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There’s no shortage of ecommerce development companies out there. But at WebFX, we’re the leading ecommerce development company because we offer everything you need to succeed online. Give us a call at 888-601-5359 to speak with a strategist, or keep reading to learn more about what to look for when choosing an ecommerce development agency.

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Our sites are powerful, scalable and easy to use

Most ecommerce development firms can deliver you a powerful store. But if you want a powerful store with all the bells and whistles, without hefty custom development fees or subscriptions? Now that’s different. And that’s what makes our ecommerce web development agency different from the other ecommerce website builders out there.

With WebFX you get a store that’s able to do everything you need it to do, without paying for custom development work or a subscription, which is often the case with other ecommerce development companies. We use Magento as the building block of your store, the world’s leading ecommerce platform.

We don’t want to tell you about the work we do, we want to SHOW you.

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in a variety of industries.

Since Magneto is open source, there’s a massive network of developers working on the software, making it the ecommerce platform with advanced features—features that would otherwise cost time and money to create in most other platforms. Magento is also free to use, so you never have to pay a fee to download or upgrade it, as you might with other ecommerce development options.

The enhanced Magento content management system makes it easy to control every facet of your store, from promotions to merchandising. With Magento, as your business grows, it grows right along with you, supporting more products and specialized actions. That’s why we use it for all the websites we create for our clients.

One Size Does Not Fit All

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Get a custom ecommerce website that is mobile-friendly, plus follows SEO best practices so more people can find your store.



Advertise on Google and Bing with ads built for ecommerce stores by a dedicated ecommerce PPC specialist.



Selling products online? Want to keep inventory moving? Ecommerce SEO is the longterm strategy that keeps your warehouse busy!


We offer compelling designs and ecommerce themes

Most ecommerce development companies tout their feature-rich and powerful ecommerce platforms. Few have the great design to back it up. Slick and fancy won’t do for us, and it shouldn’t be good enough for you, either. The right website design is the one that converts the most number of your visitors into customers.

Our creative, award-winning design team is well-versed in the nuisances of online buying behavior. What makes a person click “Submit Payment” and another to leave your site? Could your website’s look and feel or CMS theme have anything to do with it?

Through our many years in this industry, as we’ve perfected our ecommerce development services, we’ve discovered a whole list of ways design elements play a key role in finalizing that sale. We incorporate these tricks-of-the-trade into your design, tweaking them for your specific business and customer base. Just another reason why we’re different from typical ecommerce development companies.

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“We measure our success by how much we WOW our clients.”

Bill Craig

WebFX President

Cutting-Edge Internet marketing bringing in more sales

robust ecommerce store is only as powerful as the sales it gets for you. And how do you get sales if you’re not bringing in the right visitors? Unlike other ecommerce web development firms, we go beyond creating your website—we give you all the tools you need to market it to your target audience.

Take a look around, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find another ecommerce web design agency that offers the same comprehensive list of Internet marketing services that we do. And you won’t find the powerhouse team of Internet marketing specialists that work their magic at WebFX. As we said before—there’s only one WebFX!

From creative social media campaigns to SEO designed to dominate first page, we’ll create a customized strategy designed specifically for your business. We’ll get your site in front of the most important people: those most interested in what you’re offering and most likely to buy. Now that’s getting more from the web.

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