SEO for Heating and Air Conditioning Companies

In the past, HVAC companies could rely on print advertising and referrals as successful ways of gaining clients. However, today, with mounting competition, it's necessary to provide an extra edge to gain attention.

Your potential customers are searching for HVAC businesses online, and if you want to reach them, your business needs to be one of the first things they see in Google search results.

With SEO, you can make sure that they find you first, before even considering your competitors.

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In case you're looking for more information, we've compiled a few reasons why SEO is important for HVAC companies, along with a few key strategies to help you get started.

What is SEO for HVAC?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. At its base, SEO refers to all of the steps you take to improve your site’s ranking for specific industry-related terms.

Internet users use search engines every day to find information about heating and cooling, and many of them are looking for an HVAC specialist in their area.

If your website isn’t properly optimized, it won’t show up as a result for those searches, which prevents your customers from finding you. If you don’t want to lose potential customers, a solid SEO strategy is definitely necessary.

The most effective SEO for heating and air conditioning

SEO can be confusing if you’re new to the game, but there are a few basic steps that you can take to get on your way to an optimized website. By following this process, you can improve your chances of ranking well and attracting new customers.

1. Conduct keyword research

Before you can start optimizing your site, you need to know what words and phrases your potential customers use when they search for HVAC services. Once you know these terms, you can incorporate them on your website so that your customers can easily find you based on what they’re searching.

If you’ve never done keyword research, here’s how to get started:

  • Use Google AdWords. AdWords is Google’s paid advertising product, but even if you aren’t interested in running PPC ads, the Keyword Tool can be helpful in choosing keywords that are right for your website. Simply enter a few words or phrases, and the tool will tell you how competitive each keyword is, as well as its monthly search volume. Ideal keywords are ones that have a high search volume and a low competition—meaning they are searched often, but there aren’t many websites competing for those keywords.
  • Use the Google search bar. Using the Google search bar is a simple way of figuring out popular search terms. You can do so by going to Google’s homepage and beginning to type possible search terms. Popular long-tail searches will automatically appear, and they can be extremely useful in your SEO strategy.  
  • Download our keyword research guide. Although these tools will help you get started, there are many other ways to identify targeted keywords for your site. For a more in-depth look, download our free beginner’s guide to keyword research.

Keep track of all of the keywords you identify as you go, and use them as you move to the next step in our strategy.

2. Optimize your pages individually

The users who visit your site can be broken down into three categories:

  • Those who are searching specifically for your HVAC business. These users want to find you, and aren’t interested in looking for another company. They want to know more about you and the services you provide and they’re interested in your contact information, hours of operation, and services. As long as you have a working website and your on-page SEO elements are properly optimized, this group won’t have trouble finding you.
  • Those who are looking for any HVAC specialists in your area. These people aren’t sold on using your business specifically, but they’re interested in finding a service provider. They likely want to know your prices, and they’re looking to compare your services to those of your competition. If you’re ranking for the correct long-tail keywords, which likely include your geographic location, this group should be able to find you online.
  • Those who aren’t currently looking for a heating and cooling company. These people stumble upon your website by chance. Maybe they were reading an article or blog that linked to your website, or stumbled across one of your posts on social media. If they liked what they read, they may turn to your business when they’re in need of HVAC services down the road.

As you optimize your website for these separate groups, you should use different target keywords for each of your pages. Remember that search engines index your pages individually and not your website as a whole.

With unique keywords for each page, you can attract a variety of different visitors.

3. Create and share informative, engaging content

77 percent of B2C companies today use content marketing.

This not only a testimony to its effectiveness, but also means that if you aren’t utilizing content marketing, you’re already behind in terms of Internet marketing. Thankfully, getting started with content creation doesn’t have to be difficult.

When you hear the word “content,” you may think of blogs—and for good reason.

A blog is one of the easiest ways to keep your site active and generate traffic, and with a CMS like WordPress, it doesn’t require HTML experience.

screenshot of hvac blog

Creating content that resonates with your audience will help you gain traction online and continue to increase your visibility as well as:

  • Help you establish credibility and authority
  • Provide entertainment for your site visitors
  • Establish a voice for your brand
  • Give visitors the information they need

Besides blogging, there are many other ways to produce and share content.

Consider writing how-to guides, news stories, downloadable content, and more. Your customers may also appreciate other formats, such as videos and infographics.

How WebFX can help

As an HVAC professional, you r time is best spent repairing and installing heating and cooling systems—not conducting keyword research and writing blog posts. So if you don’t have time to plan, launch, and nurture an SEO campaign, we’d love to hear from you.

Contact us today to learn how our team of Internet marketing experts can help you develop and implement a successful SEO strategy and start attracting more clients for your HVAC business.

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