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I was shocked that no one had a free tool out like this yet, so I thought I should put one up.

Before I made FAQ Fox I used to use my favorite tool Scrapebox to do this all. I would take the advanced search operator:

site:example.com intitle:what OR why OR how OR where intitle:keyword

If you’re not tech savvy, all we’re doing is telling search engines to show us results from a particular website with: what, why, how, where in the title, along with your targeted keyword. Then pulling the meta data from the grabbed sites. What we’re left with is a list of questions that people are asking about your keyword on that particular website.

This is powerful because:

  1. You’re seeing exactly how users are typing in the question and the language they use.
  2. These are questions that users aren’t finding a good answer for in the current search results.
  3. You usually get the answer for the question for your blog post/research and supporting data from the community.


Let’s say I was looking for ‘SEO’ related blog topics for this site. I know Reddit is one of the biggest communities online, so we can search that for common questions around ‘SEO’. I would put in a search query like this into Google:

site:reddit.com intitle:what OR why OR how OR where intitle:SEO

You can see one of the search results is: “What are some basic SEO techniques every startup owner should know?” This would make the perfect blog post. Now if you check out the link you will see the question is also pretty much answered as well, so if you were outsourcing the writing the blogger would also be able to accurately write for the question.

How FAQ Fox works

I made FAQ Fox so I could simplify the process above for a quicker, smoother, and easier method that anyone could do

Step 1:

Type in your keyword

First type in your desired keyword in the search box.

Step 2:

Choose your category for suggested sites

After typing in your keyword select a category that your keyword fits in. You can remove/add sites to the list of related community websites that appear. What I provided to start is more than enough to get you going. When finished hit “Search” to start scraping.

Step 3:

Reviewing the sites grabbed and downloading results

Your results should appear in a couple seconds. Either review the scraped sites on FAQ Fox or download an .csv by hitting ‘Download Spreadsheet’.