Every Detail about Real-Time Analytics

Google Analytics tells you tons of useful information about your website. In this guide, we go over every detail of Google Analytics' Real-Time tab so you can know exactly how to take their data and turn it into actionable improvements for your business.

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Why Real-Time?

Google Analytics is the most robust data-collection on the Internet — and it's absolutely free. It's become the gold standard of data-tracking and website improvement since its creation, and its Real-Time feature is second to none.

In Real-Time, Google Analytics shows you everything that's happening right that second on your site. You can look at individual pages, your site as a whole, and a whole slew of data.

Real-Time is where you go when you want to see how pages perform individually right as you release them. It's also how you check out the earliest data on a new marketing initiative and a whole range of other improvements to your website.

With Google Analytics, you can track nearly anything.

Is There Really That Much Information?

There is! Google Analytics shows you information on traffic, conversions, and dozens of other data points. You can even see where people access your site, right down to the city!

That's the kind of pin-point precision that Google Analytics offers. If you want to see how well a new conversion page is doing, you can see that. If you want to know what country to target next in your marketing plan, you can get that data too!

In general, Google Analytics Real-Time capabilities keep you up-to-date with your business so you can decide your next marketing move. Or, if you want, you can use it to check the results of your latest marketing move.

Either way, you earn valuable information that helps your business grow.

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