9 Tips for Achieving Your Remarketing Goals

When you market your products or services to leads, the goal is for your leads to make a purchase. Some of them will come close to conversion, but they don’t take the final step. This is where remarketing comes into play.

Remarketing is an important part of your marketing plan because it helps you connect with people who displayed interest in your business and encourage them to become customers. If you don’t want to miss out on sales for your business, you need to invest in remarketing to capture those leads.

On this page, we’ll discuss remarketing goals and tips to help you achieve those goals. If you need help achieving your remarketing goals, contact us today at 888-601-5359 to speak with a strategist.

What is remarketing?

You may have heard the term before, but what exactly is remarketing?

Think of a time you looked at a product online and thought about buying it. Maybe you even added it to your cart. When it came time to make the purchase, however, you decided to exit out of the browser and take more time to think about it.

Days later, you saw an advertisement on another website for that same product from that company. Serendipitous, right?

It wasn’t just a coincidence. If you’ve ever experienced seeing an ad for a product after looking into it, you’ve experienced remarketing.

Remarketing is a form of advertising that allows you to advertise your products directly to people who showed previous interest. You advertise your products to prompt leads to think about purchasing.

This method keeps your brand at the forefront of visitors’ minds. They will see your advertisement and remember your brand. It gets them to think about your brand, your product, and whether they should buy.

So, how does remarketing work?

Remarketing uses tracking pixels. These pixels use a visitor’s browser cookies to record information about that visitor. They don’t record personal information, but they will recognize if you’ve been on a certain website before.

These cookies help you create an audience of people who have similar characteristics. You may create a group of people who visited a certain page, so you can remarket to them about the product on that page.

Once you have your audience, you can start running a remarketing campaign. This can all be done through Google Ads. After you create your ad, you can start running your campaign to reach these interested leads.

What goals can you set for a remarketing campaign?

When you create any marketing campaign, you need to set goals. These goals help you shape your campaign. You need to have defined goals for your campaign, so you can structure a campaign that works.

So, how do you choose your company’s goals?

Companies mainly set two types of goals for their remarketing campaign, which are to get their leads to act and build their brand’s awareness.

1. Get customers to act

Companies use remarketing to get their audience to take action, which is typically making a purchase. These companies target people who are considering their products.

Whether someone browses the products or abandons their cart, companies can retarget those people to encourage them to reconsider purchasing.

2. Build brand awareness

Some companies will use remarketed ads to build brand awareness. This will help keep your business at the forefront of people’s minds.

By creating ads that build brand awareness, consumers will become more familiar with and trust your company. You want leads to see your ads and recognize your brand to ultimately earn more conversions. When it comes time to make a purchase, they will remember your brand and choose your company over the competition.

These are the two main goals of remarketing campaigns that you should always have in mind when you set your goals. You should also set objectives with specified numbers regarding impressions or conversions, as this will guide you to achieve tangible results.

Set practical, calculable goals to create a more successful remarketing campaign that converts quality leads for your brand.

9 tips to help you achieve your remarketing goals

Once you set your goals, you need to take the proper steps to help your business achieve them. Here are a few tips to help you structure your remarketing campaign to get the most out of your marketing efforts.

1. Choose the right audience

If you want to have a successful remarketing campaign, you need to start with your audience. If you do not target the correct audience for your brand, you risk losing easy-to-convert leads and you won’t see the best results for your business.

So, how do you find the right audience?

You can use lists from your other marketing methods to find leads. Your social media and email marketing profiles are great sources to target people who are interested in or have checked out your products.

2. Segment your audience

There are many people within your audience that have similar interests or checked out similar products. So, when you create a campaign, you will see more success with your campaign if group members into specific categories.

Let’s say you own a flooring business. You will have some people who look at carpeting, while others look at hardwood floors. Since they are looking at significantly different products, you want to remarket to them separately.

You could break it down even further and group audience together by the exact flooring they look at, too. This will help you create personalized advertisements that appeal to your audience.

When you group your audiences based on their interests, you can deliver more tailored content that will help them convert.

3. Consider dynamic remarketing

An advanced form of remarketing is dynamic remarketing that caters to your audience’s browsing history. By using dynamic marketing techniques in your campaign, you will be able to better draw leads back to your site.

When you use dynamic remarketing, you can show ads containing products that visitors have viewed previously. If you have your audiences grouped by their interests, this makes it even easier to advertise products to them.

Dynamic remarketing also enables you to pick the best layout based on the person and the device they are using. This helps you deliver a better advertising experience for your audience.

By using dynamic remarketing, you can provide leads with a better ad experience.

4. Make ads that reflect your business

If you’re going to create advertisements, it’s important that you create ads that reflect your brand. You need to make sure that members of your audience will recognize that the ad is from your business.

To do this, you’ll want to use a distinctive color scheme and style associated with your company. This will help people recognize your business’ ad immediately when they notice it.

By putting your unique touch on your ads, you will keep your brand in people’s minds. Build brand recognition to stand out among your competitors to earn more lead conversions at the time of purchase.

5. Create responsive ads

It is important that you create responsive ads for your remarketing campaign. Responsive ads are important because they help provide your audience with a better ad experience.

Responsive ads adjust their size to fit the screen. This enables all types of users to view the advertisement in the best format for their device.

In addition, they fit to the ad space on each device your audience is using. For instance, if you have one lead viewing your ad on mobile and the other on a desktop, the ad will change its appearance to fit the space that occupies the device.

Whether you have a banner ad, dynamic ad, or any other kind of promotional media, a responsive design ensures that your advertisement adapts to your audience’s experience. This means that all users will have a positive encounter with your ads which will make them more likely to convert.

6. Engage people who abandon shopping carts

One of the most common things that will happen with your leads is shopping cart abandonment. They will put items in their cart and get to the checkout page only to change their minds.

It isn’t that they don’t want to purchase those products at all. Rather, they are having second thoughts and want to think more about purchasing that product. This is normal consumer behavior because they want to be sure they are making the best choice.

Because these consumers put products in their cart, you know they want to make a purchase. So, you need to remind them of why they want to buy it.

You can set up this tracking by putting a pixel on your shopping cart page and your order confirmation page. Adding a conversion pixel will help you track people who visit these pages and close their browser.

With this group of consumers, you can create retargeted ads that engage them and encourage them to convert. This will help you nudge these leads towards making the purchase.

By engaging people with abandon shopping carts, you will earn more conversions for your business.

7. Advertise to people who previously purchased

When you run your remarketing campaign, you will earn more conversions and increase business profits. This may seem like it’s the end of the road, but there is potential to earn more conversions.

If consumers buy something without supplemental items that can work with that product, you have a chance to create an additional conversion from that information. This is a great way to connect with leads that already like your products and earn more conversions for your business.

For example, have you ever purchased something and later received an email or saw an ad for an item related to the product you purchased? This is meant to get you to make additional purchases. Many companies will use the “if you liked this, you’ll like this” tactic to make more sales and entice consumers to buy additional items.

Think of it this way: If someone buys a game console, they will want things like games, extra controllers, or a charger for the controllers, amongst other products. You can use remarketing to advertise additional products to these people.

It is important to note that, once someone converts, you need to remove them from your list. You can do this by implementing a burn pixel. This removes anyone from your list that already converted, so they don’t keep the same advertisement after converting.

By advertising new products to people who have previously purchased products from your website, you will boost conversions for your business.

8. Put a frequency cap on your ads

When you use remarketing, you should cap the frequency of your advertisements. You don’t want to annoy your audience with constant promotions. This will have an adverse effect on your audience.

By putting a frequency cap on your ads, you will engage your audience, but not overwhelm them. You can advertise your products enough to keep your business at the forefront of their minds.

9. Schedule ads at the right time

When you create a remarketing campaign, you don’t want to waste money on ads if your target audience doesn’t see them. You can prevent this by scheduling your ads to appear when your leads are most likely to see them.

You’ll need to research your target audience to understand when they are most likely to be online. Once you know the time and day, you can set your advertisement to appear around those times.

By scheduling advertisements at the right time, you will see more success with your remarketing campaign.

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