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Start using search engine optimization (SEO) to generate more traffic, leads, and revenue with WebFX, an SEO company that’s helped its clients earn more than $3 billion in revenue in the past five years. Get a fully managed SEO plan from our team that includes on-page, off-page, and technical SEO, plus custom reporting that tracks calls, leads, revenue, and more.

Get the SEO services you need from one SEO company

Say goodbye to partnering with one agency for SEO and another for SEO copywriting.

With our SEO company, life becomes easier. Your business gets access to all the services you need to market and grow your company, from SEO to web design to content marketing, so you can focus less on hiring another agency and more on driving results for your business.

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Solve on-page, off-page, and technical SEO with our SEO services. Get a custom, AI-powered strategy that generates traffic — and revenue.


Simplify citation management on Google My Business, Facebook, and more with our local SEO services, so you can start capturing more business in your area.


Start earning more revenue online with ecommerce SEO services that have helped generate 12.9 million managed transactions in the past five years.


Uncover the cause of lost rankings, traffic, and revenue with our SEO audit services. Then, get those issues fixed with the help of our seasoned team.


Compete for competitive keywords and high-value users with our enterprise SEO services, which include SEO content creation, CRO, and more.


Generate more revenue from the Amazon marketplace with Amazon SEO services, which include a competitor and competitive pricing analysis.


Capture more users in the buying funnel with our SEO-friendly content marketing services, which feature our in-house team of copywriting specialists.


Create and maintain a website that follows best practices for SEO and conversion rate optimization with our award-winning web design services.


Capture more leads and sales from existing traffic with conversion rate optimization services, which include a dedicated UX project manager.

Behind our 91% client retention rate: Why businesses hire our SEO company

For more than 25 years, small-to-midsized businesses (SMBs) across the world have chosen WebFX as their SEO company. They’ve stuck with our team of 500+ SEOs, designers, developers, and copywriters, too — as demonstrated by our 91% client retention rate.

Why? Companies hire — and stick with — our search engine optimization company for a few reasons:

Get a strategy customized to your business and goals

Copy-and-paste SEO strategies fail to deliver the kind of results your business needs to achieve its goals. That’s why our SEO company focuses on creating custom SEO strategies that consider your goals, industry, and more.

Just check out some of our case studies to see the strategies we’ve created for our clients’ businesses.

Work with a dedicated account manager that knows more than your name

Partnering with our SEO company isn’t an impersonal experience. You receive a dedicated account manager who is like an extension of your in-house team. Meaning, they know more than your name, and they hustle to help your business achieve its goals.

Learn more about our team and why they make WebFX the #1 Best Place to Work in PA.

Increase your ROI from SEO with AI insights and SEO experts

You want to do more than increase your website traffic with SEO — you also want to have a positive impact on your company’s bottom line, meaning more revenue for your business. That’s why our SEO marketing company powers our SEO strategy with experience and technology.

Besides an elite team of SEO experts, we also provide your business with IBM Watson and Google AI. These two artificial intelligence and machine learning powerhouses help your dedicated account manager make data-driven decisions about your strategy so you can generate a bigger return.

Learn more about this tech, which you’ll find in MarketingCloudFX, our client-exclusive tech platform.

Measure and unify marketing metrics automatically

Measuring your SEO performance is easy with our SEO company. With MarketingCloudFX, your business can unify marketing data from across channels, from organic to paid. Plus, you can measure the real-time impact of your efforts via the number of leads, phone calls, and sales generated.

Curious to see how MarketingCloudFX works? Check out this breakdown of its most exciting tools.

Measuring the metrics that affect your bottom line.

Are you interested in custom reporting that is specific to your unique business needs? Powered by MarketingCloudFX, WebFX creates custom reports based on the metrics that matter most to your company.

  • Leads
  • Transactions
  • Calls
  • Revenue
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Access supporting digital marketing strategies and skillsets

Forget hiring an SEO company and then partnering with a freelance copywriter, followed by a contracted web developer. With WebFX, you get access to all the skillsets and services you need to optimize your website for SEO and market your business online.

For example, our in-house team of 500+ professionals includes:

  • SEOs
  • Digital marketers
  • Web designers
  • Web developers
  • Copywriters

Instead of hiring a freelancer, your business can go to your dedicated account manager for help. They’ll take care of getting your company professional, on-brand SEO copy, for example, or helping your business redesign its website.

Browse our digital marketing services to learn more about how our team can help yours.

Drive measurable results, like leads, sales, and revenue, for your business

Whether you’re looking to earn more leads, sales, or revenue for your business, WebFX speaks your language. Our SEO company uses digital marketing strategies like SEO to drive real, impactful results, like more leads, sales, and revenue.

Just in the past five years, for instance, we’ve helped our clients earn the following:

  • $3 billion in revenue
  • 7.8 million leads
  • 5.2 million phone calls
  • 12.9 million managed transactions

Learn more about these numbers and see them in action in our case studies.

Have a vetted partner with SEO

Partnering with a spammy, cheap SEO agency can cost your business time, revenue, and even its reputation. A vetted SEO partner brings you, your team, and your company peace of mind — and WebFX is as vetted as an agency can get.

With more than 200 reviews and a 4.9/5 rating on Clutch, an industry-respected research and review firm, WebFX is a trusted SEO company. Not to mention, we’ve received more than 1000+ testimonials from clients across industries.

Just check out our client testimonials to hear what our clients have to say about working with us.

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“We measure our success by how much we WOW our clients.”

Bill Craig

WebFX President

Inside our full-service SEO plans: What do your SEO company’s services include?

Full-service SEO provides you with a fully managed SEO solution.

That means you don’t have to worry about researching keywords, watching competitors, optimizing pages, or even creating content. Your dedicated WebFX account manager will take care of everything for you so you can focus your energy elsewhere.

So, what do our SEO company’s services include? Everything you need to succeed, including:

  • Custom SEO strategy
  • On-page SEO
  • Off-page SEO
  • Technical SEO
  • Call, lead, and revenue tracking
  • Competitor analysis and monitoring
  • A/B testing for title tags and meta descriptions
  • Regular reporting
  • And more

Explore our SEO plans below to view our deliverables — you can also contact us online with questions!

Real results from real clients

“Although we have only been working with WebFX for a short time, I have already received more communication and better ideas than all of the prior SEO companies I have used before combined. I’m looking forward to a long lasting relationship with WebFX.”

Animal Hospital

“I have been working with WebFX for over four years now, and I am constantly amazed by how well they take care of us and how responsive their team is. I highly recommend them to anyone. They are absolute experts at what they do.”

Construction Company

“Having worked with several SEO agencies in the past, I really appreciate WebFX’s flexible offer. The way I can handle my monthly budget, dispatching my Earned Media Assets between link building, content creation, technical optimization, and more services, is quite unique and fits perfectly with the way I want (and need) to handle my website’s evolution.”

Data Solutions Provider

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Becoming a client: What is your SEO company’s process?

You know our SEO company creates a custom strategy for your business, provides you with a dedicated account manager, and keeps your team updated with regular reports. How does our SEO company do SEO, though?

With R.O.C.K.E.T., which stands for:

  • Research
  • Optimize
  • Content
  • Keywords
  • Earned media and links
  • Testing

Keep reading for a breakdown of this process and how it will help your business’s SEO succeed:


The research phase in R.O.C.K.E.T. focuses on the following:

  • Learning about your business, website, and industry
  • Analyzing your company’s website and its SEO
  • Investigating your competitor’s and their SEO strategy
  • Building your business’s SEO strategy and roadmap


In the optimize phase, your dedicated account manager:

  • Compiles your highest-impact action items for SEO and implements
  • Optimizes your existing page title tags and meta descriptions
  • Improves your technical SEO by working with your (or our) in-house development team


The content phase is ongoing and involves the following steps:

  • Researching relevant and valuable content opportunities for your business
  • Collaborating with you to choose which content ideas you want to produce
  • Overseeing the development of content pieces, like blog posts, sales copy, and more


Throughout your SEO plan, your dedicated account manager will:

  • Analyze competitor rankings and keyword targeting
  • Create a keyword mapping report to build a targeting and content strategy
  • Set up advanced keyword tracking so you can monitor your position in search results

Earned media and links

Off-page SEO is challenging, but our SEO company lowers the difficulty because we feature one of the most well-connected teams. That means more relevant and high-quality links for your website and less for your competitors.

In this stage, your dedicated account manager will work with our in-house content marketing team to:

  • Get content on your website, like a blog post or infographic, promoted
  • Develop viral content relevant to your industry
  • Earn relevant and valuable mentions from publishers in your industry


Finally, the testing phase of R.O.C.K.E.T. focuses on:

  • Analyzing your website’s conversion path
  • Improving your conversion rates with calls-to-action (CTA) improvements
  • Increasing your click-through rate (CTR) with A/B testing for title tags and meta descriptions

If you’re curious to learn more about our SEO company’s process or have questions, contact us online or call us at 888-601-5359 to speak with an experienced strategist. They can answer your questions and provide additional information!

Getting started with our SEO company: How much do your SEO services cost?

Prices for our SEO services depend on the plan for your business selects. Since our SEO company publishes our plans and prices online, your team can view our deliverables and rates 24/7. Check out the pricing table below to get started!

Number of keyphrases optimized (Keyphrases with less than 1M results)Up to 150Up to 200Up to 250Up to 300Custom
Pages OptimizedUp to 30Up to 40Up to 50Up to 60Custom
Technical Website Analysis & Opportunity ReportCustom
Keyword research & selectionCustom
Keyword mapping to target pagesCustom
Title Tags & Meta descriptionsCustom
Robots.txt optimizationCustom
XML sitemap creation & submissionCustom
Quarterly Earned Media Content Assets – Content, Linkbuilding, Consulting, or CRO Assets6 Content, Outreach, UX, or CRO Assets12 Content, Outreach, UX, or CRO Assets15 Content, Outreach, UX, or CRO Assets24 Content, Outreach, UX, or CRO AssetsCustom
Google Business Profile optimization (if needed)Custom
Information architecture auditCustom
Canonicalization analysisCustom
Initial external link analysis and disavowCustom
Link redirect auditCustom
Internal linking restructuring & optimizationCustom
Duplicate content analysisCustom
Header Tags Optimized (Ex. H1s)Custom
Setup of website sitemapCustom
Image optimizationCustom
Custom 404 error page setup and optimizationCustom
Schema Implementation (JSON-LD)Custom
Google Analytics setup w/ conversion trackingCustom
Google Analytics traffic analysisCustom
Google Data Studio Reporting Dashboard Setup8 dashboards8 dashboards10 dashboards10 dashboardsCustom
Initial visitor profile reportCustom
Ongoing quarterly keyword ranking reportingCustom
Ongoing monthly traffic, goal & CPL reportingCustom
Ongoing user experience reporting (bounce rate, device category, etc.)Custom
Ongoing quarterly competitor conquest reportsCustom
Keyword rank checker access with weekly updates (if requested)Custom
Ability to check location data accuracy across 40+ local directoriesCustom
A/B Testing of SERP title & description to improve clickthroughCustom
Notification of new reviews (major review platforms)Custom
CalltrackerFX access
Learn more
Analyze your leads to project the # of leads competitors receive on a monthly basisCustom
Predict your and your competitors’ market share on a monthly basisCustom
Competitor intelligence login to view competitor dataCustom
LeadManagerFX access
Learn more
CompanyTrackerFX access
Learn more
ContentAnalyticsFX access
Learn more
Dedicated Internet MarketerCustom
Online Project Management PlatformCustom
450+ SMEs behind campaign driving resultsCustom
Website conversion analysis implementationCustomCustomCustomCustomCustom
Initial campaign investment:(Two month duration)$7,750$12,750$15,750$18,750Get Quote
Progressive monthly optimization:(6 month commitment – Subsequent 4 months)$2,500$5,000$6,500$8,000Get Quote
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FAQs about working with an SEO company

Whether you’re partnering with an SEO company for the first time or second time, you likely have questions. That’s why we’ve compiled this FAQ, which answers some of the most common questions about SEO companies.

What is an SEO company?

An SEO company, also called an SEO agency, is an organization that partners with a business to increase that business’s visibility in search results, like on Google or Bing. Increased visibility will typically help a company earn more website traffic and leads, sales, and revenue.

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What does an SEO company do?

SEO companies typically focus on optimizing a client’s business for the following:

  • On-page SEO
  • Off-page SEO
  • Technical SEO

These optimizations break down into several other tasks, like:

  • Updating title tags
  • Adding internal links
  • Improving page speed
  • Conducting outreach
  • And more

The agency will then provide reports to the clients detailing the company’s work and results.

In some cases, SEO agencies will focus on specific areas of SEO. For example, instead of optimizing a client’s website for on-page, off-page, and technical SEO, the SEO company may only perform off-page SEO work.

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Is an SEO company worth it?

Generally, yes.

An SEO company will provide your business access to a specialized SEO team, which can help your organization maximize its SEO results without requiring more time from you. Even companies with dedicated SEO teams will partner with an SEO agency to improve their online performance and SEO ROI.

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How much does an SEO company cost?

Typically, SEO companies cost $1500 to $5000 per month. Should you partner with an SEO agency for a one-time project, rates for those range from $5000 to $30,000. Keep in mind, factors like experience, deliverables, and tech will influence an agency’s prices.

What should an SEO company’s services include?

An SEO company’s services should include the following:

  • SEO audit
  • Competitor analysis
  • Custom SEO strategy
  • Off-page SEO
  • On-page SEO
  • Technical SEO
  • Monthly reporting
  • Ongoing optimizations

In some cases, an SEO agency may not provide all these services. For example, an agency specializing in off-page SEO may not include on-page and technical SEO with its services. A reputable SEO company, though, will outline its deliverables, so you know what you get.

When should a business hire an SEO company?

Businesses should think about hiring an SEO company when the following happens:

  • You don’t have the time to manage your SEO strategy
  • You don’t have the resources to lead your SEO strategy
  • You don’t have the expertise to build your SEO strategy

Think about partnering with an SEO company when your SEO underperforms, too. An SEO agency can perform an SEO audit, which can help you find and fix the issues holding your website back. Many, like WebFX, will also include the option to implement these fixes for you.

How do I hire an SEO company?

When hiring an SEO company, the following tips can help you find the best one for your business:

  • Check the company’s pricing
  • Look at the agency’s reviews
  • Review the agency’s case studies
  • Book a time to chat with the company one-on-one

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