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What is B2C SEO?

B2C is when a business sells its product or services to consumers versus other companies.

With B2C SEO, an organization aims to reach its targeted consumer base through search results, like on Google or Bing. A B2C company will use a variety of SEO tactics to increase the amount of traffic, clicks, leads, and sales earned through organic search results.

How does B2C SEO work?

The process of B2C transactions starts with the consumer searching for a product or service on the search engine. From the search results, the shopper gets led to the business’s website to find out more information about the product or service before the purchasing stage.

If satisfied, consumers will go through the checkout or contact submission process to complete the transaction. In other cases, shoppers will continue to browse the website and learn more about the organization and its offerings.

Keep in mind that B2C SEO can also attract more top-of-the-funnel traffic. This traffic will likely not purchase anything on their first visit. Instead, their visit will serve as the first touchpoint in eventually becoming a client.


There are key differences between B2C SEO and business-to-business (B2B) SEO:

Buying process

The main difference between the two is the buying process. For B2B companies, purchases consist of larger quantities at a higher price tag. Compared to B2C, these purchases consist of smaller quantities at a lower price tag.

Sales cycle

Sales cycles for B2B and B2C vary greatly.

B2B sales cycles are longer because more information about the product or service needs reviewed and considered before making a purchase. With B2C sale cycles, consumers are more likely to purchase faster after viewing information about the product or service.


The type of language used on the website and content are different.

B2B brands need to use more technical and professional language when communicating their product or service to other businesses. In comparison, B2C companies might use more conversational language.


Multiple people make the purchase decision in B2B, which contributes to the longer sales cycle.

With B2C, there is generally only one person making that final purchase decision. This means that with B2B organizations, SEO must effectively communicate with and persuade several people.

Why is SEO important for B2C companies?

SEO is important to drive traffic to the website and convert that traffic into sales.

Without optimization, it would be challenging to get your message across the digital platforms and have it be presented in the search results so that users searching for you in the search results can find your business.

Having a message that is clear and attractive, plus an SEO-friendly website will bring your target market to you. To achieve this, make sure content, title tags, meta descriptions, images, and more follow best practices for B2C SEO.

Best practices for B2C SEO

Here are a few best practices to follow for B2C SEO so you can capture more revenue:

  • Optimize for local SEO to reach your local area
  • Use keywords in title tags and have descriptive meta descriptions
  • Create content that matches search intent
  • Optimize for page speed to deliver a fast website experience
  • Set up and use Google Analytics to track SEO performance and results

You can use many more SEO strategies to rank better in the search engine results page, but these are some core best practices of B2C SEO.

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