What Is Amazon BSR? (And How to Increase Yours)

Small-to-midsized businesses in the U.S. sell more than 4000 products on Amazon every minute. If you browse the Amazon Best Sellers list, which updates hourly, you may spot some of their products. For Amazon sellers, though, that list is more than just fun facts.

The list gives sellers insight into their product’s popularity and ranking compared to competing products.

Amazon Best Sellers Rank (BSR) is a number based on the Amazon Best Sellers list, which ranges from one to over one million. BSR measures the sales and popularity of a product compared to products in the same category and sub-categories. A lower number, like one, equals a better BSR.

Curious to learn more about Amazon BSR? Keep reading, because this post goes beyond answering, “What is Amazon BSR?” Learn what determines your Amazon Best Sellers Rank, as well as how to boost yours.

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A Timeline of Google Algorithm Updates

Google was founded in 1998. From its humble beginnings, it’s become the way to find what you need on the Internet.

Google hasn’t always been the reliable source of information that it is today, though. It took a lot of time, energy, work, and algorithm updates to get there. This is a complete list of Google’s known updates that have turned it into the best search engine in the world. Keep reading to explore Google’s algorithm updates!

What Is Off-Page SEO and How Can It Build Brands?

Off-page search engine optimization (SEO), also called off-site SEO, refers to actions taken outside your website to increase search result rankings, brand awareness, site traffic, sales, and revenue.

This is because off-page SEO is about generating credibility (which impacts ranking), and you can’t force people to call you credible without coming off as scammy. So, how can you use off-page SEO techniques to increase your credibility naturally?