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As the world becomes more digital, a solid online presence helps your lumber company gain new customers and spread brand awareness. If you don’t already have a website for your business, it’s time to create one.

If you have a website you created years ago, you might be due for a redesign — after all, 94% of first impressions relate to your website’s appearance and function. When you focus on web design for lumber companies, your customers will take note.

Whether you want to build a website for the first time or improve your existing one, these four elements are a great start for creating a web design that helps your lumber company draw attention. If you’d like professional help with incorporating them, call 888-601-5359 to discuss your design needs with a strategist!

Why use web design for lumber companies?

Website design involves establishing your business’s online representation. A well-designed website offers many benefits for your lumber company, helping you:

Create a positive first impression: When you have a clean and functional website, people perceive your company as a competent partner.

Help customers find you: Using the right on-page elements is an essential component of search engine optimization (SEO), which helps you rank higher in search results.

Build audience trust: An attractive website helps your lumber operation earn trust, making builders and contractors feel confident in ordering materials from you.

Establish consistency: Using unified styles, fonts, and layouts creates a professional-looking website that establishes your unique brand.

Outpace competitors: The internet can lead prospects to your competitors too, so you want a strong website that loads quickly and ranks well to make it more likely that they’ll work with you.

4 web design elements to consider

Designing a website takes some thought, but when you devote time to the process, you’ll create a site that works well and serves your visitors’ needs. These improvements will benefit your business by helping you gain more leads online.

If you want to create a high-end website that attracts new customers to your business, consider the following elements:

1. Responsive design

If you’ve ever looked at a website on a smartphone and found it impossible to use, you’ve felt the need for responsive design on your business website.

Responsive design involves creating a website that functions well on any device, from a smartphone screen to a full-size computer monitor. By incorporating responsive design, you will appeal to the most extensive customer base and help your site rank well in search engines.

If you wonder whether your website has a responsive design, check using Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test. Enter your URL or the page code, and Google will test the live website. The results will indicate whether your site displays well on mobile devices.

2. Branded design elements

If you start your website design with a basic template, your result may look like other lumber company websites and allow you to be lost in the crowd. Stand out by creating custom branding that distinguishes your timber business from others.

Start by developing a style guide to follow everywhere, from the homepage to blog posts. Your brand style guide might include:

Website color palette: As a lumber company, you might choose brown and green hues to represent your business. Get specific about the shades you decide on, and keep them consistent across all pages.

Accent colors: These elements should stand out from your primary color palette, but still look cohesive.

Font style and size: Pick two distinct fonts. Use one for headers and leave the other for regular writing across the website.

Writing style: Depending on your brand’s personality, you might select a laid-back tone or a more polished voice.

Image style: Include directions on how to use images to ensure every image choice on your website feels planned.

Refine your branding through elements like a logo and a brand story. When you tell a story about your brand online, you find ways to relate to lumber buyers and make them want to pick your company over someone else’s.

3. Clean web design

If you fill your pages with too many pictures, links, or words, customers become confused and frustrated. Create a welcoming, easy-to-use website by using clean site design practices.

You might start a page with many elements, some functional, and some design focused. After adding what you think the page needs, consider the site critically and remove any features that don’t add value to it.

Ultimately, you will have a design that balances beauty and function, so visitors enjoy using it.

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38% of customers

stop engaging with a website if they find it unattractive


4. SEO friendliness

Your lumber website needs more than beautiful design and easy-to-use elements to gain customers. You want your company to appear high in the search results to ensure that people can find you and see the site you’ve worked so hard on.

During your website design process, use on-page SEO strategies to make your site rank better and earn more visitors. On each website page, make sure you optimize these factors:


Title tag

Meta description


Internal linking

These components help Google understand your website’s structure and content so the algorithm can display your page when it matches up with search requests. The more Google shows your website, the more leads and conversions you’ll gain.

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WebFX knows web design for lumber companies

Running a lumber company is a demanding job. If you don’t have time to devote to your web design, leave it up to the professionals at WebFX. With over 28 years of experience in digital marketing, we know what it takes to create a fantastic website for your business.

Choose website design services if you need to create a site for the first time, or utilize our website redesign services to update your current online presence. We even have a RainmakerFX package that can deliver a full-featured new website in 30 days!

With strong website design, you gain more loyal customers and step ahead of the competition. Ready to see what a better website will do for you? Contact us online or call 888-601-5359 to speak with a strategist today.

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