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Did you know 94% of first impressions rely on web design?

If your design isn’t up to par, you risk setting the wrong first impression with your audience and deterring them from your trucking company.

With trucking web design services from WebFX, you won’t have to worry about driving leads away. Our top-notch web design services help you create a site that’s functional, user-friendly, and aesthetically pleasing.

As a result, you’ll inadvertently encourage more companies to check out your trucking website and use you as their carrier.

Keep reading to learn more about our web design services and find out why WebFX is the best web design company to build your trucking web design!

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Good agencies have more than 50 testimonials.

Great agencies have more than 100 testimonials.

WebFX has over 1000+ glowing client testimonials.

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Why invest in trucking website design?

With professional trucking website design, your business can:

  • Recruit more drivers
  • Attract more clients
  • Compete with competitors
  • And more

What to expect from trucking web design services from WebFX

When you invest in web design for trucking companies, you’ll get an all-inclusive web design that delivers a functional and intuitive website for your business.

Here’s what you get with your web design for truck companies:

Custom web design

There are dozens of trucking companies across the country that offer similar services to your company, so you can’t afford to have a website design that looks like everyone else’s. That’s why, at WebFX, we build custom designs to help you stand out from the crowd.

We take the time to get to know your business, values, and goals. From that information, we help you build a custom site that fits your brand’s unique style.

By implementing a custom design, you’ll help businesses stay engaged with your site and get to know your brand better. When companies recognize your brand, they’re more likely to choose you when they’re ready to convert.

Responsive design

Did you know that users spend over 70% of their Internet time on mobile? That means there’s a good chance people are learning about your trucking company through these devices.

But what happens if your website isn’t scaled for mobile?

Well, you’ll miss out on valuable leads because your site won’t deliver the best experience for your audience.

That’s why, at WebFX, we include responsive design as part of our web design packagesResponsive design ensures your site adapts to whatever device a user uses so that they can have the best experience on your site.

Site security

When companies visit your site to learn about your freight services, they want to feel safe as they browse. If you want them to input their information or company information, you must ensure that they trust your site enough to do so. Without site security, users likely won’t submit their information.

With WebFX’s trucking web design services, you won’t have to worry about having an unsecured site. We’ll help you obtain a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate to secure your site, and you’ll see HTTPS and a padlock next to your name in the address bar — indicating your site protects user data.

As a result, more companies will feel comfortable sharing information with you to learn more about your trucking services.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

A beautifully designed website won’t mean anything if companies can’t find you when they search for trucking companies. You need a site optimized for search engines so that more companies can find your trucking company before your competition.

That’s why, at WebFX, we include search engine optimization (SEO) as part of our web design packages. From keyword integration to setting up Google Analytics, we’ll help you get your website optimized for search engines, so you can rank higher in search results and drive more interested leads for your business.


A great design is crucial to your website’s success, but that’s only half of the puzzle. The other half of the puzzle is the content on your site. You must provide your audience with helpful information that enables them to learn about your company.

At WebFX, we offer copywriting services to help you craft expertly written pages that inform your audience about your company. From your services pages to your about us page, we’ll help you craft content that teaches prospects all about your trucking company.

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Why choose WebFX for your trucking website design

When choosing your web design company, you want to partner with one that will build a functional and intuitive website that helps you attract businesses looking for a freight carrier. If you’re looking for a trucking web design company, look no further than WebFX.

Here’s why you’ll want to partner with us for your trucking company web design:

We take a client-first approach with web design

When you partner with WebFX, we put your company first. We take the time to get to know your business and what you want to achieve with your website. After learning about your trucking company, we create a custom trucking company web design tailored to your specific needs.

Looking for an in-depth navigation? We’ll add it.

Need an intricate design? We’ll build it.

Want eye-catching graphics? We’ll create them.

We put your business at the center of our focus to enable you to get a site that not only emulates your brand’s unique style, but also helps you obtain more leads looking for your freight services.

We offer transparency

When choosing a trucking website design company, you want to know what you’re getting and how much it costs. With web design, this task can be challenging because no two websites cost the same. A website could cost anywhere from $1000 to $100,000.

At WebFX, we’re as transparent as possible when it comes to our web design services. We have a web design cost calculator that can help you get a precise estimate of how much your website costs, so you know if it works for your budget.

Give our calculator a try to see how much it could cost you to build your dream site!

We offer more than web design

For many businesses, web design is just the beginning. After getting a beautifully designed site, you may shift your focus to marketing your new site to interested companies. You’ll invest in other digital marketing services to help you promote your business.

If you choose just a web design company, you won’t have access to other services that can help your business grow online — you’ll have to outsource your marketing to another company.

That’s why WebFX is the best solution — we’re a full-service digital marketing company that offers everything you need to market your trucking company online. We offer services like:

…and much more!

Whatever you need, we can help you build a marketing plan that works for your tracking company. Best of all, you’ll have all your marketing in one place, which allows you to create more cohesive marketing campaigns across the web.

We have experience

When it comes to trucking company web design, you want to work with an agency that knows how to craft effective and innovative designs that help you stand out from other trucking companies. You can only get that kind of top-tier design expertise from an agency with experience.

At WebFX, we have over 25 years of experience in web design. We’ve crafted over 1,128 websites and have an extensive portfolio that showcases the work we’ve done. Not to mention, we’ve won dozens of awards for our web design work.

You can feel confident that we’ll make an expertly crafted website you need.

We drive results

The ultimate goal with your website is to drive leads and revenue for your company. When you choose a trucking web design company, you want to partner with one that will help you reach your goals.

At WebFX, we’re no strangers to helping our clients succeed online. In the past five years, we’ve done the following for our clients:

  • Driven over $3 billion in revenue
  • Driven over 7.8 million leads
  • Managed over 5.2 million phone calls
  • Managed over 12.9 million transactions

You can feel confident that we’ll help your business drive the results you desire.

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Invest in trucking website design services from WebFX

Your website’s design is the key to helping your business get more qualified leads to your website and turn them into clients for your trucking company. If you’re looking for a company that can deliver a top-notch web design for your trucking business, look no further than WebFX.

We offer everything you need to build the right site for your business.

Need a website fast? With RainmakerFX, we can build you a site in 30 days.

Need a website overhaul? Our website redesign services will help give your site a new look.

We know how to design websites that make our clients happy. We have over 1000 glowing testimonials that attest to the great work we do for our clients.

Ready to build a website that drives more sales for your business? Contact us online or call us today at 888-601-5359 to speak with a strategist about our web design services!