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Ocean & Waterway Cleanup

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Did you know 80% of plastic waste in the ocean originates from just 1,000 rivers?

Protecting our waterways is near and dear to our heart, with our Harrisburg office located on the Susquehanna River. We’ve spent many hours fishing and kayaking just outside our office doors.


In 2021, we introduced a GreenFX initiative to reduce ocean plastics by partnering with The Ocean Cleanup, which is a tech-focused ocean and river cleanup operation that uses AI-powered vacuums.

In the same way that we use AI to power our client results, these incredible machines use AI to clean plastic and garbage from waterways around the world.

How does the program work?

Every month, a team member is nominated by their department for exceptional work and a donation is made in their honor to The Ocean Cleanup. Collectively, contributions from the WebFX team are enough to offset plastic waste coming from three rivers closest to our offices: Susquehanna River in Pennsylvania and the Caloosahatchee and Alafia Rivers in Florida.

Our monthly award winners are even honored with traveling trophies crafted from ocean waste that has washed ashore in Africa.

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What kind of impact will we make?

With our efforts, we've removed 207+ football fields of plastic from the ocean so far — allowing us to offset the plastic from local rivers, and then some. Long term, our partnership with The Ocean Cleanup will push toward their goal of ending plastic pollution in our waterways.

Our Ocean Cleanup Impact

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207+ Football Fields of Plastic Removed

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That's 33,120 feet by 20,700 yards of trash, or 12 miles by 6.5 miles of ocean!