Sales Workflow: 4 Tips for Creating an Effective Sales Process

Do your sales representatives struggle to turn prospects into customers for your business? If so, you may need to rework your sales workflow to help your sales reps earn more sales for your company.

On this page, we’ll discuss the definition of a sales workflow, the necessary steps in your sales process, and four tips for creating a successful sales workflow for your team. If you want to learn more about how you can better manage your sales workflow, contact us online or call us today at 888-601-5359 to speak with a strategist.

Long-Form vs. Short-Form Content: Which Should You Write?

Less than 20% of people reach the end of an online post. That must mean all your content efforts should go towards writing short-form content versus long-form content, right? If users are already struggling to finish articles, how can you expect them to get through a post with 1200 or more words?

Easy, there.

While short-form content (which ranges from 500 to 800 words) can provide a brief traffic boost and help users, it doesn’t deliver the continuous benefits that long-form content — or pages that typically have 1200+ words — offers.

That’s why, in the long-form vs. short-form content debate, long-form content wins.

Keep reading to learn why you should use long-form content in your content marketing strategy, plus how to write A+ long-form content for generating leads, traffic, and social shares. If you need help developing and writing long-form content, see how our professional copywriting services can help!

Facebook Pixel Helper: What Is It and How Do I Set It Up?

When you want to target users who visit your site and engage with your content, the Facebook pixel provides you with information to effectively and successfully target them. To ensure your Facebook pixel operates appropriately, you can use the Facebook Pixel Helper to monitor your pixels.

So, what is the Facebook Pixel Helper, and how can you set it up?

What Does PPC Stand For? [+4 Key Tactics for Your PPC Strategy]

When you’re trying to grow your business online, there are a wide variety of marketing strategies you can use. PPC advertising is a popular marketing strategy that can help you drive traffic to your website and sell more products and services. In fact, for every $1 spent in Google Ads, you have the potential to earn a return on investment (ROI) of $8!

But, what does PPC stand for, and what does it do for your business?