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In 2022, around 3,000 power and utility companies supplied electricity to more than 150 million customers in the United States. Optimized web design for power and utility companies can help your business stand out among the crowd, helping you attract more site visitors and convert them into paying customers.

Your site should feature a clean, organized layout to help potential customers quickly find valuable and relevant information. Whether you’re developing your business’s digital presence for the first time or refreshing an existing website, it pays to follow web design best practices like having easy navigation and a user-friendly setup:

Keep reading to optimize web design for power and utility companies!

1. Make your company’s mission clear

When potential customers visit your site, your landing page should provide an overall idea of your company’s mission statement. Whether you want to power customers’ lives or encourage sustainable energy use, consider creating a layout that makes your mission unmistakable:


A web design’s sections about ethics and beliefs help develop an online branding presence, so prospects can feel connected to your company and want to support your mission.

2. Promote your customer portal

If you have a customer portal, display a sign-in box on your landing page, so website visitors can register a new username or log into their existing account with a saved password. Many customers like a personalized dashboard because it provides an easy and convenient way to schedule services and pay bills online:

account info

A section about creating an account at the top of a website layout encourages users to provide their contact information for a customized online experience. When it’s easy for someone to become a customer of your power and utility company, they’re more likely to do so.

3. Showcase your content marketing

If you have a company blog or YouTube channel, promote your content in a section of your website’s landing page. Display relevant topics, such as clean energy or the latest news, with titles of your posts and call-to-action (CTA) buttons to read or watch more:

Engaging content shows your credibility as an expert in the industry and keeps visitors on your site longer, so a landing page featuring valuable content marketing such as full-length articles and videos is a great marketing tactic.

4. Tailor your site to your target audience

When prospective customers visit your site, a pop-up could ask for details about their location, whether they’re looking for electricity or gas, and if they want to power their home or business. After customizing their experience, users can then edit the preferences at the top of the page as needed.

A welcome display asking for visitor information allows the site to tailor the information displayed based on the target audience. This data is highly valuable in the power and utility industry because options such as residential or commercial and electric or gas come with substantial distinctions.

5. Provide 24/7 support with live chat

Prospective customers who visit your site may need help finding information about your services or how to pay a bill at a time outside your company’s business hours. Consider investing in a live chat service and displaying this option on your website.


Using a live chat service strategically lets you give customers an easy way to get the answers they need anytime, 365 days a year.

6. Use incentives to grow your business

Those researching power and utility companies may feel enticed to become customers when you prominently display the incentives you offer your clientele. For instance, you might promote how customers can earn rewards such as credits or discounts and provide a CTA encouraging them to connect with your team.

Featuring your incentives in your web design shows how your company can deliver exceptional value and help make customers feel happy and loyal, increasing the likelihood that visitors will sign up for your services.

7. Provide QR codes

When potential customers visit a website with a QR code on a desktop, they can scan the code using their phone. If you plan to use this technique in a section of your site, include a CTA to scan the code and describe the benefits of downloading correlating content, such as an app allowing them to track home energy costs.

Power and utility companies that want their web design to promote every resource they have for customers can use QR codes to encourage actions like app downloads on a mobile device. These tools make it much easier for a customer to complete a task.

8. Promote your social media accounts

Potential customers often perform research before signing up for a business’s services. Make it easy and convenient for them by dedicating a section of your web design to your social media previews and links.

For example, below a featured selection of posts, your page’s footer could say “Connect with Us” and include social media buttons for different platforms:


A section dedicated to showcasing your social media marketing allows consumers to learn more about your brand on other platforms, so they can make informed decisions about choosing your power and utility services.

9. Make your site accessible

When someone enters your website, they may need to read your content in another language. Consider incorporating a toggle to switch one language into another, with a pop-up for Google Translate providing a way to reverse or modify changes.

The ability to change a language makes a website more accessible, allowing you to accommodate more customers with a user-friendly experience.

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