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Ecommerce Marketing 101: A Guide for Ecomm Beginners

So you want to learn everything you can about ecommerce marketing 101. At this point, you’ve probably read every ecommerce digital marketing article you can find in the hopes that you can sell more of your products online. You’ve spent time outlining your goals and making sure your products are of the highest quality for […]

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Ecommerce Checklist: 19 Essentials for Your Online Store

So, you have a great idea for an ecommerce business, you’ve figured out your business plan, and you’re working on your website. There’s a lot that goes into preparing an ecommerce website launch, so how do you know when yours is ready? Going through this ecommerce checklist can help. It covers the essential things you […]

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How to Nurture Leads With Digital Marketing [6 Tips]

Dave is a business owner and wants to expand his reach to find new customers and get them to buy his products. He decides to market his company online in hopes of reaching people who haven’t discovered his company yet. After a couple of months of work, he’s getting tons of leads, but he’s not […]

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Your Go-To Amazon Keyword Research Tool: KeywordsFX

With 95 million loyal customers, Amazon is an ecommerce hotspot, and as an Amazon store owner, choosing the right keywords to target is crucial to a successful Amazon marketing campaign. Users won’t be able to find your products if you don’t target the keywords they’re searching — making Amazon keyword research even more important. But […]

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