175 Ecommerce Concepts Explained

There are tons of unique acronyms and concepts in the ecommerce industry. In this guide, we look at the 175 most important and common ecommerce acronyms that you'll hear.

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175 Ecommerce Acronyms and What They Mean

Are you new to the ecommerce industry? Or have new suppliers started using lingo that doesn't add up? Then you've found the right guide! Here, you can find the 175 most common and important ecommerce acronyms in the world. Understanding them will give you a better grasp of your industry, more control over your supplier relationships, and streamlined communication throughout your business.

That's why understanding ecommerce terminology is so important. Without it, you risk getting left in the dark when your employees or peers are talking about the future of your company. It's imperative that you know exactly what's going on, and a string of unexplained acronyms is a threat to your ability to improve.

What's in This Guide?

This guide contains 175 different terms that ecommerce companies use every day. They're used in watercooler conversations, meetings, and even supplier relationships. If you — or anyone else in your company — doesn't have a grasp of these terms, your job is significantly harder.

You'll find terminology like 3PL, DS, MLM, ROR, TOS, and WYSIWYG, to name a few. Some of these terms are simply essential to know when you're working on the Internet. Others are hyper-specific to ecommerce. Regardless, you should know all of them to keep up with your company!

Why Are There So Many Terms?

We chose to create a guide explaining 175 ecommerce acronyms because we knew know how expansive the ecommerce world is. You can sell virtually anything you want, and you can enjoy the benefits of both new and repeat customers day after day. With so much going on — and so much money to be made — 175 ecommerce acronyms are more than enough to ensure anyone understands your comapny's jargon.

In summary, this guide offers essential information in a condensed format. It's never been easier to understand the terminology of ecommerce!

Get Everyone on the Same Page at Your Business

Whether you want this guide for yourself or someone else at your company, it can help anyone effectively communicate ideas at an ecommerce company. When you know these acronyms and terms, you can speak quickly, understand everything, and get more done — just like a growing business should!

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