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Everyone on your marketing team doesn't communicate the same way. Sometimes, you're just not sure if a new hire is right for the job. You can fix both of these issues with one simple solution — DiSC profiling.

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What Is DiSC Profiling?

DiSC profiling is a way of categorizing someone's personality in the work place. DiSC works by giving someone a short personality questionnaire, which then shows you insight about how they communicate, the role they play in teams, and what they want out of collaboration.

While this information is based on generalizations, you don't have to follow it to a T. In face, DiSC is most helpful when you use it as a language to talk about workplace personalities and functions.

Why Should I Know about DiSC?

Even if you don't agree with it, DiSC is one of the most advanced and widely-used personality profiling strategies in the United States. The tests are short, and they tell you almost everything you'd want to know about a member of your team. Plus, when you use DiSC profiles to test new hires, you can be confident that you're making a good hiring choice based on the results.

Apart from that, it's also good to know about DiSC even if your marketing team doesn't use it. You may bring on a new team member who's used it in the past, or someone else in your company may have an interest in it. Regardless, DiSC is simply useful to know in any business setting.

How Does DiSC Help Marketing Teams?

In a nutshell, DiSC makes sure your team can communicate and work together to achieve positive results on projects.

That may sound simple, but getting the right combination of people with the right combination of traits on the right project is a constant challenge. If you take some time to learn about DiSC and the personalities of your team members, you can effectively break them into teams to tackle certain projects they'd complete with excellent results.

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