Recipe for Success: S. Clyde Weaver and WebFX

S. Clyde Weaver has a reputation for quality and wanted a website to match. Here’s how our partnership served up results!

  • 136%

  • 10,000


We have had so much success with WebFX, we have partnered with them on a whole other website and project. We could not be happier or luckier to partner and work with WebFX.

S. Clyde Weaver
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About S. Clyde Weaver

Family-owned since 1920, S. Clyde Weaver is a Lancaster County favorite, specializing in smoked meats, cheese, and snacks from PA Dutch country.

Natural hardwood smoked ham, bologna, perfectly-aged cheeses, baked goods — customers can find these delicacies and more at S. Clyde Weaver’s retail stores, café, and online.

Wanting a website to match their quality products, S. Clyde Weaver turned to WebFX.

The challenge

“So outdated that it was becoming non-functional.” That’s how S. Clyde Weaver described their website before partnering with WebFX.

Knowing there was room to improve, S. Clyde Weaver came to WebFX with three main challenges:

  • Updating their website and online store
  • Expanding their online presence
  • Growing their social media following

“We were looking for a local company that could help us with the vision that we had for our website. That could take it to the next level and then the next level. From the moment we reviewed the WebFX website and then certainly after our initial meeting, we knew we were going to be in great hands,” they said.

Business impact

Since working with WebFX, S. Clyde Weaver has seen a 136% increase in gross ecommerce sales year-over-year and grew their social media to nearly 10,000 followers on Facebook alone!

With their new website and digital marketing services from WebFX, S. Clyde Weaver is thriving, despite the challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

They shared, “If it weren’t for WebFX and us partnering together when we did, we would not be in a good position. But our newly updated Ferrari of a website put us in a prime and perfect position to succeed, especially online.”

In 2020, S. Clyde Weaver had the biggest year of online sales to date, saying, “WebFX has been able to help our online store sales grow at a staggering rate from the first month.”

  • 136%

    Increase in gross ecommerce sales YoY
  • 10,000

    Social media followers

Hand-crafted solutions from WebFX

With their newly redesigned website, S. Clyde Weaver wanted to make their products known across the country.

“We wanted to be the experts, the one who you find when you search for ham, bacon, or bologna,” they said.

To help S. Clyde Weaver succeed online, we created a custom digital strategy that pairs perfectly with their meats and cheeses. It includes:

With comprehensive digital solutions, S. Clyde Weaver’s website doesn’t just look great — it drives results.

Since partnering with WebFX, S. Clyde Weaver has seen more website traffic, purchases, and revenue — and our services helped them achieve their goal of becoming the go-to site for everything meat and cheese.


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A perfect pairing

Speaking of our partnership, S. Clyde Weaver shared, “We have had so much success with WebFX we have partnered with them on a whole other website and project. We could not be happier or luckier to partner and work with WebFX.”

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