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Google Keyword Tool: Use This Free Keyword Research Tool to Find High-Value Keywords

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Finding relevant key terms is critical for your business if you want to rank in the right search results. To help you find those key terms, you need to use a keyword research tool. One of the most popular tools is Google Keyword Planner.

The only problem is you must have a Google Ads account to have access to it. So, if you’re not running pay-per-click (PPC) ads through Google, you won’t have access to this tool. That’s where KeywordsFX can help.

Our free keyword research tool is an excellent alternative to Google Keyword Planner and can help you find tons of relevant terms to help your site rank in search results. Keep reading to learn more about our Google keyword research tool. Plus, subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest tips and tricks for marketing your business online!

KeywordsFX: Find your best keyword terms now

Our Google keyword tool is super easy to use to start finding terms.

Simply type your starting keyword or topic into the search bar and click search!   Typing words into a keyword research tool   KeywordsFX will generate a list of relevant key terms to the one you searched.   List of keywords Our keyword research tool also features a Questions column, which you can use to generate valuable content that answers questions tied to your specific keywords.

The Modifiers column provides you with ways to modify the suggested key term.

Features of KeywordsFX that you’ll love

Our free Google keyword tool comes with many features that make keyword research a breeze for your business.


You don’t want to waste your time sifting through keywords that aren’t relevant to your business. With our filter feature, you can narrow down your list of keywords to create a list of your business’s most relevant ones.   Filter button on keyword research tool


When you find great keywords for your search engine optimization (SEO) strategy or PPC ads, you want to document them.

With our free Google keyword tool, we make it easy for you to export your keyword suggestions, so you can place them in a spreadsheet and start combing through them.   Exporting feature on keyword research tool


Already have a spreadsheet filled with keywords? No worries!

With our copying feature, you can just click the “Copy” button and paste your results into your keyword research sheet, saving you time!   Highlight of copying feature on keyword research tool


Our Google keyword suggestion tool also enables you to sort the data in all three categories: Keywords, Questions, and Modifiers. This tool can sort keyword data in ascending to descending or descending to ascending order.

  Sorting through keyword suggestions

Why use our Google keyword tool

Our Google keyword research tool is an excellent resource for finding relevant terms for your campaigns. So, what’s the benefit of using our tool? Here are five reasons to use our Google keyword suggestion tool:

1. You can reach your target audience through relevant terms

One of the most significant benefits of using our Google keyword tool is that it helps you reach your target audience through applicable terms. Our keyword tool will help you find more terms to optimize your site for, so you can appear in more searches. As a result, your business will appear in front of more qualified leads searching with your terms.

2. You’ll target more relevant keywords with your campaigns

Many businesses make the mistake of generating additional keywords on their own and assuming they’re relevant to their core keyword. While brainstorming keywords can be a great starting point, using a keyword research tool is more effective for discovering supplemental keywords. Our keyword research tool shows you terms and phrases that people are actually searching, rather than playing guessing games about your keyword’s relevancy.

As a result, you can create more effective SEO and PPC campaigns that reach the right people.

3. You’ll discover new content topics and ideas

A significant advantage of our Google keyword tool is that it helps you discover new content topics. Not only do you find new keywords that you can use to create content, but you can also see questions people ask related to those key terms. These questions can spark new content ideas for your business.

And as you know, creating content is one of the most effective ways to drive traffic to your site, so using our keyword tool is valuable for helping your content creation efforts.

4. You’ll save time

When you use a free Google keyword tool, you may find dozens of keywords you want to use on your site. You don’t have the time to spend to copy each keyword and add it to your spreadsheet. With our keyword research tool, you can easily export your data.

As a result, it saves you from copying over every keyword into your keyword spreadsheet.

5. You don’t have to pay for it

One of the biggest benefits of using our keyword tools is it’s free. You don’t have to pay extra to get valuable keywords for your business.

How to find the right keywords: 3 quick tips to finding relevant terms for your site

Now that you have a Google keyword tool that can help you find the right terms, it’s time to look at how you can choose valuable keywords for your site. Here are three quick tips for finding relevant terms:

1. Focus on search intent

When you use a Google keyword suggestion tool, you’ll get over a dozen keyword suggestions for your business. So, how do you dwindle down your list of options? The first step is to focus on search intent.

The search intent is what users want to find when they search a particular term. You want to check the search intent to ensure that you’re optimizing for keywords that will help you drive qualified traffic to your site. To determine the search intent, type your keywords into Google and look in the search results to see what’s already ranking.

  List of search results for a keyword When you search the term “how to shampoo a carpet,” it generates results that focus on steps for cleaning a carpet and how to clean it. If you owned a carpet cleaning business, you may find that the search intent behind this keyword is relevant to your business. As a result, you find the keyword is a good fit for your company and decide to create content on it.

By analyzing the search intent, you can determine if a keyword produces search results that will drive relevant traffic to your site.

2. Focus on long-tail keywords

As you use your free Google keyword tool, focus on long-tail keywords. Long-tail keywords contain three or more words, like “how to clean your wood floors.” These keywords are best for your business because they drive more qualified traffic to your site. If someone searches a term like “clean,” you don’t know what they’re hoping to find.

What do they want to clean? Are they looking for information or cleaning services? It’s hard to know what people want to find with short terms like “clean.” With a long-tail term like “how to clean your wood floors,” you have a clearer idea of what people want to find — information on how they can clean their wood floors.

These longer terms have a clearer search intent, and therefore, drive more qualified traffic to your site that you know is interested in your business.

3. Check the search volume

When you’re trying to find the right keywords for your business, choose ones that will drive traffic to your site. As you conduct keyword research, focus on long-tail terms that have a decent search volume. As you look at the search volume, don’t nix a keyword immediately if you see it has low search volume.

Many long-tail keywords will have a lower search volume, but it doesn’t mean those keywords won’t perform for your business. For example, a long-tail keyword with a search volume of 1000 searches per month will drive much better results than a short-tail keyword with 50,000 searches per month. That’s because the long-tail keywords are more specific, so you drive a smaller pool of searchers to your site.

Even though long-tail keywords don’t drive as much search volume each month, they do drive more qualified search traffic for your business.

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Start finding relevant keywords for your business today

Keyword research is a critical component to helping you appear in front of the most relevant leads. Whether you’re running an SEO campaign or a PPC campaign, you want to find relevant terms to help you drive more qualified traffic to your site.

With our free Google keyword tool, we can help you find the right terms for your website. Looking for more keyword research fuel?

Try, a free SEO tool for keyword research, ranking tracking, and more as a do-it-yourself SEO!

To further enhance your keyword strategy and ensure comprehensive optimization, consider utilizing our expert SEO services.

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