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7 Ways to Boost SEO for Product Descriptions

Crafting product pages is one of the most important parts of selling your products online. On top of displaying the product and giving users a way to purchase it, each product page should be optimized to rank in Google and draw people in. And for that, you need product descriptions. For Google to rank a […]

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The Beginner’s Guide to Email Marketing Basics

Sean’s browsing the Internet when he sees a paid ad in his Google results. Seeing the “Ad” label, though, he ignores it. He does the same with the banner ad on the first site he visits. Then Sean sees an email in his inbox from the website he visited two weeks ago, reminding him that […]

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Web Design

7 B2B Web Design Tips to Craft an Eye-Catching Website

People say to “never judge a book by its cover,” but people will most certainly judge your website by its design. If you don’t have a clean, modern, and practical design, your audience will bounce from your site and visit a competitor’s instead. Your website’s design sets the first impression, so you want to make […]

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