How to Use Reddit for Marketing: Helpful Subreddits for Marketing

Learn how to get even more value out of marketing with these helpful subreddits for marketing!


Table of Contents:
How to Use Reddit for Marketing


  1. The Basics of Reddit
  2. Before You Post to a Subreddit
  3. Guidelines for Posting
  4. Famous Reddit Marketing Successes
  5. Famous Reddit Marketing Failures
  6. Helpful Subreddits for Marketing
  7. Are You Ready to Use Reddit for Marketing?

Helpful Subreddits for Marketing

If you’re hesitant about using Reddit for marketing right now, take some time to peruse Reddit and get to know it.

There are a few communities for marketers that you can find right away.


r/marketing is a general community for marketers of all types. Lots of questions, lots of answers, and occasionally some unexpected hilarity.


r/askmarketing is a place where you can ask questions to other marketers. It’s a great way to bounce ideas off of other people or start a plan for your next strategy.


r/digitalmarketing is similar to r/marketing, but dedicated to all things digital — mobile, Internet, etc.


r/webmarketing is highly similar to r/digitalmarketing. Both have different user bases though, so you can subscribe to each to make sure you’re on top of the industry.


r/SEO is dedicated to search engine optimization questions, answers, and advice. It’s a great place to get your feet wet or offer your insights into the SEO process.


r/PPC is a great place to brush up on your advertising skills. The questions range from anything about Google AdWords to how to talk to a customer service rep at Facebook.


r/contentmarketing is an excellent resource to find all things related to content. Typically, this subreddit is a collection of blog promotion and occasional infographics.


r/advertising is everything you could want to know about advertising. Ask questions, offer answers, and learn something new!


r/socialmedia is an excellent resource for all things related to Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and even Reddit sometimes.


r/bigseo is a community of agency, in-house, and self-employed SEO experts that want to talk about ideas. It’s pretty active with a diverse group of contributors.


r/design is focused on design in general. But it’s still a great place to find some inspiration or interesting marketing concepts.


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