also use your home page to highlight team members and featured practitioners for certain procedures. A high level of transparency establishes trust between you and a patient and encourages them to take action.

We’ll help you create a website that stands out.

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Create your ideal podiatric website today

By taking advantage of these tips and best practices for constructing your professional website, you can improve your business’s success. Keep in mind that an ideal website is easy to use, eliminates navigational issues, and empowers visitors to convert how you want them to. 

If you are still unsure of how to design an effective website or don’t have enough time, give your practice the opportunity to meet your web design goals by partnering with an expert business like WebFX. We have over 28 years of experience in assisting companies with digital marketing, and part of that is designing websites.

If you want to work closely with our skilled web designers and digital marketing experts, contact us online at WebFX or call us at 888-601-5359! We will tailor our design services to your needs and make your practice’s website reflect how you want the public to perceive your business.

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