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Your website is one of the first places an individual will visit to learn about your products and company. The design you implement on your website is crucial to helping your audience become familiar with your business and products.

On this page, we’ll cover key elements to include in your web design for herbal products and tips for making a unique website that converts leads. If you need help with your website design, WebFX is here to assist you. We are a leading digital marketing agency providing quality web design services whenever you need them.

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Elements to consider for your web design

Owning a business that sells herbal products offers many opportunities for impressive web designs. Whether you’re creating a new website or revamping your current one, there are several design elements you should consider, including:

  • Colors: The colors you use on your website should reflect your brand’s style. Many businesses have a color scheme they associate with their brand. You can easily incorporate your signature colors in your web design.
  • Page layout: Your website’s layout should make information easily accessible and readable. Following a standard structure rather than having a complex one can make your site more appealing to users.
  • Font style and size: The text on your site should be consistent and easy to read. Consider fonts that appeal to your audience while maintaining your brand’s concept. If your herbal product business is more high-end, serif fonts are excellent options, or you can use a sans serif font to add a casual look for more minimalistic themes.
  • Visuals: The photos and videos on your site should represent your business and brand. Ensure you implement images that relate to your products and message. Visuals are an excellent way to keep users engaged with your website.
  • White space: The amount of white space on your website adds to the design and breaks up pages to increase readability. You can also use white space to show which sections are together or separate. 

When you think about all the elements you want to include in your website, you have a better chance of developing designs that match your company’s style while being aesthetically pleasing for users.

Tips for creating impressive web design for herbal products businesses

You have many opportunities to develop an impressive and cohesive web design for your herbal business that will generate leads and conversions. To ensure you can capture the feel of your brand and make a website with the end user in mind, here are some tips you can follow while developing a web design for herbal products: 

1. Develop a theme and plan

Before making or revamping a website, you must have a plan that includes the theme and elements you want to incorporate into your design. For example, you can determine whether you want your website to have a minimalist aesthetic or a more artistic style.

The theme you choose for your web design will likely be heavily influenced by your brand and products. Since you’re selling herbal products, you might have a concept that relates to nature.

As you develop your website’s theme, ensure you consider your audience’s expectations and preferences. People tend to gravitate toward modern and minimalistic designs, but that doesn’t mean you need to leave out your brand’s personality. You can incorporate different elements to showcase your brand throughout the design.

2. Create your design to be mobile-friendly

People view websites on various devices, from computers to smartphones and tablets. While developing your web design, take some time to consider the formatting and layout of the information so that it appears similar, no matter what device an individual uses.

Ensuring your website is mobile-friendly is crucial because almost 60% of web traffic comes from mobile devices. As a result, optimizing your site for mobile will help you retain potential customers because users who can easily navigate your site from their phone are less likely to leave and visit a competitor’s site.

3. Include social media and sharing buttons

Social media is another significant way people learn about your business. To further connect your audience with your brand and direct them to engage with you more, you can include social media buttons at the top or bottom of your pages. These buttons will make accessing your platforms easier for users.

If your business also publishes various articles about your products, industry, or other related information, you can incorporate sharing and following buttons on each page. This strategy allows users to easily and quickly share your articles with their social media followers or other contacts.

4. Implement call-to-action buttons

Another thing to integrate into your web design for herbal products is a call-to-action (CTA) button. The ultimate goal of your website is to have people convert, whether they sign up for a newsletter or purchase an item. Including CTA buttons throughout each page encourages users to convert.

You can also add a CTA button toward the bottom of a page to promote users scrolling and looking through your website more.

5. Include eye-catching and keyword-strong headlines

Last but not least, when designing your website for your herbal products, it’s vital to include headlines that attract readers and have helpful keywords. The headline is one of the first things a person will notice when browsing a website.

People are more likely to stick around if you can write headlines that target your keyword and appeal to audiences. Targeting keywords also helps with search engine optimization (SEO), which is a great way to improve your website’s ranking on search engines and turn traffic into revenue.

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