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Chapter 7: Managing Your Leads

As you generate leads for your company, you need a strategy to manage and move them through your sales funnel.

A staggering 79% of marketing leads don’t convert into sales because of a lack of lead management. So if your company doesn’t currently have a lead management strategy, creating one could potentially increase your sales by 80%.

A lead management strategy helps you accomplish a few key goals.

Monitor and track your leads

Most businesses use marketing automation software to manage their leads. At WebFX, we use MarketingCloudFX on all of our clients’ sites.

Our lead management tool collects basic information like names and email address via contact forms, then tracks each lead’s actions on a site, from the pages they visit to the conversions they make. Unlike standard analytics tools, which group all of your visitors into broad groups, MarketingCloudFX helps you understand the individual needs of each of your leads.

Identify your best sources of qualified leads

MarketingCloudFX also tracks the source of each lead and whether they arrived on your site from organic search, social media, a paid ad campaign, or a referral. This lets you pinpoint the best channels for generating qualified leads and focus your marketing efforts on those channels moving forward.

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