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Small Business Online Marketing: An All-Encompassing Guide to Market Your Small Biz Effectively

If you’re part of the 29% of small businesses that are just getting started with your marketing campaign, you may feel confused about where to start. After all, if you don’t have experience with online marketing strategies, you may not know which strategies will drive the best results. To help you get started with small […]

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How Many Keywords Per Ad Group? Less than 30 Keywords. Here’s Why.

When you launch a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign through Google Ads, you’re eager to start reaching people most interested in your business. Likely, your first step is to conduct keyword research to find every relevant keyword your audience may search to find your product or service. After using a keyword research tool, you’ll soon find yourself […]

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7 Tips for How to Drive Traffic to Your Website

When it comes to online marketing, advertising techniques are meant to direct people to your website and encourage you to purchase a product. After all, your website is your central hub for your online marketing efforts, and the main place people can buy your products or services. It makes sense, then, that you’ll want to […]

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B2B Marketing Strategy: Create a B2B Marketing Plan [2021 Guide]

Travis owns an office supply store and is looking for new ways to reach out to businesses. Cold calling and newspaper ads aren’t working for him anymore, so he wants to figure out how he can reach more clients. He does some research and finds that many business-to-business (B2B) companies use online marketing to get […]

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Define Content Marketing: What is Content Marketing?

Did you know that content marketing generates 54% more leads than traditional marketing? If you aren’t familiar with content marketing, you’re missing an excellent strategy for growing your business online. Content marketing is a valuable strategy for helping you establish yourself as an authority in your field and build trust with your audience. But what […]

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