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Accelerate your marketing ROI by 25% or more (and skip shopping and setting up different tools) with our all-in-one revenue marketing platform and its toolkits for SEO, PPC, reporting, and more!

Transparent Influencer Marketing Services and Prices

At WebFX, we share and publish our influencer marketing prices online. Below, you can see our complete pricing table for our influencer marketing services, providing your team a full view on our influencer marketing plans.

Influencer marketing is for B2C businesses that are willing to gift or lend their product to influencers so that they can confidently speak about it and showcase it on their social media channels. Our influencer marketing services are à la carte, which provides our clients with more flexibility in their strategy and approach.

À La Carte Influencer Strategy Services

Influencer Talent DiscoveryInfluencer Marketing PlaybookInfluencer Marketing Playbook Plus
StrategyIdentify and build a list of influencers that fit your campaign’s ideal demographic goals.Includes a list of influencers that meet your campaign’s ideal demographic goals & a custom strategy for achieving influencer endorsements.Includes everything in the standard influencer marketing Playbook, plus a 30 minute consultation with an Influencer Marketing Subject Matter Expert.
Need more information? Call Us: 888-601-5359

À La Carte Influencer Post Services

Influencer TypeText/Image Posts, Mentions & Pins Short Form Videos (Instagram Stories, Reels & TikToks)Long Form Videos (YouTube & Twitch)
Clients can create a budget for how many posts they’d like us to publish over the course of a quarter based on their ideal influencer’s audience size and post typeThese post styles are very popular and require more work on the influencer’s behalfThese posts typically involve a larger effort and time commitment from the influencer to produce
Nano Influencer (1k – 10k Followers)$600$1,200$1,800
Micro Influencer (10k – 50k Followers)$1,200$1,800$3,000
Mid-Tier Influencer (50k – 100k Followers)$1,800$3,000$6,000
Macro Influencer (100k – 250k Followers)$3,000$5,400$9,000
Mega Influencer (250k – 500k Followers)$3,900$6,000$12,000
Power Influencer (500k – 1M Followers)$4,800$6,600$18,000
Celebrity Influencer (1M+ Followers)$6,000$7,200$24,000
Need more information? Call Us: 888-601-5359

Please keep in mind that your business doesn’t need to be promoted by a celebrity to be successful. Actually, campaigns that focus on Nano, Micro and Mid-Tier Influencers tend to have a higher conversion and engagement rates compared to Celebrities!

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Here’s why businesses choose to partner with WebFX:

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Advanced AI technology

The combined power of IBM Watson and MarketingCloudFX is unprecedented. Their machine learning and artificial intelligence features allow your company to gain data-driven recommendations and strategies, as well as receive a competitive campaign that pushes your business ahead and knocks your competition down.

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Unmatched client testimonial

Our team of more than 500 digital marketing specialists provides our clients with an unparalleled experience. Not only do they deliver results and achieve your goals but they also invest the time to learn your industry and answer your questions. That’s why our client retention rate is 91 percent.

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Decades of experience

With more than 25 years of experience, WebFX brings unprecedented expertise to influencer marketing. We also offer a team that features some of the industry’s best digital marketers, allowing your company to maximize your campaign’s success. Plus, our decades of experience demonstrate our ability to deliver on client expectations.

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Customized strategies

While many influencer marketing agencies focus on cookie-cutter approaches to influencer marketing, we make personalized strategies the standard. As your partner, we invest the time to learn your business. We also use trusted analytical tools for a data-driven approach to finding and vetting influencers.

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Unparalleled results

In the past five years alone, we’ve generated more than $6 billion in revenue for our clients. We’ve also helped our clients earn more than 7.8 million leads in the same period, allowing hundreds of companies to grow their businesses. As your partner, we can help your company do the same.

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Transparent reporting

As a data-driven influencer marketing agency, we back up our work with data. With MarketingCloudFX, which your team can access 24/7, you can monitor the performance of your influencer marketing campaign in real-time. Plus, your dedicated outreach specialist reviews your reports with you on a routine basis.

Pricing custom to you.

Starting at $3,000 per month.

Request a Free Proposal
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Solving key challenges for businesses

Merrimack Valley Psychological Associates 5

When Merrimack Valley Psychological Associates wanted to help more clients, they turned to WebFX. Learn how our partnership expanded their reach and results.

“My practice has grown quickly and improved our accessibility to those we serve or hope to serve within our community. WebFX is directly responsible for our growth and the fact that we have more than doubled our revenue in six months.”

2XRevenue in six months

5d1489ddad86d8c441ae7303 Net Friends Logo

Net Friends turned to WebFX to help them boost their presence in search engines to attract qualified traffic and leads for their business.

“Web traffic is up well over 100% and our marketing qualified leads are more than double what they were before our WebFX engagement.”

2XIncrease in website traffic and leads

Hurst Pediatric Dentistry Horz new UPDATE 300x93 1

Hurst Pediatric Dentistry wanted more clients to find their kid-friendly dental office. Here’s how our partnership helped them serve up more smiles!

“Rather than pushing us to make changes on our website that would make it more similar to so many other websites, WebFX offers suggestions for simple tweaks we can make to get the results we want, while still allowing our personalities to shine through.”

540%Increase in leads from organic search

Unlock a 25% greater marketing ROI with WebFX’s award-winning social media team

In-House Marketing

  • One or two team members trying to keep up with fast-paced marketing advancements
  • Analytics suite for measuring and improving campaign performance
  • S.M.A.R.T. goals, but limited resources needed to execute
  • Reporting roadblocks leading to project delays and wasted spend

Typical Marketing Agency

  • Dedicated account manager responsible for strategy, but will need your help implementing solutions
  • Third-party tracking and analysis with subscription costs passed to you
  • Cookie-cutter checklists and solutions for optimizing your campaigns
  • Regular, but unreliable support when issues arise with your account

How WebFX does influencer marketing

Curious about how our influencer marketing services work?

Here is a preview of our one-of-a-kind process:

social media services thumbnail

Learn your business

Learn your business

As a part of our commitment to customized strategies, we start by learning your business. Our team wants to know about your company’s goals, products, and industries. With that knowledge, we can create a custom strategy that targets your audience and delivers stellar results.

We go a step further, however. Your dedicated outreach specialist will create a custom Influencer Marketing Playbook which will help us evaluate if influencer marketing is a great fit for your business.

Our team of influencer marketing strategists will review our database of influencers to determine the opportunity and strategy our client should pursue and what platforms to use. We’ll present a sample of targeted influencers in your industry, along with a campaign contract that we’ll send to influencers.

Research your target audience

Research your target audience

With an understanding of your business, competition, and goals, our team can take the next step of researching your target audience. Using your existing audience data, your dedicated outreach specialist can discover your ideal shopper’s favorite social media platforms and influencers.

Our research goes beyond platforms and influencers. Our team also takes an in-depth look at your target audience’s wants, as well as pain points, when it comes to products or services in your industry. With this data, we can develop an influencer strategy that appeals and resonates with your target audience.

Develop your influencer strategy

Develop your influencer strategy

Next, your dedicated outreach specialist creates your custom, performance-driven influencer strategy. Based on our research, plus the power of IBM Watson, we can develop a campaign that considers the search patterns of your target audience and their influencer preferences.

Once your outreach specialist completes your strategy, they share it with your team for approval. You’re encouraged to ask questions, as well as provide suggestions. After you approve the plan, we take the next step in launching your influencer marketing campaign.

Identify your market’s influencers

Identify your market’s influencers

With a data-driven, custom strategy developed, your dedicated outreach specialist compiles a list of influencers in your market. While your target audience may follow dozens of influencers, the list your specialist creates focuses on influencers that align with your strategy.

How do we decide which influencers offer your company the best fit? With data-driven research that analyzes not only an influencer’s audience and brand but also their performance as an influencer. That means our team assesses critical factors in influencer marketing, like followers, views, and engagement.

Engage with your influencer

Engage with your influencer

Following our in-depth assessment of influencers, your dedicated outreach specialist compiles an influencer matching report. This report provides an overview of potential influencers to partner with, as well as a summary of their performance.

With your influencer(s) chosen, your dedicated outreach specialist reaches out. If the influencer(s) voices interest in representing your brand and product online, our team begins the process of arranging their services. For your convenience, we handle all the legal aspects of the campaign including contracts.

After your influencer signs on, your dedicated outreach specialist updates your team. While a quick update, it keeps your company in-the-loop about how your influencer marketing campaign is progressing. Plus, it keeps with our tradition of open communication with clients.

Create your creative brief

Create your creative brief

We move forward in launching your influencer marketing campaign by developing a creative brief with your influencer. This brief provides an overview of the content your influencer will create, as well as details the key messages that will feature in that content.

The creative brief serves as a content blueprint. While your dedicated outreach specialist ensures the messages meet your brand guidelines and align with your digital marketing goals, you’re welcomed to provide feedback and suggestions.

Launch your influencer content

Launch your influencer content

Once your influencer creates your custom content, which may range from one or more sponsored posts, our team reviews them. We check the visuals and messaging, ensure the content aligns with your brand guidelines, and give your influencer the go-ahead to publish.

Monitor your campaign’s performance

Monitor your campaign’s performance

As a data-driven, performance influencer marketing agency, we understand the importance of data. That’s why we provide your company and dedicated outreach specialist the resources to track the performance of your influencer marketing campaign.

To do that, your dedicated outreach specialist sets up Google Analytics to track conversions, custom goal completions, and traffic from influencer referrals. We also develop a unique tracking code for your sponsored posts, which allows your team to determine which users came from influencer marketing.

Report your results

Report your results

We understand that digital marketing, as well as influencer marketing, is a new investment for many companies. With MarketingCloudFX, as well as your dedicated outreach specialist, it becomes easy to see how your influencer marketing campaign benefited your business.

With MarketingCloudFX, you can review easy-to-understand reports on your campaign at any time. Plus, your outreach specialist routinely meets with your team to go over the results of your campaign, as well as answer any of your questions.

FAQs about influencer marketing services

Looking to learn more about influencer marketing services? Browse our FAQ:

What is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing refers to the process of getting high-profile figures in your industry to talk about your business online. It works to build relationships that help brands earn loyal customers. Influencer marketing also coordinates with social media and content marketing because of the necessity for a platform and content.

With the average person spending almost 30 percent of their Internet time on social media, platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube make it easy for consumers to share not only their opinions about brands and products but also get the opinions of others.

That’s why almost 75 percent of people use social media when making a purchase decision.

When you adopt influencer marketing, your company can use social platforms, as well as websites and blogs, to shape the opinions and purchase decisions of your target audience. How? By connecting with influencers in your field and inviting them to share your products or services with their audience.

Why invest in influencer marketing services?

Why should your company consider influencer marketing services?

These eight compelling reasons:

1. Consumers trust influencers

Consumers trust the opinions of their peers and influencers more than advertising.

Studies show that word-of-mouth marketing generates twice as many sales compared to paid advertising. On top of that, 40 percent of people have purchased an item online after seeing it used by an influencer on Instagram, Twitter, Vine, or YouTube.

If your company wants to maximize its impact on shoppers, influencer marketing is a viable option. Partnering with an influencer that your audience trusts can help your business earn more sales and revenue, which can make expanding your team, service area, or product line a possibility.

2. Influencer marketing generates sales, leads, and conversions

Every time an influencer talks about your brand, you have the potential to earn new leads, conversions, and sales. That’s because an influencer’s tweet, post, video, or discussion endorses your business. That endorsement can convince shoppers that your products or services meet their specific needs.

Influencer marketing does more than help your company earn new leads. It also helps you earn better quality leads.

In a recent study, researchers discovered that when companies add influencer marketing to their digital strategies, more than 50 percent attracted higher-quality leads. With more valuable leads, your company can increase its conversion rate.

img influencer marketing

As your influencer marketing campaign generates leads, your team can begin to nurture them. For example, maybe your campaign focused on earning more email subscribers, which allows your company, or digital marketing agency, to leverage email marketing for lead nurturing.

In some instances, a user may not even become a lead. They may become a customer first, as demonstrated by more than 30 percent of consumers, who admit to purchasing a product or service after seeing an influencer promote it.

3. Consumers convert faster

Influencer marketing can also move consumers through your buying funnel faster. Another study discovered that influencer marketing helps companies earn new customers two times faster than organic search. Organic search refers to unpaid results on Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines.

img organic vs paid search results blankets

That doesn’t mean your company should abandon digital marketing strategies, like SEO services, that improve your position in organic search. With SEO, you can build on your influencer marketing campaign, as well as take advantage of SEO’s ability to drive more valuable traffic to your site.

4. Influencer marketing offers an impressive ROI

Like a lot of other digital marketing strategies, influencer marketing offers a tremendous ROI. On average, companies earn back $6.50 for every $1 they invest in influencer marketing. From a percent perspective, that’s an average ROI of 650 percent.

If your business invests $3000, for example, you could earn almost $20,000 back. That’s a massive ROI and allows your company to work towards some of its most ambitious goals, like opening a new location, expanding a team, or launching a new service or product.

With the minimal investment and impressive ROI of influencer marketing, it’s worth considering.

5. Influencer marketing boosts brand awareness

Almost 90 percent of marketers cite brand awareness as their most important goal — ahead of sales and lead generation. Why? Brand awareness can have a massive influence on a consumer’s behavior, from their decision to sign-up for your email campaign or their choice to purchase your product.

In short, brand awareness has a direct impact on your sales and lead generation efforts.

With influencer marketing, you position your company in front of your target audience, but with the endorsement of someone they trust. That format allows consumers to build brand awareness naturally, as well as learn about your company in a way they like.

For example, did you know that 70 percent of users prefer learning about a company via articles, rather than ads?

Influencer marketing is a smart way to do that but under the endorsement of a trusted influencer. An influencer with an active following on their social media and blog, for instance, can write a post about using your services or products and then share that post across their social media.

In this scenario, you’re appealing to user preferences, making it easier for them to take action.

6. Influencer marketing increases credibility

When influencers promote your business, they’re vouching for your brand’s reliability, integrity, and overall credibility. This action can have a direct impact on user opinions of your company and services, like if you’re trustworthy and credible. It can also motivate an influencer’s followers to become your newest customers.

img opinions

Whether you’re partnering with an influencer for one or five sponsored posts, a single mention of your brand can earn you instant credibility with your target audience. That audience could be 15,000 Facebook followers, 100,000 Twitter followers, 25,000 LinkedIn connections, or more, depending on the people you want to reach.

7. Influencer marketing improves SEO signals

While influencer marketing can increase your followers and engagement on social media, it can also help your website rank higher in organic search. With influencer marketing, you can improve your ranking for keywords and phrases related to your business and products.

How, and why?

When you search for something on Google, Bing, Yahoo, or another search engine, there are more than 200 factors that determine your search results, including backlinks. A backlink is when another website, like an influencer’s website, links to your site. This backlink serves as a trust signal.

That’s why search engines use the number and quality of backlinks as a ranking factor for search results. With more backlinks from quality or high-authority websites, your company can increase its ranking in organic search results.

A better ranking coordinates to several benefits, including more website traffic from your target audience. Researchers have found that ranking on the first page, in the first position offers the most significant advantage as 75 percent of users stick to the first page, and 33 percent of all traffic goes to the first search result.

With influencer marketing, you can earn high-authority links to your website.

For an influencer, it’s natural for them to include a link to your site when discussing your products and services. This action not only helps your company build backlinks but also provides users with an intuitive and natural experience.

8. Influencer marketing increases customer retention

Today, it costs 10 times more to retain an existing customer than to earn a new one. A lot of companies struggle with customer retention, though, which is why they often turn their attention towards gaining new clients. With influencer marketing, however, your business can improve its customer retention rate.

In a recent study, researchers discovered that companies investing in influencer marketing increased their customer retention rate by almost 40 percent. That’s a massive amount for any business, from an enterprise to a small-to-midsize company.

With a higher customer retention rate, your business can increase its sales and grow its client base. Depending on your digital marketing strategy, you could even raise the average customer lifetime value (LTV) of your shoppers. Even better, you could prevent your competitors from earning more clients (including your existing ones).

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