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When & What to Post to Every Major Social Network

How to Get the Most from Your Social Presences

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When and What to Post to Every Major Social Network

When you work in social media marketing, it’s a challenge to constantly get results from every single post.

Social media marketing is designed to funnel new leads or customers to your website. But how do you know what works?

Determining the content to post — and the times you should post it — takes a lot of trial, error, and risk.

If you don’t test different posting methods, you could waste hundreds of hours creating intricate or in-depth posts just to have them overlooked since they were posted at the wrong times.

Fortunately, there’s already data available that solves these problems for you.

Table of Contents

1. Facebook
2. Instagram
3. Twitter
4. Pinterest
5. LinkedIn
6. Tumblr
7. Google+
8. Reddit
9. YouTube
10. Vine
11. Snapchat
12. General Tips
13. Social Media Help from WebFX

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