How to Convince Your Boss to Do SEO: A Step-by-Step Guide to Helping Decision-Makers See the Value in SEO

Eureka! You’ve found a solution to all the problems with your website, and it’s called SEO. Thanks to all the reading and research you’ve been doing, you now know that search engine optimization can improve your search engine ranking, help your business target more relevant keywords, and bring in more qualified leads at a lower cost.

Table of Contents:
How to Convince Your Boss to Do SEO

  1. Objection 1: What is SEO?
  2. Objection 2: SEO is a scam.
  3. Objection 3: We can’t afford SEO!
  4. Objection 4: It will take too long.
  5. Objection 5: SEO won’t give us the results we want.
  6. Objection 6: But we’re already ranking well.
  7. Objection 7: Why do you need help?

The only problem? Your boss doesn’t exactly share your opinion.

If you’ve already approached your boss about hiring an SEO company and have been turned down, or are planning to approach them and are worried you’ll get a “no,” this guide is for you. We want you to get a “yes” because we know, firsthand, just how crucial SEO is to businesses.

You already know how important SEO is. We’ll teach you how to make your boss understand its importance, too.

How to Use the Guide

There are two ways you can use this guide:

  •  You can look for information to refute specific objections your boss may have about SEO, or
  •  You can read it in its entirety to learn about the importance of SEO.

Each section of this guide is meant to address a specific objection about SEO, from “it costs too much” to “it won’t work.” You’ll find statistics, client case studies, and detailed information meant to arm you with all the facts you need to convince your boss that SEO is a good investment. There’s also a list of resources at the end that may help you learn more about the subject.

Above, you’ll see a list of the most common objections that decision-makers tend to have about SEO. Click one and you’ll immediately be taken to that section. Follow the navigation at the bottom of each page, and you’ll be able to read each section at your leisure.

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