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State Specific Data Sources

The state-by-state data used for comparision was pulled from a variety of authoratative sources, including the Department of Education, United States Census Bureau and USA Today.

Below is a full list of sources:

New State-by-State College Attainment Numbers Show Progress Toward 2020 Goal (U.S. Department of Education)

Median age, by state (USA Today)

Average Annual Temperature for Each US State (Current Results)

United States - Facebook Penetration Rate (Internet World Stats)

U.S. Population Map (United States Census Bureau)

Umployment rate by state (Bureau of Labor Statistics)

Obesity rate by state (

Alternative fuel vehicles per capita (National Priorities Project Database)

Personal income per capita (Bureau of Economic Analysis regional data

President Obama's state-by-state approval rating (Gallup)

State of the States (Gallup)

Average household size (American Community Survey)

Starbucks stores per capita (Starbucks)

Taxes per capita (Tax Foundation)