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If you’re serious about hiring an online advertising agency, and you want them to take you seriously, submitting an RFP, or request for proposal, is a great first step.

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What is an online advertising RFP?

An online advertising RFP is basically an application to an agency to let them know that you’re interested in receiving a proposal from them.

It means that you’ve done your research and you’re interested in hearing more about what their agency can do for you, and you’re providing them with the necessary information to let them decide if you’re a great client fit.

An RFP provides an agency with important information about your unique business that informs them on things like your business goals, your competition, and your expectations from an online advertising agency.

Sending an agency an RFP is a super professional way of requesting a proposal because it provides agencies with important information about your business up front, and helps them to easily decide whether or not they can meet your expectations and provide the services you’re looking for.

What’s in this guide?

In our free RFP template, we provide you with all the information you need to create a great resource for potential online advertising agencies.

We provide a number of subheadings to show you the kinds of information that is necessary to fully inform agencies, along with bulleted lists to ensure that you’re extremely granular with your request.

Here are just some of the section suggestions we provide in our free template:

Statement of purpose

This should be the first section of any RFP since it provides agencies with an overall feel of your business and what you’re looking for.

We provide three bulleted lists in this section to help you outline your information.

The first list gives some suggestions on how you should inform an agency about your company. Some bullet points include why you’re requesting a proposal, the timeframe for your advertising campaign, and other agencies you’re looking at.

You should also provide information on what services you’re looking for and the goals of your campaign. (Don’t worry, there are bullet point suggestions for answers to these questions too!)

Reporting expectations

We also provide a section that will help you inform potential agencies on what you expect from them in the way of reporting. Do you want to know how your campaign is doing weekly, monthly, or more often?

Decision points

You should always provide agencies with information on how you will choose an agency. This would be where you should include things that matter in your decision-making process including price, experience, and portfolio.

These are just three of the sections we provide in our sample RFP! Download the full version to see other important information you should always include!

Find the perfect online advertising agency for you with our free template

Using our sample RFP template is the key to finding the perfect online advertising agency for you. What could be better than providing an agency with all of your information up front?

Submitting an RFP to an agency that you’re interested in shows that you’re professional and serious about their services.

They’ll appreciate your professionalism and you’ll make the hunt for an agency painless and smooth!

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