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Spice Up Your Site With These 7 B2B Website Personalization Tools

Sometimes your website needs an extra bit of oomph to turn that lead into a paying customer. With business-to-business (B2B) website personalization, you can do just that.

But what is B2B website personalization, and what tools can help you create a website that demands your audience’s attention? In this article, we’re answering those questions and more.

Read on to learn more about B2B website personalization and some of the tools out there to help you level up your website.

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What is B2B website personalization?

B2B website personalization is the process of tailoring content and your website’s design to a user’s preferences, behaviors, and interests. In other words, B2B website personalization is a form of personalized marketing that improves the user experience and presents information the user will find relevant.

Businesses can accomplish B2B website personalization with customer data collection through cookies, user profiling, and machine learning algorithms.

Benefits of B2B website personalization

Website personalization offers multiple benefits to businesses, but here are just a few of the best ones you can enjoy when you personalize your site to your customers.

Improved user experience

The goal of website personalization is to create a more positive user experience, which occurs with proper B2B website personalization. A personalized site experience for users is a more engaging experience that leaves a lasting impression on people.

B2B website personalization create a positive brand experience for users, and it can keep users on your site for longer periods of time and increase the number of pages they visit.

Better lead generation and nurturing

Personalized B2B content on your website can generate more leads than generic content because personalized content is more engaging and attractive to users. It’s also a great method for nurturing leads as well.

People at various stages within the lead pipeline can be shown different types of content relevant to the specific stage they’re in. This relevant content can encourage them to either move on to the next stage of the lead pipeline or go straight to converting.

Increased brand loyalty

Customers want to be heard. So much so that it’s one of the biggest consumer and ecommerce trends for B2B and business-to-consumer (B2C) companies. Personalized website experiences make users feel seen and valued, and it’s a surefire way to nurture customer relationships.

By providing unique website experiences through B2B website personalization, you can encourage your users to remain loyal customers.

7 B2B website personalization tools

There are plenty of B2B website personalization tools out there to choose from. To make it less overwhelming, we’ve gathered seven of our favorites that we think you’ll love.

Keep reading for seven B2B website personalization tools.

1. PersonalizeFX

Pricing: $875 – $5975 per month (new customers), or $400 – $4975 per month (existing customers)

PersonalizeFX is an integral part of WebFX’s in-house proprietary software, MarketingCloudFX. A huge conversion driver for both B2B and B2C clients, PersonalizeFX shows personalized content on a webpage according to the firmographic data collected.

PersonalizeFX can create personalized content for B2B companies depending on:

  • The user’s industry
  • If the user downloads a whitepaper or requestion
  • A number of other user actions
  • User location
  • If a specific company is on your site

With PersonalizeFX, you can personalize B2B site features like your home page banner, reviews, and calls to action (CTAs).

2. Google Optimize

google optimize

Pricing: Custom

As a proud Google Premier Partner, we can’t help but talk about the wonders of Google Optimize. For starters, Google Optimize is a top choice for B2B website personalization tools because it integrates seamlessly with Google Analytics.

With Google Optimize, you can create personalized landing pages for your Google Ad campaigns and run A/B tests to learn which messages drive better user interaction to improve your website.

3. Personyze


Pricing: $250 – $1450 per month

Personyze uses machine learning and behavioral targeting to deliver personalized cross-channel content that engages users and encourages conversions.

From product and content recommendations to dynamic landing pages, Personyze harnesses your customer data and uses it to deliver personalized experiences at every touchpoint.

4. Proof


Pricing: $79 per month

Proof is dedicated to making your B2B website feel more human with personalization touches that invite users to interact with your page. Complete with Zapier integration, Proof offers A/B testing, custom campaign settings, and analytics to keep an eye on how users interact with your site.

5. Hyperise


Pricing: $99 per month, per seat

With Hyperise you can personalize your website’s text, images, videos, and CTAs, all without writing a single line of code. Create personalized landing pages that link to outreach campaigns, identify anonymous site visitors, and develop an unlimited number of personalization segments on your site, and more when you partner with Hyperise.

6. Segment


Pricing: Starts at $120 per month

Segment optimizes first-party customer data to enable better audience targeting across all channels.

With Segment on your side, you can deliver personalized marketing messages to your audience members that are behavior, time, and channel specific. Better yet, Segment offers propensity modeling to help predict the likelihood a user will convert to better optimize your content and website.

7. Adobe Target

adobe target

Pricing: Custom

Adobe Target offers several features to make your website personalization efforts a breeze. From A/B testing to omnichannel personalization, you can create site browsing experiences that are tailored to each of your users no matter how they view your site.

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