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Every well-known company has an iconic logo. Check out these 101 examples to see how some of the most successful corporations brand themselves with a simple image.

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101 Logos

101 Logos and Why They Work

When you're starting a new company, part of creating a successful brand is marketing yourself with a sensible, creative logo. But how do you make that logo in the first place? And after you make it, how can you be sure it's the right representation of your business?

That's where this guide can help. We analyzed the logos of 101 different companies from a wide range of industries, ensuring you can find a company in this guide that's similar to yours! By understanding what makes their logos work, you can apply the same principles to your logo design and create an iconic image that'll resonate with your target market.

Are Logos Really That Important?

Absolutely. Logos are the quick, simple, and effective way to show consumers that you own or endorse a product without using your company name. In a way, your logo becomes the short-form version of your company's name, which is much easier to place on websites, products, and any other medium you want.

Creating an effective logo early in your company's life helps you strive ahead of your competitors by staying a step ahead in terms of branding. A well-crafted, professional logo works wonders for any company, and it can make a surprising difference between failure and success.

What Will You Find in This Guide?

In this guide, you'll read about the importance of logos, how different companies use them, and why certain companies chose the logos that they use. We cover companies from a variety of industries so you can find a business that's similar to yours for inspiration. And as you scroll through the different options, you may get some ideas on how to design or change your own logo!

In short, this guide offers ideas and inspiration. When you're working to design a logo — or any graphic — those are always the first steps.

It's Time to Make Your Company's Logo

If you're looking to create your company's newest logo, now is the time to start the process. Check out the logos in this guide and take away what you can. With so many different ideas in one place, you're sure to find at least one new concept that inspires your choice in a company logo.

At the same time, we at WebFX know that not everyone has experience with design software, and a lot of new businesses understandably don't trust their logo design to a freelancer. That's why we're here to help! We have an experienced team of expert graphic designers who have given out clients the logos of their dreams. Now, we'll do the same for you!

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