2018 Sets Sail – The HolidayFX

2018 was a wild ride for the WebFX crew. We changed our name, added another 50 FXers to the team, set bigger goals than ever, and celebrated together as we reached them. What a better way to wrap up this outstanding year than with our favorite celebration, the Best Places to Work in PA awards ceremony? Check out this edition of InsideFX to see our BPTW celebration and get a sneak peek of our holiday festivities!

(Spoiler: Bill gets caught for piracy, Ariana monkeys around)

Special Spooky Halloween Edition! – OctoberFX

If there’s one thing WebFX does well, its provide phenomenal, world-class services to our awesome clients. But if there are two things WebFX does well, its provide phenomenal, world-class services to our awesome clients, and throwing one outstanding Halloween party! ScareFX was back and bigger than ever this year! Thanks to the countless hours from our very own Wow-FX team, our 2018 boo-bash boasted a three-story haunted house, food, games, a costume competition (watch the video to the end to see the winner) and more! You definitely don’t want to miss the spooky tricks and treats that went on #InsideFX!

(Baa Dee Yaa) FX In September – The SeptemberFX

September is a respectable month for many reasons including the hefty variety of iconic songs it heralds in. Whether you’re dancing in September, crooning over your love like Sinatra, or waking up Billie Joe Armstrong, there’s a tune to be hummed as Summer fades to Fall. Those tunes were loudly sung here at WebFX, as we celebrated multiple victories and enjoyed exciting (and delicious) surprises. Check out our new company photo, signature ice cream flavor, and updates on some of our biggest programs in this edition of #InsideFX!

Swinging Into Summertime – The April FX

Everyone has a favorite childhood memory of summertime. Whether it’s playing sports outside with a few of your best friends, ice cream runs after a hot day, family vacations, or simply taking a break from school, we all remember that eager, excited feeling that washed over you like a wave of warm sunshine when you realized three months of classroom-free bliss were ahead of you! Although we may have left the Sandlot-esque days of our youth behind, that electrifying summer spirit lives on at WebFX! April marked our first outdoor activities in brand new spaces, new skill-building experiences, new faces at WebFX, and a new vision for the future. Check out what we were up to in April #InsideFX!

Boxing, Bingo, and the IM Team Has an Axe to Grind – The March FX

Robin Williams once said, “Spring is nature’s way of saying ‘Let’s Party!'” And here at WebFX, we couldn’t agree more! From the first chirps from our flying friends to the almost-warm breeze blowing in through the Mansion doors, we’ve never been more ready to tackle a season with more enthusiasm. We KO’d cabin fever with outdoor boxing, played away the winter blues with bingo night, and chopped our way to chipper with IM team’s axe throwing outing! Check out what else we did inside WebFX this March!

200 Donuts, 150 Happy Team Members, 28 Days – The February FX

Who says the shortest month of the year can’t also be the most fun? (Hint: Not us.) 28 days? More like 28 opportunities to outdo ourselves with awesome new ways to celebrate our FX Family! With the introduction of #WeLoveOurFXFamilyDay, Galentines Day, Men’s Night, a brand new WebFX-U event, and those delicious Anna Rose Bakery treats at our Goals Meeting, we wish February would never end (well, until like, March, when we have even more cool stuff)!