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Because most people spend time on the Internet, especially with search engines, online advertisements are a no-brainer. However, it’s increasingly competitive to attract customers and project them down the sales funnel. WebFX is a top search engine advertising agency, with the industry’s number one ROI-tracking technology platform — MarketingCloudFX — powered by IBM Watson.

Grow your bottom line with an experienced search engine advertising agency

Despite your business’s best efforts to navigate online ads, you find yourself wondering how you’ll reach success and a profitable return on investment (ROI) — that’s where a search engine advertising agency comes in.

Search engine advertising agencies guide online marketing campaigns toward effective results that benefit your bottom line. Keep reading to learn what you need to know about search engine advertising agencies!

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Search engine advertising definition and explanation

Search engine advertising is a subcategory of search engine marketing (SEM) that creates and manages ads related to search queries on results pages. These ads can appear on Google AdsMicrosoft Advertising (AKA the new Bing Ads), YouTube Video Ads, and others.

You might ask, “What is search engine marketing?”

Search engine marketing means paid marketing efforts that target search engine users, but in certain contexts, it can also include organic methods, too. The industry increasingly sees it as an advertising-specific approach, so it’s wise to limit it to financed campaigns.

However, search engine advertising sticks to the paid aspects of gaining visibility and securing customers and sales. It encompasses three main types of payment methods, but each relies on interaction with the user:

  1. Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising: Each time a person clicks on your ad, you pay a fee.
  2. Cost-per-mille (CPM) advertising: For every thousand — or “mille” in Latin — impressions (when people see your ad displayed), you pay a fee.
  3. Pay-per-conversion or cost-per-action (CPA): When people perform a specific action (like calls or transactions), you pay a fee.

Depending on the search engine, your ads can appear below, above, or to the side of the organic (non-paid) results.

Google, for instance, displays their ads above and below the natural rankings on their search engine results pages (SERPs). Google has up to four ad spots available at the top, denoted with a little green cube.

search engine ads example

Because ads look and act like regular results, they should relate to search queries and hold keywords. Keywords stretch anywhere from one to five words or more. The one- to two-word keywords are called short-tail, and the three-word or longer ones are long-tail keywords.

Successful keywords for your search engine ads:

  1. Represent your business’s unique products and services
  2. Have a decent search volume
  3. Satisfy perspective customers’ search intent (what they expect to find in the results)

With paid ads, an ad’s quality and bid amount determine whether an ad shows up in a search. Businesses set a maximum bid on their valued keywords, and after a user search, the search engine selects an ad with both a suitable price and relevant format to display.

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What is a search engine advertising agency?

A search engine advertising agency is a business that provides online advertising services using search engine ad platforms like Google Ads to attract customers and deliver a promising ROI.

even with a beautiful website, you need advertising to help users find it

While some companies choose to approach search engine advertising manually, others work with agencies who specialize in tried-and-true techniques.

Adding search engine marketing services to your marketing strategy takes your business to the next level. With a devoted team from a search engine advertising agency, you have an army of marketing professionals to draw in qualified leads and obtain results fast.

How much does working with a search engine advertising agency cost?

Search engine advertising costs vary depending on numerous factors. Agencies typically charge $350 to $5000 or 12-30% of ad spend per month. Average ad spend for small-to-medium-sized businesses (SMBs) is between $9,000 and $10,000 per month, and the average cost per click (CPC) for Google search ads is $1 – $2 per click.

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What does a search engine advertising agency do?

While each agency differs in its services, several best practices are common across companies.

Check out these five essential search engine advertising service features:

1. Develop and strategize campaigns

From streamlining your account structure to optimizing your text ads, search engine advertising agencies kickstart your campaigns for clear progress and high performance.

In the development and strategizing stages, agencies pinpoint a business’s marketing goals to align and measure subsequent ads against a unified standard.

Whether you’re looking for increased conversions, a surge in leads, or a boost in transactions, goal setting is a vital initial step.

Key performance indicators (KPIs) are another tool in planning, and they allow you and your team to measure the performance and success of your goals.

For example, if you’re aiming for additional transactions for your ecommerce store, you can set sales, conversion rates, and revenue KPIs.

Account structure is also vital for launching advertising campaigns.

Sorting your campaigns into groups and those groups into separate ads refines your ads into highly targeted ones that appeal to various users.”

2. Do in-depth keyword research

Keyword research involves serious analysis of the appropriate industry, market, and audience. Search engine ad agencies who have worked with multiple industries or in a niche group know the ropes, and they can generate profitable keywords for your ad campaigns.

They balance competition, cost, and search volume, so you aren’t wasting excessive finances on poor performing keywords.

Agencies also steer clear of negative keywords that can hinder your campaign by “adding” them to your campaign. Negative keywords — search query terms you don’t want your ad to show up for — can invite the wrong type of people to click on your ad, so listing these words prevents your ad from showing up for the wrong searches.

negative keywords can invite the wrong audience to click

For instance, if you sell canvas wall art, you don’t want to match with searches that include the word “printable.” In this case, “printable” is a negative keyword for your campaign. Ad agencies can detect and research which keywords are unproductive for you and proactively protect you from them.

Ongoing analysis of search trends is also essential to continued campaign success and discovering new keyword opportunities.

3. Set up relevant ads

Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising give quality scores to their search engine ads, and high scores can lower the actual costs of your ad campaign. Relevance and engagement offer a higher chance of earning a good quality score, which is why agency assistance is necessary.

Ads get scored by the expected click-through rate, effective keywords, and usefulness of landing pages. Search engine advertising agencies can identify weak points in ad writing and keyword usage to skyrocket your score.

Writing and editing optimized text ads is an advanced ability of proficient marketers. Click-through rates (CTR) — the rate that people click your ads when they show up in results — improve with inviting, informative titles, meta descriptions, and relevant URLs.

4. Target your ideal audience

Rather than putting your ad on a pedestal for everyone — even the people with no interest or use for your product — to see, you can hone your ad to a specific audience.

Search engine advertising agencies can work with you to land on the best demographics for your business and goals. They understand the proper limits and considerations for companies and if it’s a positive tactic for the specific search engine ad platform.

Marketing segmentation can divide groups by interest and translate their unique desires into ad copy, landing pages, and more.

Judging the level of aggressiveness for your campaign isn’t easy, but reporting and research can show if it’s worthwhile. Traversing the competition for a particular audience is also a specialty of search engine ad agencies.

5. Test and enhance landing pages

Can you convince visitors to sign up for your newsletter or register for an account with a single page? Your landing pages have a substantial responsibility to carry out, and through concise, clear design and copy, you can elevate your site and raise revenue.

Landing pages contribute to ad performance and follow through on potential sales. However, the expertise of professionals is useful for capitalizing on page load speed, messaging, and call-to-actions (CTAs).

Search engine advertising agencies create, modify, and test landing pages, so they drive conversions.

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Our digital marketing campaigns impact the metrics that improve your bottom line.

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How can search engine advertising help your business?

Although you can find search engine advertising advantages and disadvantages, there are various perks in hiring a digital ad agency to spearhead your online marketing.

Here are seven practical ways you can see your business thrive with web advertising:

1. Provide a cost-effective marketing service

Search engine advertising includes a maximum budget amount, so you never have to spend more than you’d like during a campaign.

PPC, specifically, allows you to pay only when people click on your ad, which saves you money from unpredictable impressions. This way, there are authentic actions behind your purchases.

improving ad score

Improving your ad quality score through advertising also lets you rank higher without handing over a larger fee. You can soar above higher bid amounts if Google, YouTube, and Bing award you a significant score.

2. Gain conversions

Due to the structure and purpose of search engine ads, conversions show that both you and your customers satisfy your goals. If they click on your ad because they’re looking to shop or hire you for a service, the ad achieves its objective.

You might think, “Do people even click on search engine ads?” It seems unlikely, but according to Clutch’s study, three-fourths of users report that paid search ads make it easier to access what they need on a site.

Navigating to your site and completing an action is a tangible result from search engine advertising. You can observe a change in email sign-ups, submitted forms, and purchases once your paid ads match with a related keyword or additional targeting settings.

3. Enjoy rapid results

The first few spots on search engines are coveted, and a primary benefit of search engine advertising is the ability to take over the first, second, or third positions without jumping through SEO hoops.

Unlike SEO strategies that progress over time, search engine advertising can quickly catapult you to a position that places you in front of a high volume of eyes if you develop a smart strategy.

Search engine advertising swiftly places your pages at the top of SERPs. Establishing a PPC campaign takes little time, and you can have it up and running immediately.

In a short while, your ads can send qualified traffic to your site and spur on a high CTR. Because your ads apply to a distinct goal, analysis and reporting can reflect positive development.

4. Access ad campaign analytics

Juggling a range of keywords and ad analytics on a selection of platforms can be challenging. However, search engine advertising tools have reporting and insights that can shape your approach.

User behavior offers plenty of data to demonstrate what’s working and what’s not. Google Ads has a central management tool for your campaigns, but you can also take advantage of Google Analytics, which showcases relevant data about your search engine ads.

You’re able to see if you’re targeting overly broad keywords, failing to amplify CTRs, or losing leads before they see your landing page’s CTA.

You can find information on your search engine advertising under Google Analytics > Acquisition > Campaigns > Paid Keywords, and you can see acquisition, behavior, and conversion results over a specific period.

paid search ad examples

For Bing, you can use Microsoft Advertising Web Analytics to look over similar information like event tracking, campaign analytics, and traffic details.

5. Generate revenue

Similar to foot traffic for physical stores, location and familiarity in search results encourage continued customer-business relationships. The more your brand is in the limelight of search results, the more sales you have a chance of making.

Most paid search ads tend to be at the bottom of the sales funnel, which is perfect for generating business income. With audience targeting and personalized landing pages, you’re shaving down your campaigns to those willing to buy.

Search engine advertising is a lucrative model for ecommerce stores and businesses building an online presence. Paid ads sustain long-term growth and earn money.

With WebFX’s search engine marketing, York Saw and Knife saw a 108% increase in Google Ads conversions year-over-year. They also witnessed a 20% decrease in cost per conversion, meaning this method was extremely cost-effective. In cases like this company’s, it’s clear that paid ads bring continued profit.

6. Effectively retarget

Retargeting search engine ads — displaying ads to those who have visited your site — reconnects you with prospective customers. Search engine advertising contains this technique so that you can pursue promising leads.

Strengthening the appeal of your products and services by repeatedly putting your name in front of interested parties gives you a higher chance of securing a sale and customer loyalty.

A few valuable moves you can make to retarget with search engine advertising is to raise your bid for existing keywords for those visitors or extend your keyword bidding to new terms that your visitors use. In Google Analytics, you can form your remarketing audience and import it to Google Ads.

Remarketing allows you to take an ultra-specific stance on your audience, even to the point of choosing users who have spent a certain amount of time on your pages. Other options like location and demographic targeting continue to take this narrower, until retargeting pairs you with a special type of buyer.

7. Achieve ROI

Competitive keywords and comprehensive service from a search engine advertising agency requires an investment, but will you see an ROI and how quickly will it come?

Paid ads require ongoing funding, which is offset by its profitable ROI, and you can oversee your status as you go.

Apart from data and shifts in your campaign, you can also track your ROI to maintain an understanding of your marketing success.

Getting your money’s worth from a search engine advertising service is much like any other service — you need to see genuine progress and a steady money flow back into your business.

The cost to do paid advertising and the outcomes it brings are easily available through analytics tools like MarketingCloudFX.

This WebFX’s tool includes an ROI dashboard to measure real-time metrics and the dollars you pour into your advertising agency. Transparent reports about your partnership are essential, and you can stay in-the-know with this software.

Work with a leading search engine advertising agency

Search engine advertising agencies have access to specialized knowledge, tools, and skills that can equip your business for success. Qualified teams can navigate advanced interfaces, multiple campaigns, and a changing industry to achieve your goals.

At WebFX, we focus on driving real results for our clients, and our services provide both organic and paid efforts to maximize your site in searches. In the last five years, we have generated more than 5.2 million calls and managed more than 12.9 million transactions.

Our PPC management services skyrocket your business’ goals and produce optimal ROI. Accommodating a range of budgets with our selection of plans, we customize effective campaigns for unique client needs.

We also have SEO services that put your site ahead of the competition through natural rankings. Through on-page optimization, keyword usage, and content promotion, we heighten your site’s organic performance.

Together, these services create a powerful digital marketing strategy that can serve your company well. Contact us online today or call us at 888-601-5359 to speak to an expert about how we can improve your conversions and boost revenue.

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