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PPC gets you in front of valuable audiences who want to hire an interior designer. These ads help you target people who know they want to hire an interior designer, but just need to find the right one.

There’s a lot that goes into executing a successful PPC marketing campaign. In this guide, we discuss the best types of PPC for your business and the benefits of investing in PPC marketing. Keep reading to see why you’ll want to invest in PPC for interior design!

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Best types of PPC ads for interior design businesses

There are various types of PPC campaigns you can run. These are the top three strategies people use to promote their interior design companies online:

1. Search ads

Paid search ads are the most popular type of PPC advertisements. These appear on search engines, typically above organic search results.

PPC ad in Google search results promoting interior design

PPC search ads are great for interior design companies because they utilize keywords that potential clients are already searching for. So, anytime someone searches for a keyword like “professional interior designers” or “interior design companies” and you’ve targeted those keywords, your ads will appear at the top of the search engine results pages (SERPs).

It’s a great way for you to drive highly-qualified leads, who are looking for an interior designer, to your website.

2. Display ads

Display ads use catchy text, images, or graphics to catch people’s attention as they browse on different websites. Visuals make display ads ideal for interior design businesses because you can showcase some of your work to build trust and credibility with audiences. 

Display PPC ads contain a link to your website and target specific demographics such as age, gender, and keywords. They’re great for boosting brand awareness because these ads are highly visual.

Display ads are a great option if you want to expose people to your brand as they browse online.

3. Social media ads

Social media paid ads are a great way to reach people as they scroll through their social feeds. 

Social media ad for an interior design magazine

One of the biggest benefits of these interior PPC ads is that they’re highly targeted to specific demographics, keywords, and user behaviors, so you’re reaching people mostly likely to have an interest. Social media paid ads are ideal for boosting brand awareness and recognition and attracting new clients.

Why you’ll want to invest in interior design PPC

Your interior design business can benefit in multiple ways when you invest in PPC advertising. Here are some of the top benefits:

1. It’s cost-effective

PPC advertising is an incredibly cost-effective marketing method because you pay per click, not impression, or the amount of time you host your ad. That means you don’t pay for brand exposure from having your ad in search results — you pay for people who took an interest in what you offer and clicked on your ad to learn more.

Essentially, your marketing budget goes towards leads likely to hire you as their interior designer.

2. Provides a high return on investment (ROI)

Searchers who click on PPC ads are at least 50% more likely to make a purchase. That’s because the people who click on PPC ads are typically ready to hire an interior designer — they just need to find the right one.

Because the leads who click on these ads are likely to convert (in the moment or the future), you earn a higher ROI with your PPC campaigns.

3. Shows results instantly

From the minute you launch your interior design PPC ads, you can start tracking them and see how they perform.

While it’s recommended that you give your ads time to perform, you can still keep tabs on them as you run them. You can see how your target audience responds to your ads and determine ways to improve them.

Additionally, your PPC ads help inform your SEO strategy. If you targeted a keyword like “professional interior design company” in your PPC ad and saw good engagement and conversions with that keyword, you might then target it organically through your SEO strategy.

Overall, PPC is a great strategy if you want to actively monitor your paid ads.

Boost brand recognition and drive sales with PPC for interior design

Are you looking to boost your brand awareness and increase conversions for your interior design company? WebFX is a leading PPC agency that can help you launch successful PPC campaigns that address your needs and meet your marketing goals. 

We’ve launched over 650 ad campaigns, so we know what it takes to run ads that drive leads and revenue. To learn more about our PPC management services, contact us online or call us at 888-601-5359 to speak with a strategist!

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