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If you’re a lawyer with an online marketing campaign, chances are you’ve considered SEO, PPC, and maybe even social media or email marketing. All of these strategies are fantastic, but to make them even more effective, video marketing is a must.

Video marketing allows you to engage with your clients in a far different way than any other online strategy. That’s because when users see you on their screen, it’s almost like you’re having a conversation in person — which is great for strengthening your connection and letting your clients get to know you better.

Videos bring a human-feel to your website, email campaigns, and social media profiles, and 87% of online marketers use videos to strengthen their brands and better connect with clients.

On this page, we’ll talk about why video marketing is a great practice for lawyers and how you can incorporate video into your already-existing marketing campaigns.

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Why is video marketing for lawyers effective?

Like we mentioned before, one of the main reasons video is effective is because it allows you to connect with your clients on a deeper level. But what are some other reasons video marketing is so effective?

1. It livens up your website

Imagine a page on your website that has blocks of text that explain who you are as a law firm. It goes through details like how your firm started, who your lawyers are, and what kinds of clients you represent.

Now re-imagine that same page with a video explaining the exact same thing. Not only will your site visitors engage more with your page, but they’ll also be more likely to receive the information because it’s far more interesting in video format.

2. It keeps potential clients on your website longer

When you have a video on your page, your site visitors will likely stay on your website for longer periods of time — simply because there is more to interact with.

In a study done by Wistia, they found that the pages on their website that had video had a much longer dwell time than those pages that didn’t have video.


Image courtesy of Wistia.

They even got enough information from their studies to determine that people spent an average of 2.6x more time on pages with video. That’s more than double the time that they would spend without a video!

When people stay on your law firm’s site for a longer period of time, you can guide them to other pages via internal links, which will help them learn more about your firm and encourage them to become clients.


Google also most likely looks at dwell time in their ranking algorithm — meaning they’re more likely to rank a website higher in search engine rankings pages when people spend longer periods of time on it.

This gives Google the hint that when users visit the website and spend a lot of time on the pages, that that website is providing high quality, beneficial information — which Google also favors in their ranking algorithm.

3. Videos build connections more than written content

When given the option between written content, or video content that gives the same information, 58% of executives say that they’d choose video.

That’s most likely because videos are interactive, and are far more exciting to watch than reading a long wall of text.

Videos also help you to make connections with your potential clients. After watching one of your videos, they’ll be able to put a name to the face when they think of your firm, will be able to pick up on your personality, and will feel like they know you a little more personally before even meeting you.

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How can you integrate video marketing into your law firm’s existing marketing campaign?

There are so many ways that your law firm can integrate video marketing into your Internet marketing campaign, because you’ve already laid the groundwork with your social media profiles, website, and email campaigns.

These three locations are great spots to integrate video marketing, because there’s already content to build on. Let’s talk about each one specifically and how video is easily integrated.

Your website

As we mentioned before, your website is a fantastic home for videos, and comes with a number of benefits. It’ll keep your potential clients on your website longer, give them the opportunity to visit more pages on your site, and help them connect with you on a human level.As far as the best location for videos on your law firm’s website — the opportunities are endless.

Your home page is a great place for a video of you introducing your law firm, yourself, and a short mission statement of what you can do for your clients. This is a great way to welcome potential clients to your site and help them to feel like they know you simply by visiting your home page.

Another option would be to add short profile videos of each of your lawyers to help site visitors get to know you even better.

You can also include video testimonials on your website, which are videos that depict past clients who talk about the satisfying experience they’ve had with your firm.

Social media is another great springboard for video for your law firm.

You can post videos on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to connect with your followers.

Since social media is a real-time platform, it’s a great opportunity to tailor your videos to specific times of year, or specific events. For example, holidays present a wonderful time for you to connect with your followers by sending a holiday message to them and their families. This shows that you care about the people that stay connected to you through social media.

You can also post video testimonials on social media as well!

Your email marketing campaigns

Email is potentially one of the most beneficial places to include video.

In fact, click-through-rate increases by 96% in emails with videos. That nearly guarantees that if you include a video in your email, that you’ll increase your email’s CTR.

If it’s the first email that you’re sending a potential client, you could start by including a video that introduces yourself, your firm, and what you can do for them. This helps the recipient feel even more comfortable with you up-front, and it adds a personal touch.

You can also add your holiday videos to your email campaigns, and if you wanted to get super personalized, you can add different targeted videos to emails in different levels of your drip campaign.

So for example, if you’re sending a mass email to site visitors that have provided their contact information, but have only been on your website twice, send an email with a personalized video that represents your services and what you can do for them.

The persistence and personalization will greatly pay off!

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Are you ready to adopt a video marketing campaign for your law firm?

If you’re excited about the possibilities of video marketing, you’re not alone. Video is the new fad — and if you’re interested in integrating it into your existing marketing campaign, now is the time!

WebFX is a full-service Internet marketing agency that can help you create videos for your law firm that engage and attract more visitors to your law firm’s website.

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