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Your Introductory Local SEO Guide

If you want to reach more nearby potential customers, consider local SEO. It’s one of the best strategies for bringing more customers into your local business. This local SEO guide has all the resources you need to get started with local SEO.

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Explore one of these categories to go more in-depth on a specific local SEO topic, or keep reading for our beginner’s guide to local SEO, complete with additional local SEO resources.

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Learn the basics of local SEO

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Learn key local SEO terminology

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Get the latest local SEO statistics

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Learn about local SEO technology and tools

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Learn about local SEO for SMBs

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Learn about local SEO for B2B companies

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Imagine this: You search for “best Italian food near me,” and a group of three local search results pops up at the top of the search engine results page. Their locations are indicated on a map of the town you’re currently in, and you see ratings and reviews with each restaurant listing.

You choose the result with the best review after clicking on their website and discovering from their driving directions that they’re just down the road from you. In this scenario, your experience was made possible by local search engine optimization (SEO).

Local SEO is a fantastic way to market your own local business to people in your area. But what is local SEO, and how does it work? Read on for a full local SEO guide!

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What is local SEO?

Local SEO is a facet of search engine optimization that helps your website reach nearby users in search results. With a local SEO strategy, you can rank for searches with local intent, such as those with “near me” in the search query or those seeking information about nearby services or businesses.

Why use local SEO?

Many local businesses, such as bakeries, retail stores, bowling alleys, law firms, and more, utilize local SEO to target users who are closest to them and more likely to convert.

A dry cleaning business in Philadelphia wouldn’t want their business listing to show up in the search results for someone currently in Nebraska, would they? That dry cleaning business will have the most success by targeting the customer base closest to their place of business.

By optimizing local SEO, a business can better draw leads from the closest and most relevant traffic, which leads to an overall increase in return on their business’s marketing efforts.

Local SEO is a proven Internet marketing strategy for driving in-store visits, online sales, and real business growth. Up to 88% of users who perform a local search on their smartphone visit a relevant store within a week. Utilizing local SEO is your best option if you want to be the business that shows up in your target audiences’ search results.

How does local search work?

Local SEO may seem daunting at first, but it’s actually quite simple. Essentially, Google pulls “local signals” or generates local search rankings from various sources, including business websites, social profiles, review platforms, and more, to determine which local results will be most relevant for a user entering a query with local intent.

Remember the Italian food example from the beginning of this post? That’s a prime example of local SEO in action. You’re hungry for Italian food, so you search for nearby Italian restaurants. Google delivers local results to your current location, providing you with the most relevant information to better inform your decision on where you should eat.

Whichever restaurant you choose is most likely optimizing for local SEO to some extent. That could mean maintaining their Google Business Profile listing, including location-specific content on their website, adding their location to title tags, and more.

There are so many possibilities when it comes to local SEO. Simply by optimizing one local SEO-focused item, you may be able to position yourself ahead of others in your local industry. And when you take steps beyond that, you can assert yourself as an imminent threat to your local competitors.

Get more local SEO tips

General local SEO tips

Tips for Google Business Profile and Google Maps

Local SEO tips for your industry

Analytics for local SEO

SEO analytics is the process of collecting and analyzing data to determine how your SEO currently performs and how to improve it. Using data to inform your local SEO strategy is crucial. It lets you see what’s working and what isn’t and provides a roadmap for improving your results over time.

You may be wondering what metrics you should look at for local SEO. Here are a few of the most important local SEO metrics:

  • Total search impressions: The number of times a given page is displayed in organic or paid search results
  • Directions requests: When a customer requests directions to your business
  • Website visits: When a customer views your website
  • Phone calls: When a customer clicks to call your business
  • Reviews: The number of reviews left on your Google Business Profile or other local listings

Working with a local SEO agency

Local SEO agencies work to improve your visibility in local search results so that your business can capture more relevant traffic from search, ultimately resulting in more revenue. Improving search visibility involves various tasks for SEO agencies, such as:

  • Strategy creation
  • Keyword research
  • Content creation
  • Link building
  • Citation management, including for Google Business Profile and other listings
  • Review management
  • Analytics and reporting

SEO companies have the knowledge and experience necessary to make smart decisions for your site that increase your rankings and visibility so you don’t have to waste time with guesswork. Partnering with an agency for your local SEO frees you up to focus on what you do best — running your business!

Learn more about local SEO

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