Why PPC is Incredibly Effective for Electricians

In today’s technological age, one of the best places to find customers is online.

PPC ads are a fantastic way to target customers that need your electric services, by essentially bidding on ad space in search engines and on social media.

What are PPC ads?

PPC ads, or pay-per-click, are advertisements that you pay for as customers click on them and go to your site. With PPC advertising, you can reach new customers and increase awareness of the services you offer. PPC ads display in search engine results based on the specific keywords and phrases users search. These ads are set apart from regular results with a green “Ad” tag.

You can start a PPC ad campaign on search engines like Google or social networks like Facebook. You can target these ads to your audience according to criteria like demographic, location, interests, and more.

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Why do electricians need PPC?

If you’re serious about advertising your business, PPC is the most effective way to do it.

PPC ads let you reach your customers on websites they already visit.

For example, if you start a PPC campaign in Google AdWords, you could target customers that search for keywords related to your business, like “electricians in [city],” or “outlet replacement.”

4 ways to start a PPC campaign for your electrical company

There are a few steps that you shouldn't ignore in order to create a successful PPC campaign for your electrical company.

1. Choose your platforms

As mentioned earlier, you can launch PPC campaigns on search engines and social networks.

The first step is deciding which platforms work best for your company.

Starting a PPC campaign on a search engines is your first option.

If you’d like to start a PPC campaign on a search engine, Google is a great place to start. Their PPC platform is called Google AdWords and it works like an auction for keywords.

You start by setting how much you’re willing to pay for an ad on a certain keyword. If your price beats the competition, your ad will be shown in search results.

AdWords also provides analytics so you can see how well your ads perform, how often they’re clicked, and how much you spend.

Social media is another optional platform to start a PPC ad campaign with.

If you’d like to advertise on social media, Facebook and Twitter are the most common options. They both work very similar to Google AdWords.

They both allow you to target users according to different criteria and they also provide analytics so that you can see how to better your ads for increased interaction.

2. Create landing pages

Landing pages are the pages that are linked to your ad that provide a place for your customers to convert.

There should be a clear call to action that lets visitors know how to convert into customers, whether that requires them to contact you directly or purchase a product.

It’s important to make your landing page match your ad so visitors to your site get exactly what they expect. Taking them to different pages or showing them different content will catch them off-guard, and they’ll feel like you lied to them.

3. A/B test your landing pages

two pages being tested with A/B testing

If you want the best possible results out of your PPC campaign, it’s important to run A/B tests on your landing pages and ads.

It’s sometimes difficult to decide how long to run an A/B test for, but you want to make sure that you give the test enough time to gather quality information.

For example, if you don’t test your landing pages for a long enough period of time, your page won’t see enough visitors to form a qualified analyzation.

If your landing page gets a ton of visitors, you won’t have to wait quite as long for results, but if you don’t get a lot of visitors, it’s best to wait a month or two.

In order to analyze results, compare the conversion rates of the two different pages to see which page performed better.

After you’ve seen which page has converted more customers, try tweaking small details like colors, calls-to-action, placement of buttons etc.

Though most marketers don’t want to spend the time on running an A/B test, it’s well worth the reward—the best landing page possible!

4. Analytics

Without analytics, you won’t be able to improve your campaign.

When you use analytics, you’ll see exactly what ads work, how customers get to your site, and what you should change.

Google AdWords gives you many different pieces of information that can help you to understand how your ads are performing.

They provide reports such as performance by date range, the measurement of paid and organic search results, how an ad performed by location, and more.

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