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Access Everything You Need to Generate More Sales with Nutshell

Get access to a powerful, hassle-free customer relationship management (CRM) platform behind over $600 million in client sales per year. Gather critical data from your website visitors, leads, and current customers, automate sales processes, and improve your lead generation and management efforts with Nutshell.

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Nutshell — Access the tools you need to close more deals

Want to close more deals and drive more revenue for your business? That’s exactly what Nutshell helps you accomplish. Behind over $600 million in client sales per year, discover how Nutshell gives you and your team all the tools and resources you need to generate more leads and conversions.

Unite your lead and customer data in one place

Nutshell is your central repository for all customer and lead data. Easily view and access critical information about your audience at every stage in their buyer’s journey all in one place.


Streamline your lead tracking and management

With Nutshell, tracking, scoring, and managing your leads as they move through your sales pipeline is a breeze.

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Leverage customer, lead, and strategy data to drive future sales

Use Nutshell’s in-depth audience data and insights to optimize your marketing campaigns and sales processes for even more leads and conversions in the future.


Give your team the tools they need to power more sales

Nutshell helps your entire team work together flawlessly. Give your team all the tools they need to collaborate on deals and close more sales.

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Take your sales to a whole new level with Nutshell

Our marketing proprietary platform, MarketingCloudFX, and powerhouse CRM, Nutshell, takes your customer data and strategy optimizations to a whole new level. 

You’ll get access to Nutshell’s ability to generate, nurture, and convert leads alongside MarketingCloudFX’s features that help you gain deep insights into your audience and launch data-backed campaigns that drive revenue.

Plus, clients on our MarketingCloudFX foundation plan or higher get access to 10 seats (worth over $5000!) in Nutshell at no extra cost.

Ready to level up your sales with Nutshell and MarketingCloudFX? Want to see our platforms in action for yourself?

Contact us online or give us a call at 888-601-5359 to learn more about how Nutshell can help your business drive more revenue and soar to new heights!

“Nutshell has enabled us to do much deeper analysis of our pipeline, our sales, our time to close, our sales activity, and our lead generation efforts, and create reports that support the metrics we need to track at the board level. The more information we put into Nutshell, the more valuable it becomes.”

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“We don’t have large budgets for technology or training, so finding a CRM that was intuitive and simple for anyone to learn on their own was vital for us. Since using Nutshell, we’ve been averaging about 100% revenue growth per year. We’ve also helped increase donor retention rates for our customers.”


“There was no formal way to track our leads. We didn’t have a shared database. Everyone had individual contacts in their phone or on their computer. It was super easy to get started in Nutshell. My team loves having all this information at their fingertips. A CRM has to flow with the day to day and serve the people that are using it. Nutshell does that for us.”

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