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Are you looking to drive more leads and increase revenue for your HVAC company?

If so, it’s time to invest in a digital marketing campaign that will help your business grow. By partnering with an HVAC marketing company like WebFX, you’ll reach more people looking for an HVAC provider and nurture them into customers for your business.

On this page, we’ll discuss digital marketing services for HVAC companies, what you’ll get from investing in HVAC marketing services, and four reasons to make WebFX your HVAC marketing agency.

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HVAC marketing services to grow your business

There are numerous HVAC marketing services available to grow your business online. When you partner with our HVAC marketing company, you'll have access to multiple strategies that will help you earn more leads and conversions.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Did you know that organic traffic captures over 40% of revenue? With search engine optimization (SEO), you’ll help your HVAC company appear in more organic search results and drive relevant traffic to your page.

Our HVAC marketing agency will help you integrate the right keywords to appear in related searches, improve your page's performance, and create content that drives more traffic to your page.

Local SEO

If you’re serving local customers, you need a local SEO plan to help them find your HVAC company first. The right HVAC marketing agency will help you claim and optimize your Google My Business listing and integrate local keywords to drive more local traffic to your business.

Below, you can see a local SEO 3-pack, which is where you have the ability to appear when you claim your Google My Business listing.

local seo hvac

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising

Did you know that 65% of small to mid-sized businesses have pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns in place? If you’re not part of that 65%, you’re missing a valuable lead generation opportunity.

When you invest in HVAC marketing services, you’ll get a comprehensive PPC strategy that helps you optimize your bids, select appropriate keywords, and create relevant ad content that generates more clicks.

Social media marketing

With the average user spending 28% of their Internet time on social media, you don’t want to miss a prime opportunity to engage and connect with prospects.

When you partner with an HVAC marketing consultant, you'll get campaigns up and running on popular social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter.

logan hvac

In addition to social media marketing, our HVAC marketing company will help you set up and run social media advertising campaigns to reach more prospects and drive them to your HVAC company.

Email marketing

Email marketing allows you to build a personal connection with prospects and send them valuable information that nurtures them towards becoming conversions for your business.

From segmentation to personalization, your HVAC marketing consultant will help you create email campaigns that catch your audience’s attention and gets them to engage with your email content.

Video marketing

Did you know that brand association increases by 139% after prospects watch a video?

Video marketing services will help you create compelling videos that educate your audience and keep their attention. You can create custom videos and incorporate them into your website content to engage prospects.

Review management

People turn to others to get insight into your company, with 92% of users trusting user recommendations over brands.

With review management services, your HVAC marketing agency will help you respond to reviews, both good and bad, and create new ways to earn authentic reviews.

You’ll gain a handle on your Google My Business reviews, as well as reviews on other sites like Yelp or Angie’s List, to build a better perception of your business

Content marketing

You’ve got an abundance of HVAC knowledge, so why not share it with prospects?

With content marketing, you’ll share your knowledge and expertise through content like blog posts, videos, and infographics. An HVAC marketing expert will help you create content consistently to keep driving traffic and leads to your website.

Website design

Did you know that 94% of first impressions relate to web design?

If you want to make a positive first impression on prospects that visit your site, invest in creating a modern, user-friendly website. When you partner with an HVAC marketing company, you can build your dream website that also engages and delights your audience.

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What do I get from HVAC marketing services?

If you’ve been relying on traditional marketing methods for your business, it’s time to upgrade your marketing strategies. When you invest in HVAC marketing services, you’ll experience three benefits.

1. Build better brand recognition

Brand recognition plays a critical role in helping your HVAC company grow. When you invest in digital marketing services, you’ll build better brand recognition for your business and expose more people to your company.

Let’s look at some stats that show the power of online marketing and building your brand:

  1. Brand awareness increases by 80% after viewing a PPC ad
  2. 74% of people follow brands on social media
  3. 70% of people are willing to learn about brands through YouTube
  4. 50% of Americans that follow a brand on social are loyal to it

As you can see, people are willing to learn about brands through digital marketing strategies, and many people experience an increase in brand recognition.

Not only does digital marketing lead to increased brand recognition, but it creates more opportunities for you to reach people interested in learning about your HVAC company.

2. Drive more leads

When you partner with an HVAC marketing consultant and start running campaigns, you'll drive more leads for your business. Digital marketing strategies allow you to target interested prospects and personalize their experience, making them more likely to choose your company.

Look at some of the stats that back up how online marketing drives prospects to your business:

  1. 54% more leads: Content marketing drives 54% more leads than traditional marketing

  2. 50% more sales: Email marketing is the most successful lead generation method, driving 50% more sales than other methods

As you can see from this glimpse into digital marketing, these strategies help you drive more leads. Not only that, but it lets you drive more leads that convert, which brings us to our next point.

3. Book more jobs and earn more revenue

When you partner with an HVAC marketing agency, you’ll book more appointments and drive revenue for your business. Digital marketing helps you reach and engage prospects that your billboards and radio spots can’t reach.

Let’s look at some stats about how companies used digital marketing to earn customers:

  1. $44 for every $1 spent is the average ROI for email marketing
  2. 43% of business-to-business (B2B) marketers got clients through Facebook
  3. 14.6% is the close rate of search engines, compared to 1.7% for traditional marketing
  4. $8 for every $1 spent is the average return on investment (ROI) of Google PPC ads
  5. 6X more conversions happen for businesses that use content marketing

Working with an experienced, results-focused HVAC marketing agency can help you take full advantage of the benefits of digital marketing.

Why choose WebFX as your HVAC marketing company

If you’re going to invest time, money, and effort into building an HVAC marketing strategy, you want to ensure you choose the right HVAC marketing company for your needs. At WebFX, we have over a decade of experience running digital marketing campaigns that drive results.

So, why should you partner with WebFX?

1. We know how to drive results

If you’re going to invest in digital marketing for HVAC, you want to put your money to good use and see a high return on your investment. When you partner with our HVAC marketing agency, we’ll help you drive results that grow your business.

In the past five years, we’ve driven over $1.5 billion in sales and over 4.6 million leads for our clients. We know how to create marketing campaigns that help our clients obtain more leads and revenue.

2. We offer everything you need

As a full-service digital marketing company, we provide any strategy you need for your business. From SEO to web design, you can count on us to deliver a marketing package that has every technique you want for your campaign.

With a full-service digital marketing company, you don’t have to call multiple agencies to ask for an update about your different campaigns. You won’t need to coordinate between different agencies to ensure your campaign is cohesive.

With WebFX, your campaign stays in one place, and you can contact your account representative with any questions or concerns. We make it painless and straightforward for you so that you can put your energy into your business.

3. We share our prices

There’s nothing more frustrating than not knowing how much something will cost. When you look at other HVAC marketing agencies, you’ll often find you have to contact them about pricing to see if it fits your budget.

At WebFX, we give you all the information you need upfront. With our transparent pricing, you'll know what you're getting in your package and how much it costs.

If you need a custom package, we respond rapidly with an estimate and details, so you feel informed when you make your decision. We make it easy for you to know how much everything costs, so you can see how it works with your budget.

4. We have an experienced team

When you choose WebFX as your HVAC marketing company, you’re not just getting one person for your campaign. We have a team of over 200 experts that are well-versed in digital marketing and know how to make campaigns successful.

Our award-winning team has an extensive portfolio and client testimonials to back up the quality of our work. Check out our 550+ client testimonials to get a glimpse into what it’s like to partner with us!

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