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Modern two-story building with gray brick exterior, large windows, wood trim, and an orange awning over the entrance, with a black car parked in front.

FX2: The second building in the FXCampus

FX2 officially opened in 2017, and features an amazing hand-painted Harrisburg mural, Café Diem, and more!

This building is home to more than 100 FXers, six meeting rooms, a full basement kitchen, a pool table, and our favorite — Café Diem. Every Monday, team members are treated to fresh-made coffee drinks — straight from the hands of our barista, Nic!

A vibrant mural with the word 'HARRISBURG' in stylized letters filled with colorful patterns and city illustrations, with 'Greetings from' above and 'Home of WEBPAGEFX' below, set against a black and white cityscape background.

Broad Street

FX2 has three floors — Broad Street (basement), Front Street (the first floor), and Green Street (the second floor.) To the left, you can see Broad Street, which features a full kitchen, Café Diem, and serves as a place for our monthly goals meetings! The basement also features a large meeting room that is perfect for lunch n’ learns!

We also use this space for after-hours events including our Galentines get together, FXCommunities meet ups, and team celebrations! It’s also home to one of our favorite FX traditions — Thanksgiving dinner!

A modern event space with tables set up for a party, decorated with colorful pom-poms and party hats, and a kitchen area in the background with one person standing behind the bar counter.

Front Street

Front Street, or the first floor of FX2, seats about 50 FXers and offers beautiful natural light.

This floor also features two meeting rooms that serve as perfect locations for small lunch n’ learns and medium-sized meetings. We named our meeting rooms after Google Algorithm updates, and the two meeting rooms on this floor are known as Hummingbird and Panda.

An open-plan office space with individuals working at cubicle desks, modern lighting fixtures above, and exposed brick walls, creating a contemporary industrial atmosphere.

Green Street

Green Street is the top floor of FX2. Similar to Front Street, it seats about 50 FXers! From this floor, you’ll get a magnificent view of the river and wonderful natural light. This floor features three meeting rooms — Pirate, Fred, and Penguin. We love Green Street because it also features our company pool table and wonderful bar stool seating facing the windows.

Modern open-plan office space with white desks, lime green partitions, computers, and a few people working. The space is well-lit with an industrial ceiling and colorful wall art.

FX2 is connected to MansionFX with our atrium!

The atrium features both an indoor and outdoor space — perfect for tailgates before a Senators game and outdoor food truck lunches! We use the indoor portion of the atrium as a central hub for some of our FX parties and open space for midday breaktime events!


The mansion is at the perfect location to kayak to the office.

Bill, one of the founders, enjoys a stress-free and relaxing commute to WebFX via the Conodoguinet Creek and the Susquehanna River!

About our Harrisburg Campus

We’re extremely proud of our Harrisburg campus, which we were officially able to call ours in 2014. Since then, our one-building campus has grown to four buildings as we continue to grow our agency and our in-house employee base.

Since 2014, we’ve torn down walls, added paint, furnished, and customized almost every part of MansionFX — leaving behind valuable historical elements like exposed brick walls and wood beams.