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What is a keyword suggestion tool?

Keyword suggestion tools are used by companies around the world to help them gain insight into keywords that their target audience searches for. The goal of a free keyword research tool is to allow businesses to see what kinds of key terms their audience is searching for — allowing them to optimize their digital marketing campaigns properly.

With our keyword suggestion tool, you'll have access to a complete list of keywords that relate to your starting keyword. We'll give you a list of related terms, questions related to your keyword and even the option to copy the list or export it to a CSV file.


How to use our free keyword suggestion tool

Finding the next set of keywords for your SEO strategy, content marketing calendar, or PPC campaigns is as easy as 1, 2, 3 with our free keyword suggestion tool.

Just follow these steps to start searching:

  1. Enter your starting keyword and click “Search”
  2. Click “Export CSV” to export your results or click “Copy” to copy-and-paste your results
  3. Review your results to find new keywords for your SEO strategy or PPC campaigns

For the best results with our keyword suggestion tool, look at each keyword’s search results before adding that keyword to your PPC campaign or using that keyword as the basis for your next blog post. Otherwise, you could invest time in a keyword that isn’t relevant to your business or audience.

5 features from our keyword suggestion tool that you’ll love

As a digital marketing agency, we know what it’s like to research keywords for SEO, content marketing, and PPC advertising. That’s why we’ve designed our free keyword research tool to include features that you’ll love:

1. Filter

With the filter feature, you can narrow your list of keyword ideas to keywords that use a specific word or phrase. Just enter the word or phrase that your keyword ideas must include and click “FILTER.” Our SEO keyword suggestion tool will then update your results.

The filter feature is excellent for short- and long-tail searches. Use it to narrow your results so you can focus your time on the most relevant keywords. You can even use the filter feature to focus on a content hub, like for cat breeds.

2. Categories

Fans of Answer the Public will enjoy our free keyword research tool’s categories feature.

The categories feature organizes search results by:

  • Keywords
  • Questions
  • Modifiers

If you’re building an SEO content calendar, for example, you may focus on results in the “Questions” column because it provides you with a list of common questions. In comparison, if you’re searching for new PPC keywords, you may look at the “Keywords” column more.

3. Export

The export feature from our keyword suggestion tool makes life easy for you and your business.

Use the export feature to download a .csv file of your search results. Then, open that file in your favorite spreadsheet program and get to work. Add columns for approving search results, for instance, or import and sync relevant cost-per-click and search volume data.

4. Copy

Already have a working spreadsheet for your keyword research?

Then take advantage of our free keyword tool’s copy feature. Just click the “Copy” button to paste your results in a separate program, like Microsoft Excel, or a web-based program, like Google Sheets. Then, get to work on evaluating your results.

5. Sort

For a quick assessment of your initial keyword results, use the sort feature.

You can sort your data in all categories: Keywords, Questions, and Modifiers.

Our keyword suggestion tool will sort data ascending to descending or descending to ascending.


Why use WebFX’s SEO keyword suggestion tool?

If you’re looking for a reason to use our SEO keyword suggestion tool, here are a few:

  • Compile hundreds of keyword ideas in seconds
  • Filter keyword ideas to focus on the most valuable ones
  • Export results to your favorite spreadsheet program
  • Organize keyword results by type, like questions
  • Sync your findings with FAQFox, our free content idea generator
  • Get hundreds of keyword ideas for free — with zero search limits

Benefits of using a keyword suggestion tool

Most of your digital marketing campaigns use keywords to ensure that you're targeting the right audience. Of course, your starting keyword is a great term to target, but chances are, your competition is trying to rank for that keyword too.

That said, here are some of the many benefits to using a keyword suggestion tool like ours.

1. You can reach your target audience in more ways

Of course your target audience likely searches for the keyword that you start with, but they also search a lot of other terms. If you want to cover all your bases and ensure that your company shows up in search for a wide range of related keywords, using a free keyword tool can help.

2. It'll improve your SEO

SEO is one of the best digital marketing strategies out there — simply because of its effectiveness. When you optimize your content for search, you'll have a better chance at ranking highly in search engines like Google — which sees a staggering 75,000 queries per second.

Targeting related keywords that you find using our keyword suggestion tool will give you insight into what terms your SEO-friendly content should target to appear in searches that your target audience fields.

3. It'll improve your PPC

PPC is another wildly popular digital marketing strategy that allows you to create ads and target users with keywords, among other targeting options. When you target a variety of keywords that appear in our keyword suggestion tool, your ad will show up to a wider audience — producing more sales.

4. It'll inform your content

When you use a keyword suggestion tool, you'll have an over-abundance of topic ideas for your content. For example, you might have a base keyword in mind, but upon using our keyword suggestion tool, you find six other terms that are great content topics.

5. It saves you time

Of course, you could manually make a list of keywords relating to your base keyword, but who has time for that? If you want to save time, use a keyword suggestion tool to see what terms your audience searches for.

When should I use a keyword suggestion tool?

If you're running a digital marketing campaign, you can benefit from our keyword suggestion tool. Here are some situations when you should use our tool for help:

When you need to get your creative juices flowing

When you run a digital marketing campaign, your goal is to reach your target audience in as many ways as you can. Seeing our long list of suggested keywords can help get your creative juices flowing and help you come up with more topics that help you reach your target audience in more ways.

When you want to target something longtail

There's nothing wrong with targeting short tail keywords, but to capture leads who are ready to convert, it's important to also target longtail keywords. Our keyword suggestion tool can provide longtail keyword options that help you taret a more detailed audience.

When you want to keep up with your competition

Chances are your competition is already using a keyword suggestion tool just like ours. They might be using ours as we speak! To ensure that you keep up with your comeptition and target the customers that you're both trying to win, you need a keyword suggestion tool to inform your targeting decisions.

Why is a keyword suggestion tool important?

A keyword suggestion tool is extremely important to your marketing campaign for the following reasons:

  • It helps you target keywords that your competition targets
  • It helps you cover all of your bases and reach users from every angle
  • It helps you earn more search engine real estate
  • It informs your SEO, PPC, and content marketing strategies
  • And so much more