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Share your experience with WebFX to get featured on our website (over 500K sessions per month!) and our social media channels (over 97K followers). This page has everything you need to get started and make an impact!
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Get your business featured on our website

The WebFX Marketing team will add your testimonial video to our portfolio page as well as on various pages across our website.

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Reach new social media audiences

We will share your video on our official social media accounts. We’ll make sure to tag your business if you have an account.

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Receive a thank you gift for your team

We know you have a lot on your plate, which is why we want to thank you with an Amazon gift card. Following the submission of your testimonial, you’ll receive an email containing your gift card.

Why Record a Testimonial

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Client Testimonials


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Simple Steps to Spotlight

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Record Your Video

Use your phone or webcam to record your video! Most clients opt for a video 1-3 minutes long.

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Upload Your Video

Use our easy-uploader to send your video straight to our team! Add your name, email, and company name so that we can properly attribute your video.

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Get Published!

It typically takes 2-4 weeks for our team to add your completed video to our site and share it across our network.

Your Video Testimonial Toolbox

Example Questions

Example Questions

We’ve put together a list of questions to guide you through your testimonial. These are just a general guide, so don’t feel like you have to answer all of them. We just want to hear your story and your experience as a valued WebFX partner!

  • Who are you and what do you do?
  • Can you tell us about what your company does?
  • Why did you come to WebFX for digital marketing?
  • How would you describe your marketing before working with WebFX?
  • How have you achieved your goals through your WebFX partnership?
  • What are some of your favorite results you’ve seen through your partnership with WebFX?
  • What is it like working with WebFX?
  • What is your favorite part about working with WebFX?
  • Do you have any specific stories you’d like to share from your time working with WebFX?
  • What would you say to someone considering WebFX for their digital marketing?

Tips for Set Up

Tips for Set Up

  • Silence your cell phone or leave it behind (unless using it to record). A phone ringing or vibrating can ruin the perfect take.
  • If you’re recording the video in your office, make sure everyone knows so they know to keep the volume down while you’re filming.
  • Make sure you don’t have loud music playing in the background while you speak.
  • Keep the camera at or slightly above eye-level. An angle that’s too high or too low may not be the most flattering.
  • Use natural lighting to your advantage. Overhead lighting can at times be unflattering, so utilize any windows you may have to light the scene. Lamps can also be a helpful alternative to overhead lights.
  • For audio, keep in mind that (generally) the closer your recording device is, the better you’ll sound. A mic that’s several feet away from you will pick up a lot of extra sound you don’t want.

Tips for Recording

Tips for Recording

  • Don’t worry about memorizing your answers! We want you to be prepared, but we also want your answers to feel natural.
  • Answer in complete sentences and give context your answers
  • We ask that you refer to WebFX in the 3rd-person. So if mentioning our team, refer to us as “WebFX,” and not “you” or “you guys.” If you accidentally slip out of 3rd-person, that’s totally fine! No need to record all over again.
  • If you have any shirts with your company’s logo, consider wearing one for the video. Not a necessity, but it’s a great opportunity to represent your brand.
  • Let your personality shine!
  • We kindly ask that you refrain from using inappropriate language during your video.



Wondering what to say in your video? Get some inspiration from this compilation of testimonials we put together!

A WebFX employee on a call at their desk with a blue bubble saying insights from our experts

Want more examples? Check out our portfolio!


How long will this take?

With recording and uploading your video, you can be done in as little as 10 minutes!

Some clients choose to prep their talking points first though, in which case it might take you closer to 30 min to complete from start to finish.

What if I make a mistake? Do I have to re-record my video?

Nope! Your video will go through a round of editing with our professional video expert. She’ll be sure to cut out any mistakes – just keep on rolling! 😎

How long should my video be?

If you choose to record through our uploader, you have up to 30 min of screen time to record your testimonial. BUT you don’t have to take that much time!

We recommend a minimum of 3 minutes so that there’s room to edit down the video while keeping it a reasonable length.

Of course, share however much you’d like! We won’t turn away a 10 minute video about how great our partnership with you is. 😉

What if I look or sound awkward?

You are your harshest critic! WebFX experts featured on our Youtube channel feel that was sometimes too. Rest assured, others won’t see you that way!

And remember that authenticity is key. Your genuine experience is what matters most. 🙂

What happens after I submit my video?

Once you submit your video through our uploader, it will go directly to our marketing team to review! If we have any questions, we’ll reach out via the email you provided when you submitted your video.
From there, our in-house video expert will stitch the video into a professional testimonial video. The editing process will take about 2 weeks from the time you submit your video.

Once edited, you’ll have the opportunity to review and approve the video. We ask that you review the video and provide any feedback within 2 weeks of receiving the video. If we don’t hear from you within 2 weeks, we will take that as a sign of approval and publish the video.

Once approved, your video will be published on our website and shared to our 97K social media network.

Will my testimonial really make a difference, or will it get lost among others?

Every testimonial is valuable and contributes to our community of satisfied clients! Your story has the power to inspire and resonate with others, potentially influencing their decision to partner with us. Rest assured, we’ll ensure your testimonial receives the visibility it deserves, reaching our extensive audience across various platforms.

What if my experience wasn’t entirely positive, or I have criticisms to share?

We welcome honest feedback and believe that constructive criticism is essential for growth. Your testimonial doesn’t need to be overly positive; we value authenticity above all else. Your insights, whether positive or constructive, help us improve and better serve our clients.