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The phrase 'The Internet in Real Time' in white text over an orange background with a white silhouette of the Western Hemisphere below it.

Watch the Internet in Real Time [Infographic]

The amount of data that is transmitted in a single second online is simply staggering. Currently, 24,000 gigabytes are uploaded to the Internet each and every second. However, according to a report from Cisco, we could expect to see this number climb higher very soon.

By 2016, the amount of monthly Internet data is forecasted to reach 91 exabytes (or 100 billion gigabytes). Wow.

At WebFX, we’re fascinated with the Internet and everything in it. That’s why we decided to put together an infographic showing what happens each second on some of your favorite services, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pandora, reddit, and Yelp.

Click here to watch the Internet in real time now! In a single second, the Internet sees the following:

  • More than 54,000 Facebook posts
  • More than 5,700 tweets
  • Almost 29,000 Instagram likes
  • 253 upvotes or downvotes on reddit
  • 900 new tumblr posts or reblogs
  • Upwards of 7,000 swipes on Tinder

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. In fact, our research found that for every second that passes, popular music service Pandora streams 532 hours worth of music, and Netflix streams 656 hours worth of video. Thanks to this research, a little programming, and a lot of math, we’ve put together a way for you to watch the Internet happen in real time.

In our newest infographic — an interactive piece — you can see the current number of estimated social media posts, media streams, and other online events as they happen around you. The counters will start the moment you open the page, and will accumulate in real time until you close your browser.

click here to see the infographic

Ready to watch the Internet happen in real time?

Click here to see the infographic now.

Have a suggestion for another service or online event you’d like to see us report in real-time? Are you as blown away by seeing these numbers as we were?

We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

The Internet in Real Time

Ever wonder how much is going on at once on the Internet? It can be tough to wrap your mind around it, but we’ve put together a nice visual that’ll help! The numbers show no sign of slowing down either.

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