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Pennsylvania is home to thousands of businesses. With retailers, mining companies, and everything in between, successful Pennsylvania companies all have one thing in common: They take advantage of the resources at their disposal.

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12 Resources for Pennsylvania Businesses

From Pittsburgh to Philadelphia, all Pennsylvania businesses have certain resources they can use to help their businesses succeed. These resources include everything from state-sponsored programs to high-level networking organizations, all of which are intended to make sure your business can operate in Pennsylvania, create jobs for its citizens, and improve its economy.

Whether you're starting your own accounting firm in Scranton, establishing a strategic Great Lakes location in Erie, or opening up a burger joint in State College, you can use at least one of these resources to help make your company a success. All you need is a little baseline knowledge, and you can enjoy tax credits, financial reimbursements, and other programs that are all intended to help your business grow over time, no matter what you do.

Why Do These Resources Matter?

Basically, all of these resources are free bonuses to your company in some shape or form, and most of them can help you financially. There are also other resources that provide intangible benefits, like networking and meeting government officials, and still others that will reward you for finding and hiring employees in certain areas. When you're in Pennsylvania, everyone wants you to succeed — you, your customers, your employees, and the entire state government.

These resources are critical to small businesses in particular since roughly 80% of new businesses fail within 18 months. Expansion locations and additional branches have the security of a full-sized corporation at their backs — but when you're on your own, every dollar you have lets you keep your doors open a little longer. And if your business is living customer-to-customer, you need to know if you can enjoy any tax breaks, hiring benefits, or other advantages that the state can give you.

What This Guide Offers

This guide is designed to give you actionable, practical information that you can use for your company. It includes phone numbers, email addresses, and names of people who can connect you with the programs that you want to use, all of which is updated for 2015. And while this is not an exhaustive list of benefits that the Keystone state offers, you can find more through the general links at the end of the PDF.

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