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Founded in 2003 by Paul Stern Sr., Liftnow has become the industry standard for quality and service in the Northeastern United States.


Colonial Golf & Tennis Club

Colonial’s golf course was first opened in 1910 as Colonial Country Club. The design is an exquisite layout featuring holes cut over rolling hills and through large 100 plus-year-old trees.


Formula Boats

A family-owned company located in Decatur, Indiana, Thunderbird Products produces the world-renowned lines of Formula Boats. With a long-established philosophy of uncompromising quality in every detail, Formula is recognized as the world’s premier powerboat manufacturer.


Creative Materials Corporation

Creative Materials Corporation supplies surface materials such as tile, LVT (resilient flooring), pavers, glass and setting materials to the commercial construction industry.

Aligned Orthopedic & Sports Therapy

AOST is the leading and fastest growing provider of outpatient orthopedic physical and hand therapy services in the Mid-Atlantic region.

HomeWell Franchising

HomeWell’s franchised locations provide companionship, homemaker and personal care services to seniors, people with disabilities and those otherwise homebound.

portfolio /

A mechanic in a dark blue uniform and white gloves working on a tire with a tire-changing machine, with the Liftnow logo and text promoting vehicle lift and garage equipment services.
Webpage sections with a testimonial from 'David' praising Liftnow's services on the right, and a case study teaser for Umonhon Nation Career Academy mentioning Liftnow's automotive outfitting on the left, with links to view more details and case studies.
Webpage section with blog posts on vehicle lifts and purchasing cooperatives, including images of a car on a lift, the LiftNow logo, and two people reviewing a document.
Exterior of the Colonial building with a covered entrance and flower beds, alongside a testimonial about the venue's service and food.
A contact form from Colonial Golf & Tennis Club with fields for personal details and interests such as golf, swim, tennis, events, and weddings, set against a blurred background of a tennis court.
Screenshot of the 'Find A Dealer' page on the Formula Boats website, showing listings for boat dealers including 'Formula Sales Consultant,' 'Encore Yacht Sales,' and 'Pleasure Cove Marina' with details such as dealer type, phone number, and address.
Webpage for Formula Boats showcasing the 240 Bowrider model with navigation options, a description of the boat, and a video thumbnail featuring two people seated in the boat on the water with an American flag in the background.
A white Formula 350 Crossover Bowrider powerboat with passengers cruising on clear blue water, creating a large wake, with a promotional text overlay and clickable button.
Webpage layout for Creative Materials Corporation with a banner showcasing 'CAPTIVATING COLORS' over a collage of textured materials, accompanied by sections for featured collections and product discovery, and a navigation menu.
Modern interior of a multi-family residential building with tan leather sofas, black chairs, geometric wall tiles, artwork, and pendant lighting.
Webpage banner for Creative Materials Corporation featuring modern interior design and showcasing porcelain and ceramic tile products, with navigation and product filter options.
Webpage of Aligned Orthopedic & Sports Therapy showing navigation menu, treatments page title, and images of three types of therapy sessions: Manual Therapy, Joint Mobilization, and Neuromuscular Reeducation.
A physical therapist assisting a man exercising with resistance bands on a blue exercise ball in a gym, with text promoting Aligned Orthopedic & Sports Therapy services.
Screenshot of the Aligned Orthopedic & Sports Therapy website's 'Our Clinic Locations' page, featuring a navigation bar, a 'Find a Location Near You' section with office hours and holiday closures, a ZIP code search tool, and a map with clinic locations marked.
Screenshot of HomeWell Care Services 'Franchise Kit' webpage with a form for a free guide and a photo of a business meeting.
Screenshot of HomeWell Care Services webpage discussing franchise ownership with a photo of a business meeting on the side and a download button for a franchise kit.
Screenshot of HomeWell Care Services website featuring a navigation bar, a banner with a smiling man looking at a laptop, and testimonials about the franchise.

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From design and development to maintenance and marketing, WebFX offers your business an all-in-one solution to creating, managing, and marketing your WordPress website.

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Create a custom website that captures your brand

Launch a website that captures your brand, improves your conversion rates, and maximizes your revenue with WebFX, a leading web design and development agency.

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Build search engine optimization (SEO) into your site’s design

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Install the best, most effective plugins for your business

It can be a big undertaking to create your ideal WordPress site with all the plugins you need — but WebFX can help. We’re a full-service digital marketing company with years of experience building WordPress sites for  clients from various industries.

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Generate leads, sales, and revenue from your website

Launch a revenue-driving site with the WordPress web development services behind $6 billion in revenue. With WebFX, you’ll receive a custom WordPress site built to drive traffic and revenue.

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Solving key challenges for businesses

Merrimack Valley Psychological Associates 5

When Merrimack Valley Psychological Associates wanted to help more clients, they turned to WebFX. Learn how our partnership expanded their reach and results.

“My practice has grown quickly and improved our accessibility to those we serve or hope to serve within our community. WebFX is directly responsible for our growth and the fact that we have more than doubled our revenue in six months.”

2XRevenue in six months

5d1489ddad86d8c441ae7303 Net Friends Logo

Net Friends turned to WebFX to help them boost their presence in search engines to attract qualified traffic and leads for their business.

“Web traffic is up well over 100% and our marketing qualified leads are more than double what they were before our WebFX engagement.”

2XIncrease in website traffic and leads

Hurst Pediatric Dentistry Horz new UPDATE 300x93 1

Hurst Pediatric Dentistry wanted more clients to find their kid-friendly dental office. Here’s how our partnership helped them serve up more smiles!

“Rather than pushing us to make changes on our website that would make it more similar to so many other websites, WebFX offers suggestions for simple tweaks we can make to get the results we want, while still allowing our personalities to shine through.”

540%Increase in leads from organic search

Get the WordPress development services behind 1600+ websites

In-House Marketing

  • One or two team members trying to keep up with fast-paced marketing advancements
  • Analytics suite for measuring and improving campaign performance
  • S.M.A.R.T. goals, but limited resources needed to execute
  • Reporting roadblocks leading to project delays and wasted spend

Typical Marketing Agency

  • Dedicated account manager responsible for strategy, but will need your help implementing solutions
  • Third-party tracking and analysis with subscription costs passed to you
  • Cookie-cutter checklists and solutions for optimizing your campaigns
  • Regular, but unreliable support when issues arise with your account

How do our WordPress website development services work?

When you partner with WebFX for WordPress website development services, you can expect a site tailored to your business’s needs. While every website project is different, our WordPress CMS development services tend to follow a similar process, which includes the following steps:


A woman has a contemplative face as she wonders to how to choose a good web design agency.

Reviews icon with a star. Review your requirements and vision

Reviews icon with a star. Review your requirements and vision

Every successful web development project begins with a list of requirements and goal. From adding ecommerce functionality to your existing WordPress website to moving your existing website to WordPress, you have a goal, and we’re here to help you achieve it.

When you first contact WebFX, your strategist will ask about your requirements, vision, and deadline. These initial questions help our strategists determine if we’re the best partner for your WordPress needs.

If we’re not, we’ll let you know and provide recommendations.

Accounts icon with person icon and writing above it. Meet your dedicated project manager

Accounts icon with person icon and writing above it. Meet your dedicated project manager

Next, you’ll get partnered with your dedicated project manager.

Typically, we’ll partner you with a project manager familiar with your industry. Most of all, we aim to pair you with a project manager that has experience with your project type or project needs, like creating an ecommerce store or developing a custom theme.

With their experience, they can help your team by answering questions, providing guidance, and more.

Paintbrush Icon. Get your design mockups

Paintbrush Icon. Get your design mockups

After meeting your dedicated project manager, whether through a phone call, video chat, or face-to-face meeting, they’ll begin the process of compiling design mockups for your business — if applicable to your development needs.

Your designs, created by our award-winning design team, will consider the following factors:

  • Your branding
  • Your requirements
  • Your vision

Plus, the following:

Combining these two sets of factors allows our WordPress web development services to create themes that look great and perform well.

Typically, you’ll receive a few mockups from different designers.

Your company can then choose the ones you like the best. Based on your feedback, our designers will update the designs. Once you approve the mockups, your project manager will begin coordinating with our development team to make your WordPress website a reality.

Puzzle piece icon. Begin your WordPress website’s development

Puzzle piece icon. Begin your WordPress website’s development

Next, our seasoned development team begins the process of building your website.

This stage includes several steps, including:

  • Building the page designs
  • Implementing additional features, like ecommerce functionality
  • Installing relevant plugins, like WooCommerce
  • Following SEO best practices, like by compressing website images
  • And more

Throughout this process, your dedicated project manager will keep you updated.

Message being sent icon. Get your website tested

Message being sent icon. Get your website tested

After completing your website’s build, we’ll start testing your website.

This step ensures your business launches a bug-free site. The best part? You don’t have to worry about testing your WordPress website. We’ll take care of this step for you as a part of our WordPress CMS development services, so you can focus on the in-house tasks that need your attention.

Blue and teal rocket Launch your WordPress website

Blue and teal rocket Launch your WordPress website

Congrats! You’re ready to launch your site — and we’re ready to help you.

As a part of our WordPress development services, our interactive team takes care of launching your WordPress site. If you have an in-house IT team, we’ll likely coordinate with them to ensure a seamless launch.

For example, if you’re looking to move your existing site to WordPress, we’ll work with your IT team to set up the appropriate redirects from your old site to your new one. Redirects help preserve your SEO efforts. Without them, you could experience significant traffic and revenue drops.

Chart icon with arrow pointing upwards for improved results. Optimize your WordPress website for revenue

Chart icon with arrow pointing upwards for improved results. Optimize your WordPress website for revenue

With your WordPress site launched, your business can begin driving leads, sales, and revenue from it.

While our custom WordPress development services optimize your website for SEO and CRO, we recommend adopting an ongoing SEO strategy. With ongoing SEO, you can continue to generate traffic for your site and increase the amount of qualified traffic coming to your site.

If you’re looking for help with ongoing SEO, we offer SEO services.

Unlike other SEO plans, ours aim to not only increase your website’s traffic but also the amount of revenue driven by your site, whether through direct sales or leads that your sales team then nurtures into clients.

Besides SEO, you can use other digital marketing services to drive revenue for your site, like:

If you have questions about which services would work best for your business, industry, and goals, feel free to contact us online to speak with a strategist. You can also call 888-601-5359 to talk with a strategist right away.

FAQ about WordPress web development services

Looking to learn more about WordPress web design services? Browse our FAQ:

How much does a WordPress website cost?

Each business has unique website needs. Hence, the price of developing WordPress sites varies. A WordPress website can cost anywhere from $100 to over $100,000.

Why do businesses choose WebFX for WordPress development services?

Here are the reasons businesses choose WebFX as their web developer:

1. They get an experienced design and development partner

With more than 28 years of design and development experience, you can trust WebFX to manage your WordPress development project. Whether you’re looking to add some functionality, customize a theme, or build a brand-new site, we can make the process hassle-free for you.

Browse our portfolio to see what we’ve done on-and-off WordPress!

2. They have access to supporting services, like SEO

Websites that drive revenue use an arsenal of strategies to attract qualified leads and generate sales.

Design and development is one such strategy, and you can accelerate the performance and impact of your WordPress website with supporting strategies, like SEOcontent marketingPPC advertising, and conversion rate optimization (CRO).

Adopting these supporting strategies is easy with WebFX. Since we maintain a team of more than 500 professionals, ranging from marketers and developers to copywriters, you can get the experts you need instantly.

Check out our testimonials to see what our clients say about working with our team!

3. They have a dedicated project manager for their WordPress development project

Forget dialing a number and not knowing who will pick up.

With WebFX, you get a dedicated account manager whom you can call and email. Whether you want to ask a question, share resources, or provide feedback, it’s easy and convenient with our custom WordPress development services.

Your dedicated project manager also takes the time to get to know your:

  • Business and industry
  • Communication preferences
  • Marketing and overall business goals

With WebFX, you have someone that becomes an extension of your team. That makes managing your web design project and any other marketing projects easier because your project manager knows your preferences, goals, and needs.

4. They get access to exclusive software for measuring your website’s financial returns

Measuring the performance of your WordPress site is fast and easy with WebFX. Through MarketingCloudFX — which is only available through WebFX — your business can track and measure your site’s return on investment (ROI).

In MarketingCloudFX, for example, you can view:

  • Leads generated
  • Sales generated
  • Revenue generated

Plus, you can break down these metrics by channel, like organic, paid, or social.

This platform makes sharing (and demonstrating) your website’s ROI with company leaders easy. You can also use MarketingCloudFX to measure the financial impact of specific digital marketing strategies, like SEO.

If you’re curious to learn more about MarketingCloudFX, contact us online to request a demo!