How to Use YouTube for Marketing: YouTube Paid Promotion

Keep reading to learn how to use YouTube paid promotion to grow your online presence!


Table of Contents:
How to Use YouTube for Marketing


  1. Statistics on YouTube
  2. Creating a Channel
  3. Producing a Video
  4. Adding Extra Content to a Video
  5. Embedding a Video
  6. Promoting a Video
  7. Getting Subscribers
  8. YouTube Paid Promotion
  9. YouTube Best Practices

YouTube paid promotion

While YouTube may not look like it, the company has effective paid promotion options that you can use to get more attention for your videos, channel, or brand as a whole.

TrueView InStream ads are YouTube’s way of creating “commercials” similar to the ones that you would see on live television. It’s by far one of their most profitable and successful forms of online advertising.

When you take out a TrueView ad, you create a short video for your brand or channel that encourages viewers to learn more about your company. These ads often display at the beginning of a monetized video, and they can show in the middle of long videos as well.

However, non-monetized videos never show ads, so if you’re looking to get a commercial on a certain channel, it’s important to learn if that channel is monetized before you do anything.

You can also use TrueView InDisplay ads that show as a thumbnail next to the video someone’s currently watching. These look a lot like PPC ads with a thumbnail next to them.

People click on your ads whenever they want, and they’re great for promoting videos you’ve already made. InDisplay ads can also be an effective way of jump-starting or re-starting a viral campaign.

How you pay

When you use TrueView ads, you’re not billed the same as a regular Google Ads ad for Google organic.

InStream ads are billed on a cost-per-view format. You’re charged for a view whenever someone watches an ad for at least 30 seconds.

Keep in mind that most YouTube ads allow users to skip an ad after three seconds if they’re using mobile or desktop devices. So if someone sees your brand for three seconds, skips the commercial, and later goes to your YouTube channel to learn more about you, you get a potential customer at no charge!

InDisplay ads are changed on a cost-per-view format as well. You’re charged whenever someone clicks on your video’s thumbnail and starts watching the video on a watch page.

With these two primary advertising methods, YouTube makes it incredibly easy and affordable for you to get the word out about your company and its videos.


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