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Landing pages are crucial to the success of your digital marketing campaigns. When leads visit your landing pages, you need to engage them, provide important information about your company, and include a place for them to contact you. Without effective landing pages, you’ll miss out on conversions for your real estate business.

On this page, we’ll discuss four tips to help you create more effective landing pages. If you need help designing your landing pages, call us today at 888-601-5359 to speak with a strategist.

1. Use visual elements

When you create your landing pages, you need them to be eye-catching. You want to catch your audience’s attention and get them interested in your page. The best way to do this is by adding visual elements.

Landing pages drive in traffic that is closer to conversion because you select keywords that are more specific for your landing pages. These specific keywords drive in leads that are searching using these keywords.

When someone uses your keywords, they are ready to work with a real estate agent, but need to find the right agent or the right real estate business. You need to engage your audience from the minute they see your landing page, so you can get them to convert.

Visual elements break up the text on your landing pages and give your audience a visual representation of your information. It can help your audience understand the overall message of your landing page.

You can use photos or videos on your landing page. These are both great elements that keep your audience interested.

Videos are extremely effective for landing pages. In fact, a video on your landing page can increase conversions by up to 80 percent. That’s a big deal for your real estate business!

When you incorporate videos on your landing pages, you help your audience digest information easier. You’ll still want to include text on your landing page, but you can get into more detail about your services or products (like houses for sale) in the video. It’s a great opportunity to share more information with your audience.

By including visual elements on your landing page, you’ll keep leads engaged on your page longer and increase the likelihood that they will become clients.

Visual elements are important because you don’t want to have too much text on your page. Many companies make the mistake of including too much text on their landing page.

When you create your landing page, you want to give your audience as much information as possible, which can lead to an excessive amount of text. It is important that you provide them with pertinent information, but also avoid overwhelming them.

This is where video is very beneficial. You can provide your audience with important information while preventing your page from having too much text.

When you include information on your landing page, think about what is important for your real estate business. You want to include information that will inform leads and get them to convert. If there is information that won’t help nudge them towards conversions, you can either omit it or include it in your video.

When you limit the amount of text on your landing page, you create a more presentable page for your audience. You’ll keep them interested in your page and get them to convert.

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2. Include calls to action (CTAs)

Calls to action (CTAs) are one of the most important elements on your landing page. When you attract leads to your page, they will like the information they see. They’ll want to take the next step, but they may not know how to do it on their own.

By incorporating CTAs, you will guide users to the next step. Without a CTA, you will miss out on leads because they don’t know how to proceed next. CTAs are crucial for guiding users to the next step.

It is important that you make your CTA stand out on your page. You want your audience to notice it so they know what to click on to proceed next.

It is also important that you use a descriptive CTA. You don’t just want it to say, “Click here” or “Submit.” These are very generic CTAs that don’t get your audience excited about your business. Instead, use more descriptive phrases like “Contact a real estate expert!” or “Check out our available houses!”

These tell your audience exactly what will happen if they click on that button, and they guide them through the buying process. By incorporating CTAs, you’ll get more leads to convert, earn more revenue, and grow your real estate business.

3. Emphasize the value

When you create a landing page, the goal is to inform your audience and get them interested in working with your real estate business. It is important that you emphasize the value of your product or your services. You need to show your audience why your product or service is the best.

It is important to emphasize the value of your products or services. You need to sell your audience on your products and services. Your landing pages provide your audience with the information they need to become clients.

4. Integrate simple sign-up forms

Including sign-up forms on your landing pages is a great way to capture valuable leads for your real estate business.

It is important that you create sign-up forms that your audience can fill out easily. If your sign-up forms are long, your audience will avoid them. They don’t want to fill out forms that take a long time. You need to keep your forms simple to avoid losing leads.

When you create your forms, focus on obtaining the most important information. You can make them as simple as a first name, last name, and email address. This is an effective way to get the information you need without making it too complicated.

You need to include some form of contact information in your form, whether it is an email or phone number. This will give you an opportunity to contact leads and encourage them to become clients.

By keeping your sign-up forms simple, you will see better results from your real estate landing pages.

WebFX can help you build a landing page that drives results

It is crucial that you invest in your real estate businesses’ landing pages. Landing pages drive in valuable leads and help your business earn conversions. At WebFX, we know how to create effective landing pages that work for real estate agents.

We’re a full-service digital marketing company that specializes in customized landing pages. We have a team of 500+ experts that are dedicated to your campaign. Our award-winning team of Internet marketers and designers will help you create a landing page that is effective.

If you’re looking for results, we know how to drive them. To date, we’ve driven over $10 billion in sales and over 24 million leads for our clients. We focus on driving success for our clients first.

Our clients love the work we do, too. In fact, we have over 1,100 client testimonials from a variety of industries. Check them out to see what it’s like to work with a landing page expert like WebFX!

Create your customized landing page today

If you’re ready to start earning more leads and conversions with your landing page, contact us online or call us today at 888-601-5359 to speak with a strategist.

We look forward to helping your real estate business grow!

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