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Why PPC Is the Marketing Strategy You Need to Drive Results

Kimball needs a new sink faucet for his bathroom, so he goes online to search for some options. As soon as he searches on Google, an ad for a sink faucet appears right at the top of search results. It fits what Kimball needs, so he clicks on it. In the above scenario, someone gained […]

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Why Outsource Marketing for Your Business?

Marketing is an essential component of any business. Without it, you’d never drive any conversions — which is why it’s critical that your marketing is handled by the right team of people. That leads to a central question: Should you use in-house or outsourced marketing? It depends on your circumstances. If you already have a […]

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Online Event Promotion: 6 Ways to Promote an Event Online

Alexander’s company is hosting an event to attract new clients and this time he’s in charge of promoting it. The company’s last event had low attendance, so Alexander wants to do a good job promoting and increasing attendance. But where does he start? If you’re like Alexander, you’re looking for ways to successfully promote your […]

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