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The influence of social media is impossible to overstate. Your clients are on it daily and receive many messages from people and businesses everywhere. Take advantage of the benefits of these communication mediums by showing off the lumber your company manufactures. 

Social media allows you to connect with your audience, boost your visibility, and control your business’s perception.

Read our guide on how to approach each social media platform and make it work for your business. For more insider tips and information surrounding digital marketing strategies, subscribe to Revenue Weekly!

Benefits of social media for lumber companies

Social media appeals directly to your niche and lets you communicate with your prospective clients more informally. Those seeking a reliable supply of lumber for their hardware stores or contracting businesses need to get answers to their concerns about the quality of your material.

Using social media is also a way for you to influence how your business is perceived. You control the tone and online personality of your posts and determine how often you interact with your clients. Interaction is crucial to keep in mind because mutual engagement will help you boost your reach metrics.

Online platforms diversify the channels with which your clients get to interact with you directly. People enjoy the promptness of instant messaging and the versatility certain platforms offer. You can receive feedback or requests without the formality of emails or contact forms.

Social media is also a marketing tool with an incredible return on investment (ROI). Due to its free nature, you can attempt as many outreach techniques as you see fit. Parting with your money is only necessary when exploring paid advertising solutions from various platforms.

How to use different social media platforms

As a company that primarily handles wood to transform it into a range of useful resources, you’ll benefit from taking advantage of visual mediums on social media. 

Adapt to the various tones required of your brand when participating in discussions on different platforms. Let your posts adopt a more informal manner of communication while maintaining professionalism.

When using platforms to share multimedia, take the opportunity to offer information about any unique selling points your lumber company’s products have.

Keep your online voice authentic and treat people respectfully when conducting conversations. Answer their queries promptly and find out how you can improve their experiences to retain a working relationship as their supplier. 

Explore platforms like YouTube and Instagram, where high-quality videos and images gain the most attention. Your prospects will engage with the pieces of content they enjoy and use them for their purchase decisions. 

Platforms that your lumber company will benefit from using include:


With more than a billion users on the platform consuming content, this video-sharing site enables your business to post about internal processes and manufacturing walk-throughs. Show buyers the quality of your goods and why your company is the best option for their stock.

Use your channel to post educational how-to videos, and pay attention to the comments you receive. Your comment section offers a chance to directly respond to any potential questions. A combination of the videos you post and the discussions you facilitate add to your engagement metrics, which the YouTube algorithm uses to recommend your content to more people.


Instagram is a unique platform that prioritizes visual content. It allows businesses to use their marketing solutions to create an account that sells products, redirects traffic to certain landing pages, and develops targeted ads for audiences.

Use your Instagram account to post images about your internal processes, your team members’ stories, and any important information on pricing and bulk ordering for other businesses to see. Take advantage of the Story feature to highlight any promotions or limited discount offers and post testimonials from other companies’ representatives.


With the limited character count and fast-paced algorithm of Twitter, getting creative with your tweets is key. You can combine various mediums to flesh out your content. Add links to longer content to encourage your audience to follow you where you want them to go. 

Images, videos, and blog post links are all great ways to stir engagement. Optimize the text in your tweets to make them discoverable through the platform’s search function, and respond directly to tweets from people looking for a service like yours.


Hailed as the largest social media platform today since its inception in 2004, Facebook boasts a daily user base of 1 billion people out of its total of 3 billion. That means your posts are circulating through a network that exists in almost every country on the globe. 

Business pages on Facebook succeed when maintaining a consistent posting schedule. You want the algorithm to pick up on your activity and allow you to target the communities and businesses you want to reach. Consistency paired with engagement boosts your profile’s visibility for more of your target businesses.


Primarily a platform for professionals who want to interact with other professionals, LinkedIn hosts an opportunity for your lumber company to connect on a business-to-business (B2B) stage. You’ll allow other businesses to buy from your company directly through discovering your LinkedIn page, and they can use the wood you produce for their products.

74% of people use social media when making a purchasing decision.

Make their decision easy with a stellar social media presence. See how your brand can level up by requesting a no-obligation proposal today.

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Incorporate social media best practices into your business strategy today

Posting often and monitoring your engagement metrics are a great start for building a robust social media presence for your business. With all the tips we have covered, your business is set to establish a strong strategy for digital communication in your industry.

If you want to work closely with social media marketing experts who will tailor plans that boost your engagement metrics and revenue, contact the WebFX professionals online, or call us at 888-601-5359

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