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Click-Through Rate (CTR) Calculator

Immediate CTR Calculation

Quick and easy way to calculate the CTR of your ads and content.

CTR Calculator

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    Calculate number of clicks

    To measure CTR, you'll first need to determine the number of clicks your ad or content receives. Input that number in the "clicks" field in the CTR calculator to your right.

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    Determine number of impressions

    You rack up an impression every time an ad is shown to users. You can find how many impressions an ad has by monitoring your campaign in Google Analytics. Input this number in the "impressions" field in the CTR calculator.

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    Learn more about your CTR below

    After inputing your clicks and impressions, our CTR calculator will give you an immediate CTR calculation. Learn more about the importance of your click through rate below!

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All About CTR

Frequently Asked Questions

Click-through rate, or CTR, is determined by how many times a user clicks on an ad or a link and arrives at the designated page. To determine CTR, the number of clicks is compared to the number of impressions — the number of times a user sees or clicks the ad — using the CTR formula.

That said, it’s easy to understand why CTR is so important! Without a high CTR, it’s unlikely that users are even arriving at your website — let alone converting.

When you have an increased CTR, you consequentially have more users on your website and a better chance of making a sale.

CTR is the number of clicks an ad or link receives divided by the number of impressions. The CTR calculation formula is:


A CTR calculator helps you determine the percentage of users that are clicking on your ad versus how many people are seeing your ad.

Our free CTR calculator completes the CTR calculation formula automatically. With our click-through rate calculator, you can effortlessly determine the CTR of an ad based on ad clicks and ad impressions, which you can find on your Google Ads (previously known as Google AdWords) account.

When you use a CTR calculator, it delivers an immediate result. You won’t have to spend the time and energy doing the math on your own, making an online CTR calculator a must-use tool for every marketer.

If you use a CTR calculator monthly, you’ll be able to compare your CTR month-over-month to see your ad performance over time. You can also use your CTR to determine when your ads need a boost.

For example, if you find that your CTR has dropped in recent months, it’s probably time to redesign your ad, update the copy, or rethink your message.

ctr tool

On the other hand, if you find that your CTR is steadily increasing month over month, it means that you’re doing something right with your ad campaign and that you should continue!

There is never a wrong time to use an online CTR calculator!

Your CTR is an essential metric to your marketing strategy, and it’s vital to measure your CTR monthly or even weekly for the best results.

If you notice that your ads aren’t yielding conversions, you can start by using a click-through rate calculator to find out how often users are clicking on your ads.

This will help you determine:

  • If your ad is at fault
  • If your landing page is at fault
  • If your targeting is at fault

If you have a high click-through rate, it likely means that your ad is doing its job!

On the other hand, if you have a low click-through rate, it likely means that you should take a second look at your ad since users aren’t clicking on it.

CTR is essential for many reasons, but one stands above the rest.

Without a high CTR, your ads aren’t operating at peak performance.

The goal of any ad is to entice users to click on it. As a business owner, you know that when users click your ad, it means they’re interested in your product or service, and they have the potential to become a paying customer.

If your ad isn’t receiving clicks, you know that your ad isn’t performing.

peak performance

Additional reasons why CTR matters include:

Low CTRs can make it harder for your ads to show up
CTR also matters because it can affect other areas of your campaign. For example, if your CTR is low, it can make it more difficult for your ads to be visible in Google.


If Google sees that users aren’t clicking on your ad, they could take it as a sign that your ads aren’t relevant.

This may or may not be the case — for example, you might be doing everything right, and users just aren’t interested in your ad. On the other hand, your ad might not be relevant to searches.

Either way, fewer clicks equates to less relevancy in the eyes of Google — so having a high CTR is extremely important.

Low CTRs can increase the cost of your ads
If you’re desperate to increase the CTR of your ads, you might try throwing more money at your campaign. Instead of paying on the lower side of your bid, you may end up paying more to lock in more clicks.

However, it doesn’t always work that way — and you could end up throwing away your precious marketing budget.

The purpose of your ads is to get users to purchase your products, but if they don’t even click your ad, it’s easy to become discouraged with your campaign.

Luckily, it’s easy to tweak your ads to increase CTR, which can lower what you pay for clicks.

Read on to learn about the elements that affect your CTR and how you can improve each to ensure that your CTR is higher than ever.


There are a lot of different elements that can affect the CTR of your ads. Here are a few:

The appearance of your ad has everything to do with CTR. For example, if you’re delivering a display ad that’s black and white and doesn’t stand out on the page, it’s unlikely that users will be interested enough to click.

Fix the issue:
Use colors that pop off the page and create an ad that is simple and unique, while beautifully displaying your product or service.

If you don’t inform users about your product or service correctly, they probably won’t feel enticed to click. You’ll have to use intriguing, engaging ad copy to ensure that users are encouraged to click your ad.

Fix the issue:
Don’t add too much copy to your ad — users can learn more by clicking! Keep the text on your ad to a minimum and make sure that you leave white space (for display ads) around your content to allow for breathing room.

If you create an ad that looks like every other ad on a page, it’s unlikely that users will click. You should make it your goal to create an ad that is so unique that users will have no choice but to click it.

Fix the issue:
Get inspiration from your competitors, but then take it a step further. To create a successful ad, it must be different from the rest. Look at ads from businesses outside your industry to get fresh ideas for your ad campaign.

Targeting is an essential part of your ad — in fact, it’s so important that if you don’t do it properly, you can affect your CTR negatively. If you’re targeting too broad of an audience, you might see a low CTR because that specific audience isn’t interested in what you have to offer.

Fix the issue:
Make sure that you're as specific as possible with your targeting so that you know your ads only appear to users interested in your product.

If the offer in your ad doesn’t compel users to click, it probably isn’t good enough of an offer.

As an extreme example, saying that your boots are $2 cheaper than the competition likely won’t garner a click because it’s not enough of a discount. Similarly, if your offer is not compelling, too vague, or irrelevant, users won’t click either.

Fix the issue:
Capitalize on what makes your product unique and use that information in your ad. This shows your audience what makes your product special and adds more pizzazz to your ad.

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