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For most businesses, Internet marketing is a must if you want to compete and thrive within your industry. But as a local PA business, where do you start?

Unfortunately, there are many digital marketing agencies out there just waiting to prey on small businesses that are unfamiliar with how Internet marketing actually works.

On this page, we’ll go over the basic principles of Internet marketing so that you can move forward confidently when looking for the perfect agency to partner with. Keep reading if you want to learn more, and give us a call at 888-601-5359.

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What is Internet marketing?

Internet marketing is the practice of using any online marketing channel with the goal of increasing the visibility, reach, and revenue of your business.

It’s really just a general term that’s used as a stand-in for more specific terminology.

Here are the four most common areas that businesses explore when marketing themselves online:

Web design and web development

Web design and web development refer to improvements you make on your website. You can’t market online effectively unless you have a professional, fully-functioning website.

Businesses used to be able to get away with using basic, static web pages as their web presence, but this is no longer the case.

Users expect aesthetic design and top-notch functionality, and you need to invest in both if you want to thrive online.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

After you have a website set up, SEO is the main strategy of driving growth and traffic.

SEO is the practice of structuring elements of your website in a specific way so that your individual pages will appear higher up in search engine rankings.

The first page of a search engine like Google’s results gets the vast majority of user traffic, so it’s extremely important to have a proper SEO strategy in place for your business.

Pay-per-click advertising (PPC)

PPC advertising is a model of online advertising in which you only pay when your ads are clicked. You can make ads that will appear on Google, Facebook, and so on, and no matter how many people look at them, you only have to pay for the users that actually click through to your website.

Social media

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Social media can be extremely valuable for interacting with potential customers online. Whether you use Facebook, Twitter, or any of the other many networks out there, it’s important to maintain active social media profiles.

Many people go straight to the Internet when looking for information and reviews about specific companies, and active, well-built-out social media profiles are the best way to be waiting ready to wow potential customers.

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Internet marketing and Millersville

Internet marketing is not a one-size-fits all strategy, and many local businesses actually require more of a custom approach to online marketing than other bigger corporations.

The bigger companies can afford to play numbers games with their budget when necessary. Local businesses, on the other hand, need to know who they’re marketing to with each of their campaigns.

WebFX learned this lesson long ago, and now we specialize in creating unique marketing strategies for local PA businesses. We happen to be one too, after all!

Whether it’s factoring the presence of Millersville University into a marketing campaign, or simply considering the rich history of Millersville as a trading crossroads for farmers in the area when strategizing, the small details matter.

Luckily, numerous WebFX family members are native Pennsylvanians. Many grew up in and around the Millersville area, and there are a few Millersville alumni on our team too!

Bigger, faceless agencies may hate to admit it, but it’s the details that often make or break the success of a digital marketing campaign.

Our clients in the area

Maybe you’re familiar with some of the many companies we work with throughout PA!

Local to Millersville, we’re partnered with RSC Heating & Cooling, High Concrete Group, and Community First Fund, as well as numerous other companies throughout the central PA area. We’re headquartered only an hour away up in Harrisburg, too!

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Our team of expert Internet marketers has years of experience crafting custom digital marketing solutions for PA businesses of every shape and size, and we’d love to help your business meet its objectives too.

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