SPAM: More than an Annoyance? [Infographic]

Spam: An Environmental Dilemma Infographic

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We discovered that a certain amount of Spam emails is actually the equivalent to the level of Green House Gas (GHG) emissions released from driving 3 feet.  Discover how far the number of 2010 spam emails can take you across the world!  You’ll be shocked!  We also highlight the nations most responsible for the furthered adverse impact of Spam’s GHG emissions on our environment.  Our hope is that awareness may create change.  And a great start to doing your part is by personally installing a spam filter on you’re own email account, forwarding spam emails to, as well as informing others!

As you work on your SEO, email marketing, web design and other digital projects, make sure to keep the environment in mind. Even if you are working digitally, your actions still have an impact!

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